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B12 GREY 01
Vitamin B12
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QAbsent any impaired absorption, age-related or otherwise, with a high dose oral B12 supplement one would in general expect to absorb (up to) 1-2 micrograms via intrinsic factor plus about 1% via passive diffusion. Do you have any data one how much B12 is absorbed (per tablet) with your specific, time release formulation? Thank you. P.S.: For sustainability reasons, a greater than 60 tablets package size would be much appreciated- maybe also forgoing the plastic bottle completely.
Steve S
A Hi, it is difficult to give absolute figures as there are so many factors involved, however we do know the sustained release tablet format makes the B12 available for absorption over a 4-8 period, which gives the body a very good chance to absorb the vast majority of it. B12 is highly water-soluble and so the body takes what it requires with the rest safety excreted. Our current bottles are a sugar cane compound that is 100% biodegradable within 10 years.