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Opti 3 Liquid GREY 01
Opti3 Liquid
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QCan you guarantee there is no iodine at all in this product? I have thyroid problems so must avoid it. Could you please list exactly what each of the ingredients are made from as I have multiple food allergies/intolerances?
Oli W
A Hi, yes we can guarantee no Iodine. While Iodine is found in Macroalgae (seaweeds), we use Oil extracted from Microalgae, and it doesn't contain any Iodine at all. Opti3 consists of Omega-3 EPA & DHA from Schizochtyrium sp. microalgae, Olive Oil and a tiny amount of Orange Oil. The Omega-3 microalgal Oil preparation contains a small amount of high Oleic Sunflower Oil as an important carrier, and Vitamin C and Rosemary (both very small amount) as antioxidants.