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Veg Vit GREY 01
QJust wanted to ask about the magnesium level in VegVit multivitamin. Following the No Meat Athlete advice on magnesium daily dose of 150-200mg, I wondered what your opinion on magnesium for a normal active person and somebody also taking on marathon training? Looking forward to try these supplements, but I see the magnesium is particularly low at 57mg / dose (the only supplement in the lot that seems to be low on my research, for what I would be needing) any idea why you set that so low? Also I would be much obliged if you knew a good supplier for the extra magnesium supplement.
Rupert T
A Hi, the level of Magnesium and Calcium in VegVit were solely dictated by how much room we had left in the tablet. We would love to include more, but the tablet would become too big.