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Pregna Vie GREY 01
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QHello! I am in the process of setting up a support network for vegan/plant-based pregnancy and have been researching recommended nutrient intake and supplementation. B12, Vit D, and iodine seem fairly straightforward but there is very mixed official advise around Iron. There seems to be no specific intake recommendation with some advise ranging from 14.8mg to 27mg+ (daily). Iron deficiency is very common in pregnancy, yet the advise seems to be that supplementation shouldn't take place unless deficiency/anaemia has been identified. A massive focus is on consuming iron naturally from a balanced diet. There appears to be caution for fear of harmful affects at high levels. Could you explain your reasoning for including iron in your supplement and why you have chosen the level that you have? If you could also quote any reliable sources or studies that have been used on this subject I would be most grateful! If you could also mention why you decided to only use 5mcg of B12, that would be very helpful. Most of the guidance seems to suggest 10mcg+ daily. Many thanks! Charlotte
Charlotte L
A Hi Charlotte, we agonised about Iron in PregnaVie to be perfectly honest! We previously didn't include it, because as you rightly say, it is only needed if deficiency has been identified. However, we found people just did not want the product unless it contained Iron. That included health professionals. Therefore we tested a formula using 14mg, as this is the European NRV for Iron. Our testing showed this level to be beneficial to those in need without being too high as to exacerbate issues (such as constipation) in those not in need. With B12 we went for 200% of the European NRV, so a slightly elevated level. Customer feedback told us that people wanted a 'maintenance' dose in this formula, as those known to be deficient were already taking other B12 products. It's always a challenge getting all dosing correct to meet everyone's needs and preferences