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Israel O Can this product help woman get pregnant fast
Vegetology Hi, data shows that supplementing with key nutrients can have a beneficial effect during conception.
ONOKPETi I Please this product help woman to be pregnant such as twins or normal pregnancy
Vegetology Hi, yes PregnaVie is suitable from conception, throughout pregnancy, and during breast feeding.
Carmen Daniela B Hello, Can you please tell me if a 70-year-old woman (with moments of hypertension) can use this product? Thanks, Carmen
Vegetology Hi, we always recommend seeking advice from your Doctor as they can make recommendations based on your specific medical history. PregnaVie is a good multivitamin supplement (not just for Pregnancy), so as long as your Doctor doesn't have any issues with specific nutrients it contains, there is no reason it can't be beneficial for you.
kirsi t How is this different from Vegvit, which I have been using during previous pregnancies and breastfeeding. Isn’t Vegvit good enough including sufficient amount on folic acid etc?
Vegetology Hi, PregnaVie is designed specifically for use throughout Pregnancy and Breast feeding. There are some differences in the levels of nutrients, in-line with advice from Health Experts and guidelines from various organisations. VegVit is more of a 'catch all' multivitamin and mineral. Both are suitable for use during Pregnancy, with PregnaVie being more targeted in terms of specific levels.
Wan Sariah W I’ve been trying to get pregnant for many years and I just turned 40. I’m thinking of taking PregnaVie with fertilaid or ova boost to increase my chances. Is that a good idea?
Vegetology Hi, we don't recommend combining multivitamins as you can inadvertently double up on nutrients where it isn't desirable to do so. We recommend PregnaVie + Opti3 as a really good supplement combination (or you could try Fertilaid / Ova Boost together with Opti3). The reason being, Omega-3 EPA & DHA are really important as well as the nutrients in PregnaVie. Very best wishes to you.
Martin M Dear Vegetology, PregnaVie has an appealing combination of vitamins and minerals! I would be very interested in taking the supplement but I am neither pregnant nor a woman. Is there any reason why as a man I shouldn't be taking PregnaVie? Best regards, Martin Madsen
Vegetology Hi, its absolutely fine for men to take. It's funny you say that, because when we were designing it, we looked at the needs of Men's supplements and this would pretty much be the formula!
Vegetology C Can I take opti3 together with Pregavie?
Vegetology Yes, and it is an amazing combination! If we could have done, we would've included Omega-3 EPA & DHA in PregnaVie but the tablet would've been way too big.Opti3 is very beneficial during pregnancy, so we do recommend considering using both together from trying to conceive, during pregnancy and throughout breast-feeding.That will result in a daily intake of 600iu Vitamin D3, which is 300% of the Nuritional Reference Value (NRV) however is well within/below the upper safe guidelines. Vitamin D3 is a very important nutrient during pregnancy. Due to the elevated level of Vitamin D3 in Opti3 and PregnaVie when used together, we do not recommend taking an additional Vitamin D3 supplement as well unless specifically recommended by your Doctor.
Vegetology C I have difficulty swallowing tablets. Will I be ok with PregaVie?
Vegetology PregnaVie tablets are 2.3cm long but can easily be snapped in half if you need to. As general advice, it is always helpful to take tablets after chewing some food (fruit for example) and swallow together, followed by a gulp of water. The reason being, the throat opens up automatically a little wider to swallow the chewed food and the table should transit more easily. Some of our customers tell us they take tablets together with yoghurts or smoothies/shakes.
Vegetology C Is it a problem if I forget to take PregnaVie for a day or 2?
Vegetology We recommend a consistent intake, but it isn't a problem if you forget to take PregnaVie. If that happens, just continue with PregnaVie the following day as normal. Please do not double-up to try and account for any missed days. It is vital to never exceed the daily dose.
Vegetology C Should I only take PregnaVie if I am a Vegan or Vegetarian?
Vegetology No, PregnaVie is designed for everyone, and this includes Vegans and Vegetarians. We have carefully selected the nutrients and avoided animal or dairy-origin ingredients to ensure PregnaVie is suitable for everyone.
Vegetology C I’ve read that I should take 400mcg of Folic Acid per day for the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. Is it ok to continue taking PregnaVie after this time?
Vegetology Yes, it is safe to take 400mcg of Folic Acid per day throughout the whole time from trying to conceive through to breast-feeding. Folic Acid plays an important role in the process of cell division and growth, hence the advice during the critical phase of conception to 12th week, however Folic Acid is beneficial throughout.
Vegetology C When do I take PregnaVie?
Vegetology We have designed the PregnaVie formula to support from the moment you start trying to conceive, throughout pregnancy and during breast-feeding. PregnaVie is suitable for use for as long as is required and you can start to take PregnaVie at any stage of your pregnancy.
Vegetology C How many tablets do I take per day?
Vegetology PregnaVie is dosed at 1 tablet per day. Each bottle of PregnaVie contains 60 tablets, so will last for 60 days.
Vegetology C Is PregnaVie suitable for Vegans?
Vegetology Yes, as with all of our products, PregnaVie is suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians. We have carefully selected each nutrient to ensure they are suitable.
Vegetology C What is the best time in the day to take PregnaVie?
Vegetology 1 tablet per day should be taken with a meal, or immediately after a meal with a glass of water. The time of day is not important, but we recommend being consistent, so taking at the same time each day. As with all supplements, taking PregnaVie at meal times helps to maximise absorption of the nutrients.
Vegetology C Does PregnaVie contain Iron?
Vegetology No, we haven't included Iron in PregnaVie. Currently, iron supplements are recommended if pregnancy blood tests show that Mum is anaemic, but not generally as we typically get enough from our diets. One of the side effects of too much Iron during pregnancy is the increased chance of constipation.
Vegetology C Can PregnaVie be used alongside medicines?
Vegetology We always recommend consulting your Doctor when considering using supplements alongside medicines. PregnaVie only contains moderate levels of the stated nutrients, so will generally be considered ok to use alongside medicines.Please note that as PregnaVie contains Vitamin K2, it should not be used without consulting your Doctor if you are taking blood thinning medication.
Vegetology C Some of the nutrients in PregnaVie are above 100% of the recommended levels (NRV), why is that and is it safe?
Vegetology The Nutritional Reference Values (NRV - previously known as recommended daily amounts (RDA) are set to consider basic vitamin and mineral deficiencies in the general population. We have considered the levels of nutrients that are specific to normal requirements in pregnancy. As such, some of the nutrients (specifically Vitamin 12, Folic Acid and Vitamin D3) are twice the level of the European NRV. Importantly, vitamins and minerals have established upper safe levels and the levels we use are well within/below these guidelines.
Vegetology C Does PregnaVie contain Vitamin A? I’ve read I need to be careful with Vitamin A during pregnancy.
Vegetology No, we have not included Vitamin A in PregnaVie. There are concerns surrounding excess Vitamin A (Retinol) during pregnancy, and when considering average dietary intake, we decided to leave it out of the formula.
Vegetology C The need to supplement with PregnaVie when pregnant
Vegetology When you are pregnant, baby is totally reliant on you and your diet, as it is their only source of nourishment. PregnaVie has been specially developed to provide specific nutrients at carefully selected and balanced levels to support Mum during pregnancy.