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Veg Vit GREY 01
QI am interested in purchasing the Vegvit product. However, the dose of Vitamin B12 being 2000% of the RDA seems quite high with some observational studies suggesting a link between excessive B12 and cancer (although the link is weak to say the least). Do you have a product / is there one in the pipeline that uses lower doses of B12? In terms of absorption, how much of the 50mcg is actually absorbed - if it is low, the amount of B12 may be significantly less than the 2000%. Thanks!
Sam S
A Hi, we use an elevated level of Vitamin B12 because deficiency is rife and with it being a water-based Vitamin, the body grabs what it needs and the rest passes harmlessly through. An elevated level gives the body more chance of getting a sufficient amount. It is perfectly safe and highly beneficial.