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QHi there! I'm just curious about some of the levels of possibly detrimental vitamins in the multivitamin - particularly iron, Vitamin E/A and Folic Acid. I just wanted to check what points, if any, you have regarding potential overdoses of these vitamins given the amount in this multivitamin sits at around 100% of the RDI for each of those vitamins. Cheers!
Thomas L
A Hi, we consulted many nutritional experts and scientific bodies in the development of VegVit. We wanted to get it absolutely right. We used 100% recommended daily intake of most items (based on European figures), as these levels have longstanding safety and health benefit data. The only nutrients we have used in elevated levels (above RDI) are water-soluble Vitamins, as the body grabs what it needs (which is often a lot higher than RDI) and the rest passes through harmlessly. The entirety of the formula has been put together taking into account the average intake of nutrients individuals obtain through dietary sources too, ensuring safety and benefits.