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Pregna Vie GREY 01
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QHi I'm 10 weeks pregnant. I taking pregnavie tablets from last week. I asked my Dr. She said you have to take iron tablets and vitamin D tablets along with pregnavie tablets. Morning time I took pregnavie tables and evening time I took my iron and vitamin D tablets. I don't know every night I vomit and colour of my vomit is green and taste is very bitter. I just wanna ask is that because of pregnavie tablets. Please msg me early as possible. Thank you.
Pardeep K
A Hi, congratulations on your pregnancy. PregnaVie does already contain Iron and Vitamin D. It could be that you are ingesting too much iron. Our recommendation is to speak to your Doctor and explain that PregnaVie is already providing 14mg of Iron (which is 100% of the recommended level), and to advise if they still think you require additional Iron.