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Pregna Vie GREY 01
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QI am pregnant now and looking for the best pregnancy vegan multivitamin supplements which can help me throughout my pregnancy and at breastfeeding stage. While I was searching online, I have come across this PregnaVie brand and I think it is suitable for vegetarians. However, I would like to confirm that I am Hindu Swaminarayan so I am purely vegetarian and due to religious rules, I cannot eat onion, garlic and asafoetida(indian spice name). So, I just wanted to confirm that does PregnaVie contains onion, garlic or asafoetida directly or indirectly? Indirectly means ingredients that are coming from those plants.
Jagruti P
A Hi, yes we can confirm PregnaVie is suitable. It does not contain (directly or indirectly) any onion, garlic or asafoetida compounds.