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QI'm been taking Opti 3 for a very long time. I recently added Pregnavie and Vitashine. Of course I have spoken with my GP, who sounded the alarm and prescribed pharmaceutical D3 to try to correct the imbalance. I'm really alarmed not only that my levels were low while taking Opti 3, but that they actually declined despite adding in Pregnavie and Vitashine. I love your products, I really do. I also think this is a valid concern considering how much people rely on them, especially things like prenatals where a misrepresentation of efficacy would be catastrophic. To be clear, I'm not saying there is a misrepresentation -- I would have gone straight to the reviews to voice that. Instead I wanted to bring the issue up to double check and make absolutely SURE that your supplements have been proven effective, (for example, third party/batch testing, etc.) and work together to resolve this issue. Are you able to help with this? Thanks so much. Arwen
Arwen N
A Hi, our supplements are third party tested for quality and we use proven active ingredients and nutrient forms. Pharmaceutical D3 is no different to our D3, it is the same compound. As I'm sure your Doctor will have explained, your Vitamin D status is dependent on many factors and if when supplementing for a period of time it is still low, your Doctor should be investigating and determining why. If you would like to contact us to discuss further, please email [email protected] There is absolutely no misrepresentation involved with our products.
QHi I'm 10 weeks pregnant. I taking pregnavie tablets from last week. I asked my Dr. She said you have to take iron tablets and vitamin D tablets along with pregnavie tablets. Morning time I took pregnavie tables and evening time I took my iron and vitamin D tablets. I don't know every night I vomit and colour of my vomit is green and taste is very bitter. I just wanna ask is that because of pregnavie tablets. Please msg me early as possible. Thank you.
Pardeep K
A Hi, congratulations on your pregnancy. PregnaVie does already contain Iron and Vitamin D. It could be that you are ingesting too much iron. Our recommendation is to speak to your Doctor and explain that PregnaVie is already providing 14mg of Iron (which is 100% of the recommended level), and to advise if they still think you require additional Iron.
QDoes this contain folic acid or activated methylfolate?
Jennifer H
A Hi, we use Folate (L-5-methyl-tetrahydrofolate).
QI am pregnant now and looking for the best pregnancy vegan multivitamin supplements which can help me throughout my pregnancy and at breastfeeding stage. While I was searching online, I have come across this PregnaVie brand and I think it is suitable for vegetarians. However, I would like to confirm that I am Hindu Swaminarayan so I am purely vegetarian and due to religious rules, I cannot eat onion, garlic and asafoetida(indian spice name). So, I just wanted to confirm that does PregnaVie contains onion, garlic or asafoetida directly or indirectly? Indirectly means ingredients that are coming from those plants.
Jagruti P
A Hi, yes we can confirm PregnaVie is suitable. It does not contain (directly or indirectly) any onion, garlic or asafoetida compounds.
QHello! I am in the process of setting up a support network for vegan/plant-based pregnancy and have been researching recommended nutrient intake and supplementation. B12, Vit D, and iodine seem fairly straightforward but there is very mixed official advise around Iron. There seems to be no specific intake recommendation with some advise ranging from 14.8mg to 27mg+ (daily). Iron deficiency is very common in pregnancy, yet the advise seems to be that supplementation shouldn't take place unless deficiency/anaemia has been identified. A massive focus is on consuming iron naturally from a balanced diet. There appears to be caution for fear of harmful affects at high levels. Could you explain your reasoning for including iron in your supplement and why you have chosen the level that you have? If you could also quote any reliable sources or studies that have been used on this subject I would be most grateful! If you could also mention why you decided to only use 5mcg of B12, that would be very helpful. Most of the guidance seems to suggest 10mcg+ daily. Many thanks! Charlotte
Charlotte L
