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Vitamin B12
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Sally R If I take the multivitamin and mineral - veg vit, would there be any benefit in also taking the B12 sustained release tablet?
Vegetology Our B12 sustained release tablet does offer a super strength, so it really depends if you are deficient in Vitamin B12 (and to what extent). There is a good level in VegVit already, so ordinarily I would say that is fine. Depending on your diet, it might be worth getting a B12 test done to see if you do need to take a higher level. From a safety perspective, there is no problem combining the two.
Nakita H Does the vitamin B12 contain the same amount of B12 as the 'Active Energy Complex'? So there would be no need to take both?
Vegetology Hi, yes that's correct. If you're taking Active Energy Complex, there is no need to take additional B12.
Myriam C Peut-on coupé le cp en deux pour le donner à un enfant de 2ans (1000mcg/sem selon recommandation)?
Vegetology Oui, vous pouvez couper le comprimé en deux pour cette dose requise.
Amy S Hi - Are you able to take your B12 under the tongue (ie. sublingual) until it dissolves? Or does it have to only be taken with a glass of water? Thank you.
Vegetology Please swallow the B12 tablet as the structure is designed to slowly release over time in the stomach environment. That is important to benefit from the sustained release design.
Francesca B Buongiorno! I vostri prodotti possono essere presi anche da un neonato di 6 mesi che fa pasti vegetariani? Grazie mille per la vostra gentile risposta!
Vegetology We always recommend getting advice from Doctors before giving any supplements to children. Formula-wise, our B12 is fine for children from toddler age and upwards.
Giulia D Can I ask where is this vitamin B12 extracted from?
Vegetology We use Cyanocobalamin as it is the most stable form of vitamin B12 for a good shelf life.
Tali K I am surprised to see you use synthetic cyanocobalamin instead of the natural form methylcobalamin. My health provider has specifically stated to avoid this type as it is not considered a healthy form of B12. The synthetic form requires the body to remove the toxic cyanide molecule before it can convert and utilise the B12. That said, my applied kinesiologist is able to test and see if my body needs a methylated or nonmethylated form or supplement at a given time. (Sometimes I have needed hydroxy- B vitamins, sometimes methlyated forms.) "Although the amount of cyanide is considered toxicologically insignificant, humans must remove and detoxify the cyanide molecule, reduce the cobalamin to its usable +1 oxidation state, and then enzymatically convert the cobalamin into one of two metabolically active coenzyme forms. Nutritional inadequacies, enzyme defects, and pathological changes to tissues can all contribute to a reduced ability of the body to accomplish the synthesis of the active forms of vitamin B12 from CN-Cbl (Cyanocobalamin).[1] Kelly, N.D., G. (1997). The Coenzyme Forms of Vitamin B12: Toward an Understanding of their Therapeutic Potential. Retrieved from
Vegetology The general view in the Nutrition industry is that Cyanocobalamin is the superior variant of B12 versus Methylcobalamin. We sought a lot of advice, including from the Vegan Society's scientific experts. The Cyanocobalamin we use is produced through a fermentation method. It is more stable than Methylcobalamin, and doesn't have some of the reported negative skin effects reported. The cyanide point needs perspective of levels. Many fruits and vegetables contain cyanide, which sounds horrific, but the levels are tiny and that is where we are. Our bodies are always ingesting small amounts of cyanide through our diets. If we (or food and nutritional regulators) had any concerns whatsoever, we wouldn't use it.
Alma Delia A Mi hija de 8 años puede tomar la vitamina B12 en esta presentación?
Vegetology Firstly we always recommend getting advice from Doctors before giving any supplements to children. Formula-wise, our B12 is fine for children from toddler age and upwards. The level of B12 is high (due to many people, particularly vegans and vegetarians, being deficient) but the body takes what it needs and excretes the rest so there is no issue of taking too much from our product.
Louise H Would it be a problem to take this Vitamin B12 product along with your VegVit multivitamin supplement?
Vegetology Hi, it is fine from a safety-perspective to combine VegVit and our Vitamin B12 sustained release tablets
Vegetology C Why use such a high dose of Vitamin B12?
Vegetology The recommendations on doses of Vitamin B12 differ massively from person to person, based on a plethora of different considerations. Deficiency is a major issue across many demographics, not least Vegans and Vegetarians.As Vitamin B12 is a water-soluble Vitamin, the body takes what it needs, and the rest is excreted. Therefore a high dose is often recommended by Nutritionists and Health Practitioners so the body can recover from deficiency and benefit from as much B12 as it needs, with any surplus simply excreted.
Vegetology C Is “sustained release” the same as “timed release”?
Vegetology Yes. Some regions refer to "timed release", which is the same thing.
Vegetology C Do Vegans and Vegetarians need to supplement with Vitamin B12?
Vegetology Yes, and particularly Vegans as it is not found in the Vegan diet nor in a typical Vegetarian diet.
Vegetology C What is the source of your Vitamin B12 and is it Vegan suitable?
Vegetology Our Vitamin B12 is Vegan-suitable as it is produced using fermentation (think brewing beer, but less tasty!).
Vegetology C How do I take Vegetology Vitamin B12 tablets?
Vegetology For best results, swallow 1 of our Vitamin B12 tablet with a glass of water. As with all supplements, please take it at a meal time. We recommend breakfast as the ideal time to take Vitamin B12, however it can be taken at any meal time during the day.
Vegetology C Can I chew the Vitamin B12 tablets?
Vegetology No, please don't chew the tablets. They are designed to offer sustained release, and chewing will immediately break down the tablet and damage the sustained release effectiveness. The tablets are relatively small and easy to swallow with a glass of water.
Vegetology C Which form of B12 do you use?
Vegetology We use B12 in the form of Cyanocobalamin.
Vegetology C I read that B12 can cause outbreaks / spots on the skin. Is that true?
Vegetology There have been some links between B12 in the form of Methylcobalamin and spots, however we use B12 in the form of Cyanocobalamin and there are no such links.
Vegetology C How do you achieve sustained release?
Vegetology We have constructed the tablet to break down at a slow rate over time, which ensures a constant release of the Vitamin B12 rather than a big single hit. We make our tablets as simple as possible to avoid the use of fillers.
Vegetology C Why is sustained release important for B12?
Vegetology Vitamin B12 is a water-soluble Vitamin and the body takes what it needs with the rest excreted. This means that without a sustained release design, much of the high dose of Vitamin B12 can be lost if taken as a single 'hit'. Our special sustained release technology is highly beneficial for 2 reasons; firstly the B12 is released at a constant rate over 5-6 hours, ensuring longer-lasting benefits. Secondly, the sustained release prevents the body getting more than it needs in one single 'hit' and simply excreting (wasting) the majority of it.
Vegetology C Why take Vitamin B12?
Vegetology Vitamin B12 plays vital roles in our body. It is important in the production of red blood cells and helps our body to convert food into energy. It is well known for its benefits to the nervous system, immune system and for fighting tiredness and fatigue.