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QHi, I’m vegan and I’m already taking 2 of your supplements opti3 and vitashine 1000iu. For the B12 I use the veg1 supplement. I would like to add vegvit to my daily supplements but it seems that veg1 and vegvit give almost the same vitamins and minerals. I wonder if taking both supplements is a good idea or if I should stop taking the veg1 especially because both have 150 mcg of iodine and I know that it’s not good taking too much iodine. And also switch from vitashine 1000iu to vitamine 2500iu. Thank you for your answer and advice! Best regards.
Jehanne F
A Hi, it sounds like you have a great daily regime. It is advisable not to combine VegVit and Veg1 (which is a great product by the way, and we work closely with Vegan Society :-) ). I would recommend either alternating, so e.g. using VegVit on Monday, Veg1 on Tuesday, repeat, or choosing one of them (VegVit of course!!). You are getting some Vitamin D3 from Opti3 and VegVit, so to be honest it will be fine for you to stay with Vitashine 1000iu. That's a really good combined Vitamin D3 dose.