A Hi Charlotte, we agonised about Iron in PregnaVie to be perfectly honest! We previously didn't include it, because as you rightly say, it is only needed if deficiency has been identified. However, we found people just did not want the product unless it contained Iron. That included health professionals. Therefore we tested a formula using 14mg, as this is the European NRV for Iron. Our testing showed this level to be beneficial to those in need without being too high as to exacerbate issues (such as constipation) in those not in need. With B12 we went for 200% of the European NRV, so a slightly elevated level. Customer feedback told us that people wanted a 'maintenance' dose in this formula, as those known to be deficient were already taking other B12 products. It's always a challenge getting all dosing correct to meet everyone's needs and preferences
QI love the vitamins you have used in your Veg vit and pregvit complex but the added ingredients as maltodextrin and sucrose are just so bad, why do you put them? I have refrain from ordering it because of them and all the other stuff like : Maize starch, Silicon Dioxide, maize and corn starch and Arabic gum, Sodium Ascorbate. It is a little too much when you think it is for pregnant women. There are other brands that have much more simpler ingredients, any chance you take these out of your formulas? Thanks
Janaina P
A Hi, many of these things wrongly get bad press when they are inert and absolutely required. Maltodextrin for instance is solely used to form the tablet itself. Otherwise it would disintegrate. It is inert as a compound. Sucrose is used in the spray-drying preparation of the Vitamin D ingredient (the Vit D starts as an oil, so needs to be spray-dried to form a tablet). The level in the final product is absolutely tiny but we label everything. The other items such as Maize Starch, Arabic Gum are there to hold the tablets together. Without them we would just have powder. The levels are tiny. They are all safe and required. Sodium Ascorbate is Vitamin C. You will find other brands use similar compounds or don't label properly!
QStudies have shown that Chloine is an important vitamin during pregnancy and intake should be a minimum of 450mg daily to not be deficient. Chloine is most commonly found naturally in animal products, eggs in particular. Given the research and that chloine is not readily available to those following a vegan diet during pregnancy, why is it not included in PregnaVie? I do see it exists in VegVit at 15mg a pill. Thanks!
Brit K
A Hi, we consulted multiple nutritionists in the design of PregnaVie. Based on what was possible to fit into the tablet and consideration of the nutrients in order of importance for pregnancy and breast feeding, we didn't include Choline. For those seeking Choline, you are correct that we did include it in VegVit as a general Multivitamin and Mineral formula.
QJust wondering if your pregnancy prenatal contains heavy metals such as lead? I’ve heard majority do and it’s hard to determine from the labels.
Michelle G
A Hi, we use the highest purity ingredients that are all individually tested to ensure full control over potential impurities such as heavy metals.
Q please can you advise if the folate in your pregnancy vitamin is methylated form? thanks
Catherine S
A Hi, yes we use L-5-methyl-tetrahydrofolate
QHi. I am just looking at this product: PregnaVie and noticed you have Iron as well as Calcium added to the supplement, but as far as I know this two shouldn't be consumed at the same time as calcium inhibits Iron absorption. Can you please clarify why you put both of them in one tablet? Many thanks.
A Hi, you are absolutely correct! We purposely use Iron in the form of an Amino Acid Chelate in order to keep it away from Calcium (in the form of Carbonate) during absorption. This ensures they do not negatively interact with each other. Iron Amino Acid Chelate is very expensive, but makes such a difference in avoiding interaction with Calcium and other minerals.
QI've read that you shouldn't take over 30mcg of Chromium a day during pregnancy. What is your reasoning for putting 40mcg in this supplement please?
Millie C
A Hi, the European Nutrient Reference Value (NRV) for Chromium is 40mcg rather than 30mcg. This includes during pregnancy.
QCan I take this as well as folic acid tablets?
Jessica S
A Hi, PregnaVie does already contain 400mcg Folate, so we don't recommend adding additional Folate / Folic Acid on top unless specifically recommended by your Doctor
QWhat form does the folate in PregnaVie come in?
Armin A
A Hi, we use Methylfolate (5-MTHF)
QHi! I’ve read that the body cannot absorb more than roughly 3mcg of Vit B12 through active absorption and that if you only take it once per day doses should be way higher in order to achieve the recommended 5mcg for pregnant or breastfeeding people. So I’m afraid that your product does not contain sufficient amounts of one of the most essential vitamins to supplement for vegans.
