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Pregna Vie GREY 01
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QStudies have shown that Chloine is an important vitamin during pregnancy and intake should be a minimum of 450mg daily to not be deficient. Chloine is most commonly found naturally in animal products, eggs in particular. Given the research and that chloine is not readily available to those following a vegan diet during pregnancy, why is it not included in PregnaVie? I do see it exists in VegVit at 15mg a pill. Thanks!
Brit K
A Hi, we consulted multiple nutritionists in the design of PregnaVie. Based on what was possible to fit into the tablet and consideration of the nutrients in order of importance for pregnancy and breast feeding, we didn't include Choline. For those seeking Choline, you are correct that we did include it in VegVit as a general Multivitamin and Mineral formula.