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Opti3 Liquid
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QHi Can you please tell me what the orange flavour is made from in the omega 3 liquid product?
A Hi, we use Orange Oil itself. The level is very low and designed to take the edge off the Algal Oil taste rather than particularly give an Orange taste. We are also offering an unflavoured oil option.
QHi please provide in percentages the proportions of microalga oil, olive oil and sunflower oil.
Chloe Y
A Hi, Opti3 Liquid is comprised of approximately 40% Microalgal oil (of which a very small portion is Sunflower Oil: as a process aid in the preparation) and 60% Olive Oil. Exact levels vary.
QHello, I have several questions that I am hoping you would answer for me. 1) Do you batch test your products for gluten, and if so to what level (20 ppm, 10 ppm, etc.)? 2) Where do you source you algae from? 3) What is the source of your orange flavoring? 4) Is your product considered safe during pregnancy? Thank you for your time and I look forward to your response.
Matt L
A Hi, to answer your questions: 1) Yes we do test for gluten and Opti3 Liquid is completely gluten-free. It is not a risk item, so the level is zero. 2) Our algae are grown in tanks at a Pharmaceutical-quality facility. This avoids toxins from the oceans. 3) We use Orange Oil itself as the flavouring. It is also an important part of the stabilising system. 4) Opti3 Liquid is perfect during Pregnancy and is not only safe, but highly beneficial to Mum and Baby,
QHello, I am a nutritionist. I often recommend (and take!) you Opti3. I would like to recommend it (liquid form) for a vegan child who is 2.5 years old. Should I recommend 2.5 ml (half a teaspoon) until her 3rd birthday, or should she already take 5ml (1 teaspoon)? Many thanks
Karine S
A Hi, thank you for recommending Opti3! We advise 2.5ml (half a teaspoon) from 0-24 months and then 5ml (full tea spoon) from that point onwards.
QCan you guarantee there is no iodine at all in this product? I have thyroid problems so must avoid it. Could you please list exactly what each of the ingredients are made from as I have multiple food allergies/intolerances?
Oli W
A Hi, yes we can guarantee no Iodine. While Iodine is found in Macroalgae (seaweeds), we use Oil extracted from Microalgae, and it doesn't contain any Iodine at all. Opti3 consists of Omega-3 EPA & DHA from Schizochtyrium sp. microalgae, Olive Oil and a tiny amount of Orange Oil. The Omega-3 microalgal Oil preparation contains a small amount of high Oleic Sunflower Oil as an important carrier, and Vitamin C and Rosemary (both very small amount) as antioxidants.
QFollowing on from previous q - Is this oil cold pressed and organic? What about the olives used for the olive oil are they cold pressed and organic?
Grace C
A Hi, hopefully you saw our previous answer to your question. No the extraction process is not cold-pressing (that is typically used for things like seed oils). As our algae are grown in tanks rather than taken from the ocean, the process is not considered as Organic by certifiers. It is crazy really because from a purity perspective, what we do is beyond organic. We do use cold-pressed Olive Oil in Opti3 Liquid. It is not a certified Organic source though (although is produced Organically).
QIs this oil cold pressed and organic?
Grace C
A Hi, no the extraction process is not cold-pressing (that is typically used for things like seed oils). As our algae are grown in tanks rather than taken from the ocean, the process is not considered as Organic by certifiers. It is crazy really because from a purity perspective, what we do is beyond organic.
Qhello I am concern about the olive oil in the bottle. I believe it contains omega 6 wich should not be with an omega 3 supplement as it work against it. is it the case ? Thank you in advance Paul
Paul Z
A Hi, Olive Oil is 85% monounsaturated fat, with minimal Omega-6 (and indeed Omega-3). The level of Omega-6 within Opti3 Liquid is low and doesn't interfere with the beneficial dose of Omega-3s
QWhen shipping internationally, do you maintain the appropriate temperature for the product to keep its beneficial properties?
Gilad R
A Hi, we perform extensive stability testing to ensure our products remain nutritionally active throughout the shelf life. This testing takes into account 'worst case scenarios' in terms of transit and storage temperatures (and humidity).
QDoes it last long while close? How long? If I order 3 bottles, will they last closed? How lobg does it last open? At least 3 months? Does the omega 3 oxidates while open? Did you test for that? Thanks.