Eva M
A Hi, we've included 5mcg into PregnaVie in order to give the body a little more than the 2.5mg recommended daily intake. The PregnaVie formula and tablet structure was designed following consultation with Midwives and several nutritional experts. In this particular formula it was important for the sake of other nutrients not to go overboard with the B vitamins. For individuals requiring additional Vitamin B12, we do offer the standalone sustained release B12 tablet, which offers a super-high dose and releases it over several hours. Our advice is to check your Vitamin B12 status and if you do need an additional boost, our B12 tablets offer a very good way of achieving this.
QCon este suplemento se cubre la cantidad necesaria de B12 o es mejor complementarlo con las pastillas de B12? Me da la sensación que 5mcg diarios es poco, yo ahora tomo una e vuestras pastillas que lleva 1000mcg diarios. Estoy embarazada u me gustaría saber qué recomiendan.
Marina L
A Hola, incluimos 5 mcg (200% del VRN europeo) de vitamina B12 en PregnaVie. Este es un buen nivel. A menos que su médico le indique lo contrario, no debería necesitar tomar B12 adicional. Hi, we include 5mcg (200% of the European NRV) Vitamin B12 in PregnaVie. This is a good level. Unless advised otherwise by your Doctor, you should not need to take additional B12.
QI just want to check the breastfeeding multivitamins do NOT contain soya, nuts or wheat of any form?
Hema K
A Hi, we can confirm PregnaVie doesn't contain soya, nuts or wheat of any form.
QIn what form you have your folic acid in these capsules? Is it bio-active?
Piia J
A Hi, it is currently Folic Acid but we are moving to Folate in the new PregnaVie, which is launching in October 2020.
QCan this product help woman get pregnant fast
Israel O
A Hi, data shows that supplementing with key nutrients can have a beneficial effect during conception.
QPlease this product help woman to be pregnant such as twins or normal pregnancy
Onokpeti I
A Hi, yes PregnaVie is suitable from conception, throughout pregnancy, and during breast feeding.
QHello, Can you please tell me if a 70-year-old woman (with moments of hypertension) can use this product? Thanks, Carmen
Carmen B
A Hi, we always recommend seeking advice from your Doctor as they can make recommendations based on your specific medical history. PregnaVie is a good multivitamin supplement (not just for Pregnancy), so as long as your Doctor doesn't have any issues with specific nutrients it contains, there is no reason it can't be beneficial for you.
QHow is this different from Vegvit, which I have been using during previous pregnancies and breastfeeding. Isn’t Vegvit good enough including sufficient amount on folic acid etc?
Kirsi t
A Hi, PregnaVie is designed specifically for use throughout Pregnancy and Breast feeding. There are some differences in the levels of nutrients, in-line with advice from Health Experts and guidelines from various organisations. VegVit is more of a 'catch all' multivitamin and mineral. Both are suitable for use during Pregnancy, with PregnaVie being more targeted in terms of specific levels.
QI’ve been trying to get pregnant for many years and I just turned 40. I’m thinking of taking PregnaVie with fertilaid or ova boost to increase my chances. Is that a good idea?
Wan W
A Hi, we don't recommend combining multivitamins as you can inadvertently double up on nutrients where it isn't desirable to do so. We recommend PregnaVie + Opti3 as a really good supplement combination (or you could try Fertilaid / Ova Boost together with Opti3). The reason being, Omega-3 EPA & DHA are really important as well as the nutrients in PregnaVie. Very best wishes to you.
QDear Vegetology, PregnaVie has an appealing combination of vitamins and minerals! I would be very interested in taking the supplement but I am neither pregnant nor a woman. Is there any reason why as a man I shouldn't be taking PregnaVie? Best regards, Martin Madsen
Martin M
A Hi, its absolutely fine for men to take. It's funny you say that, because when we were designing it, we looked at the needs of Men's supplements and this would pretty much be the formula!
QCan PregnaVie be used alongside medicines?
Vegetology C
A We always recommend consulting your Doctor when considering using supplements alongside medicines. PregnaVie only contains moderate levels of the stated nutrients, so will generally be considered ok to use alongside medicines.Please note that as PregnaVie contains Vitamin K2, it should not be used without consulting your Doctor if you are taking blood thinning medication.
QWhat is the best time in the day to take PregnaVie?
