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Transparant Omega 3 Liquid 03
Opti3 Liquid
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Alan S 1. Do i need to shake the bottle? 2. On the bottle it says: "do not exceed" recomended dose. Why not? I eat healthy and was thinking of eating 15 ml to be healthyer. 3. Is the olive oil extra virgin? 4. Are there any additives that gets harmfull if you exceed the recomended dose? 5. Can i store it in the fridge? I must say the it tastes fantastic. It was very easy and plesant to swallow. I bought 3 bootels to myself, but i was "forced" to give 2 away to a friend and mother. I will be ordering more sone.
Vegetology Hi, 1. You don't need to shake the bottle. 2. We state not to exceed the dose because it contains Vitamin D3, which has recommended intake levels. Of course it is down to individual discretion, and when it comes to Omega-3, the more the better! 3.The Olive Oil is extra virgin, which is essential to the stability of the Algal Oil. 4. Other than Natural Vitamin E as an antioxidant and a small amount of natural Orange Oil flavour, there are no other components added. 5. Yes you can store in the Fridge. If it gets incredibly cold you may see some solidifying of some of the fatty acids, but this is fine and normal. They will melt again when reaching room temperature. Thank you for the questions, and for your kind comments. Opti3 Liquid has been a long time in the making, and getting the balance right has been tricky!