Daniel D
A Hi, unopened Opti3 Liquid has a shelf-life of 24 months if stored in a cool, dry location (a cupboard or ideally refrigerator). Once opened, we recommend consuming within 8 weeks. If refrigerated, this can be extended to 12 weeks. The formula has built-in antioxidant protection to delay oxidative damage, and this formed a central part of our testing.
QCan you please tell me if any of your products contains mushrooms as I'm as allergic as some are to peanuts. I'm allergic to fish oil so to find these, I need to check first.
Helen H
A Hi, no our products do not contain mushrooms. Opti3 is a great alternative Omega-3 for individuals with fish allergies.
QHello! Can I combine Opti3 Liquid with Vitashine spray for my 6,5 month old baby ? :) What is the optimum dose of these? Thank you so much!
Silvia D
A Hi, for babies (under 24 months) we recommend 2.5ml (half a tea spoon) of Opti3 Liquid per day. That will provide 250mg DHA, 150mg EPA and 100iu Vitamin D3. It is fine to add Vitashine Spray if you are seeking a higher dose of Vitamin D3 (each individual spray pump is 200iu) but we recommend speaking to your Doctor first when considering higher doses.
Q Hello, I am wondering if there's a difference between the bioavailability of Opti3 capsule vs Opti3 liquid. I see the liquid also has some DPA. Does the capsule also have similar DPA amounts? Does the capsule also have extra virgin olive oil inside? Thank you.
Venkatesh Y
A Hi, there is no difference in bioavailability or dose. Both contain the same amount of DPA too. The capsules don't contain the extra virgin olive oil as the capsule itself provides sufficient protection from oxidation whereas in the liquid form we need the Olive to offer this protection.
QAre you aware of any customers who have tried massaging the oil into their skin? I am nil by mouth but would like to try to increase my levels of EPA and DHA in an attempt to combat palmitate induced muscle atrophy. If you know of no other attempts, do you believe it could be absorbed? I currently use evening primrose oil and flaxseed on alternate days which do seem to have improved my health but I want to now try this for the specific problem. Kind regards Wayne.
Wayne D
A Hi, Omega-3 fatty acids have been shown to benefit the skin with soothing / anti-inflammatory properties, however to be honest we suspect such attributes will only happen on the very outer layers (Stratum Corneum and Epidermis). It is worth a try, but we are doubtful you will achieve sufficient penetration for benefits at muscle level.
QWhat is the recommended dose for pregnant women?
Giota P
A Hi, we recommend 5ml (one teaspoon) per day, which will provide 500mg DHA, 300mg EPA.
QOnce opened, do you need to store it in the fridge? Or is a cool dry place outside the fridge fine
Lewis W
A Hi, storage of Opti3 Liquid in the fridge is ideal and will maintain its freshness for longer. However, storage in a cool dry place outside the fridge is fine and we tested stability extensively in this condition.
QHi, I just wanted to check the fat content of this product, as olive oil is very high in fat. Thank you so much. Kind regards Vivien
Vivien F
A Hi, the total fat per serving is 4.42g. You can download the label from the product page for full details.
QWhen adding to food, is it ok with both hot and cold food? E.g. is it heat stable if added to hot porridge, or does this affect the product?
Ali K
A Hi, adding to hot food is fine. Please just avoid long periods of exposure (so for instance don't put in the oven or microwave, instead stirring into hot food just prior to consuming it).
QHow can I purchase
Khalid K
A Hi, all of our products can be purchased right here on, with worldwide shipping available.
QI'm wondering if your Omega supplements have the polythenol's added back into the product?
Juliette A
A Hi, no we don't include polyphenols in Opti3. We do add small amounts of Vitamin C + E to provide suitable oxidative stability. We do have polyphenols within the superfood antioxidant complex used in the VegVit formula.
QDoes the strian of algea you use Schizochytrium produce the algea oil of the compostion of EPA and DHA as in the final product? I thought that it produces only DHA with small amount of EPA.
Sonia C
A Hi, yes we obtain both EPA and DHA from Schizochytrium alga. We have managed to achieve a much higher EPA yield.