Vegetology C
A 1 tablet per day should be taken with a meal, or immediately after a meal with a glass of water. The time of day is not important, but we recommend being consistent, so taking at the same time each day. As with all supplements, taking PregnaVie at meal times helps to maximise absorption of the nutrients.
QIs PregnaVie suitable for Vegans?
Vegetology C
A Yes, as with all of our products, PregnaVie is suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians. We have carefully selected each nutrient to ensure they are suitable.
QHow many tablets do I take per day?
Vegetology C
A PregnaVie is dosed at 1 tablet per day. Each bottle of PregnaVie contains 60 tablets, so will last for 60 days.
QWhen do I take PregnaVie?
Vegetology C
A We have designed the PregnaVie formula to support from the moment you start trying to conceive, throughout pregnancy and during breast-feeding. PregnaVie is suitable for use for as long as is required and you can start to take PregnaVie at any stage of your pregnancy.
QSome of the nutrients in PregnaVie are above 100% of the recommended levels (NRV), why is that and is it safe?
Vegetology C
A The Nutritional Reference Values (NRV - previously known as recommended daily amounts (RDA) are set to consider basic vitamin and mineral deficiencies in the general population. We have considered the levels of nutrients that are specific to normal requirements in pregnancy. As such, some of the nutrients (specifically Vitamin 12, Folic Acid and Vitamin D3) are twice the level of the European NRV. Importantly, vitamins and minerals have established upper safe levels and the levels we use are well within/below these guidelines.
QDoes PregnaVie contain Vitamin A? I’ve read I need to be careful with Vitamin A during pregnancy.
Vegetology C
A No, we have not included Vitamin A in PregnaVie. There are concerns surrounding excess Vitamin A (Retinol) during pregnancy, and when considering average dietary intake, we decided to leave it out of the formula.
QI’ve read that I should take 400mcg of Folic Acid per day for the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. Is it ok to continue taking PregnaVie after this time?
Vegetology C
A Yes, it is safe to take 400mcg of Folic Acid per day throughout the whole time from trying to conceive through to breast-feeding. Folic Acid plays an important role in the process of cell division and growth, hence the advice during the critical phase of conception to 12th week, however Folic Acid is beneficial throughout.
QShould I only take PregnaVie if I am a Vegan or Vegetarian?
Vegetology C
A No, PregnaVie is designed for everyone, and this includes Vegans and Vegetarians. We have carefully selected the nutrients and avoided animal or dairy-origin ingredients to ensure PregnaVie is suitable for everyone.
QIs it a problem if I forget to take PregnaVie for a day or 2?
Vegetology C
A We recommend a consistent intake, but it isn't a problem if you forget to take PregnaVie. If that happens, just continue with PregnaVie the following day as normal. Please do not double-up to try and account for any missed days. It is vital to never exceed the daily dose.
QI have difficulty swallowing tablets. Will I be ok with PregaVie?
Vegetology C
A PregnaVie tablets are 2.3cm long but can easily be snapped in half if you need to. As general advice, it is always helpful to take tablets after chewing some food (fruit for example) and swallow together, followed by a gulp of water. The reason being, the throat opens up automatically a little wider to swallow the chewed food and the table should transit more easily. Some of our customers tell us they take tablets together with yoghurts or smoothies/shakes.
QCan I take opti3 together with Pregavie?
Vegetology C
A Yes, and it is an amazing combination! If we could have done, we would've included Omega-3 EPA & DHA in PregnaVie but the tablet would've been way too big.Opti3 is very beneficial during pregnancy, so we do recommend considering using both together from trying to conceive, during pregnancy and throughout breast-feeding.That will result in a daily intake of 600iu Vitamin D3, which is 300% of the Nuritional Reference Value (NRV) however is well within/below the upper safe guidelines. Vitamin D3 is a very important nutrient during pregnancy. Due to the elevated level of Vitamin D3 in Opti3 and PregnaVie when used together, we do not recommend taking an additional Vitamin D3 supplement as well unless specifically recommended by your Doctor.
QThe need to supplement with PregnaVie when pregnant
Vegetology C
A When you are pregnant, baby is totally reliant on you and your diet, as it is their only source of nourishment. PregnaVie has been specially developed to provide specific nutrients at carefully selected and balanced levels to support Mum during pregnancy.