QI've read that Triglycerides are difficult for the body to absorb. Those who aren't concerned about it being vegan would opt for krill derrived omega 3 as it has a similar structure to ours and therefore is absorbed in far greater quantities. Those who take Triglyceride form need to take very high quantities, much higher than your dose. How do you guarantee absorbency at levels which provide results?
Sarah S
A Hi, Algal Omega-3 (Triglyceride form) has been tested extensively to ensure absorption and bioavailability. This was a major consideration before achieving approval by regulatory authorities worldwide. Europe (EFSA), USA (EFSA) and Australia (TGA) being among the most stringent. The growing bank of data and results over the past decade shows overwhelming evidence of excellent efficacy.
QFrom which age can I give it to my vegen baby boy?
Avraham H
A Hi, Opti3 liquid is suitable from newborn, and offers many benefits to Babies. We recommend 2.5ml (half a tea spoon) up to 24 months, and then moving to 5ml (full tea spoon) from there.
QCan I safely take this supplement at the same time as the 1,000 IU Vitamin D3?
Amanda W
A Hi, the recognised upper safe limit for daily Vitamin D3 is 4,000iu, so the combination you refer to here is well below this. Most Doctors and Health Professionals believe we should be taking 1,000iu+ every day. We are always lobbying to try and persuade authorities to increase the European NRV from 200iu, which is now universally considered to be too low.
QHi please can you tell me if this product contains carrageenan? Many thanks
Rebecca B
A Hi, no Opti3 Liquid doesn't contain any carrageenan.
QCan I give this to my baby alongside a multi vitamin that already contains vitamin d?
Jordan W
A Please check the combined level of Vitamin D isn't too high. If you give your Baby 2.5ml (half tea spoon) of Opti3 Liquid, that will provide 2.5mcg (100iu) Vitamin D3. As long as the combined level that includes the multivitamin is around 5-7.5mcg, that will be fine. It is best to consult your Doctor though when combining supplements.
QWhere to you find the algae
Sophia G
A Hi, we grow the algae in tanks at a Pharma-quality facility. That allows complete control over purity and quality, plus means we don't need to negatively impact ocean ecosystems
QIs Opti3 liquid gluten free? Is it recommended for dry eyes? I am currently taking Udo’s oil. How does this differ? Is Opti3 absorbed into the body more easily?
Linda G
A Hi, yes Opti3 Liquid is gluten free. Data does suggest Omega-3 DHA can be beneficial for individuals with dry eyes. The product you mention is a blend of vegetable oils, which do not contain any Omega-3 EPA or DHA. Omega-3 as ALA is significantly less effective (the body needs to convert it into EPA, which has a very low conversion rate, and DHA, which is even lower). We are very confident that as an Omega-3 supplement, you will be very satisfied as it delivers the correct forms of Omega-3 for the body, in high doses.
Q1. Do i need to shake the bottle? 2. On the bottle it says: "do not exceed" recomended dose. Why not? I eat healthy and was thinking of eating 15 ml to be healthyer. 3. Is the olive oil extra virgin? 4. Are there any additives that gets harmfull if you exceed the recomended dose? 5. Can i store it in the fridge? I must say the it tastes fantastic. It was very easy and plesant to swallow. I bought 3 bootels to myself, but i was "forced" to give 2 away to a friend and mother. I will be ordering more sone.
Alan S
A Hi, 1. You don't need to shake the bottle. 2. We state not to exceed the dose because it contains Vitamin D3, which has recommended intake levels. Of course it is down to individual discretion, and when it comes to Omega-3, the more the better! 3.The Olive Oil is extra virgin, which is essential to the stability of the Algal Oil. 4. Other than Natural Vitamin E as an antioxidant and a small amount of natural Orange Oil flavour, there are no other components added. 5. Yes you can store in the Fridge. If it gets incredibly cold you may see some solidifying of some of the fatty acids, but this is fine and normal. They will melt again when reaching room temperature. Thank you for the questions, and for your kind comments. Opti3 Liquid has been a long time in the making, and getting the balance right has been tricky!
QHi can a 6 month old use this? If so what would the dosage be?
Kayleigh H
A Hi, for babies and infants up to 24 months we recommend 2.5ml (half teaspoon) per day, then moving to the normal adult dose of 5ml (full teaspoon) from 24 months.
QAre any of the ingredients derived from corn?
Beth D
A No, Opti3 capsules and Opti3 Liquid don't contain any corn or corn derivatives.
QHi! I really like the taste of your Opti3 Liquid. I was wondering how much sunflower oil is in there in % ? Can you tell? Yours, all the best Stefan
Stefan W
A Hi, the sunflower oil level is low, as that is only used as an important carrier during the Algal Omega-3 production (we use a high Oleic Sunflower). The actual level of Sunflower Oil in a 5ml / teaspoon dose is approximately 30mg. The primary oil in Opti3 Liquid is Olive Oil, which we chose as it is smooth and very good at protecting the Algal Omega-3 for stability.
QWould you be making an Omega 3 product that does not contain Vitamin D3?
Henry N
A Hi, we don't have plans to do that at the moment. We add a small amount of Vitamin D3 as a maintenance dose, but it is low enough where Opti3 can be combined with other supplements (i.e. if individuals are obtaining additional Vitamin D3 from other sources too). A key reason we include Vitamin D3 is because virtually all Fish Oil Omega-3 supplements contain a dose of D3 and we want to encourage as many fish oil users as possible to move to Opti3. Every bottle of Opti3 versus an equivalent bottle of Fish Oil Omega-3 saves around 50 fish!
QDoes it work out more expensive or less expensive than the capsules?
Germaine D
A Its the same price, so identical dose-for-dose value.
QHow you prevent oxidation of the omega 3 in liquid form? How long last the bottle after opening?
Roman B
A We’ve had to create a completely enclosed system from oil production to bottle, with temperature control. The process and added Antioxidant Vitamin E protects from oxidation during its shelf life. After opening we recommend consuming within 8 weeks. Refrigeration prolonged freshness.
QWhat does it taste like?
Vegetology D
A If you have tasted Olive Oil, that is the main way to describe it. The Algal Omega-3 EPA & DHA does have a 'marine' taste, which we've limited by manufacturing in a controlled way and adding a hint of Orange oil to mask the marine taste. We've mixed our Algal Omega-3 EPA & DHA into Olive Oil, as Olive helps to protect and keep it fresh. Olive Oil can cause some people to have a slight and temporary burning sensation in the throat, but this is perfectly normal.
QCan I give Opti3 to my pets?
Vegetology D
A It is very common for Opti3 capsules to be given to cats and dogs. Some of our customers pierce the capsules and add the oil to pet food, but we're told some pets are quite happy munching the capsules themselves! There are reports of specific benefits to animals including joint care and general health. Opti3 capsules are ok for animals but please note Opti3 liquid does contain a natural orange oil.
QI’m a vegan, can I take Opti3 liquid?
Vegetology D
A Yes. Opti3 is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. We have registered Opti3 with the Vegan and Vegetarian Societies. We are proud to display both society logos on our product bottle and website.
QCan I take Opti3 when I’m pregnant?
Vegetology D
A Absolutely! And also during Breast Feeding. There are many benefits of taking Opti3 during this time.
QWhat are the benefits of Omega-3?
Vegetology D
A There are many reported benefits of taking Omega-3 supplements. This includes hearth health, increased alertness and attentiveness, lowering of cholesterol, eye health and benefits to various diseases and ailments.
QWhat amount is advised for my children (2yrs and 4yrs)?
Vegetology D
A Hi, we recommend 5ml (1 teaspoon) for children from the age of 2 years old and upwards. So the same dose as adults. For babies and infants below the age of 2, we recommend 2.5ml or half a teaspoon.
QIs it safe to take during breastfeeding?
Vegetology D
A Absolutely! There are many benefits of taking Opti3 during this time.
QDoes the ascorbyl palmitate in this come from palm oil?
Vegetology D
A We do not use Palm Oil in any of our products.
QIs this algae oil in a triglyceride form and are they tested by a third party for environmental toxins including heavy metals?
Vegetology D
A It is in Triglyceride form. The key aspect is that we grow our Microalgae in controlled conditions at a Pharmaceutical-quality specialist facility. Unlike sea water where contamination and heavy metal issues arise, we are able to control absolutely everything and therefore guarantee the complete purity of our product.
QWhat country is Opti3 produced?
Michelle D
A We produce Opti3 here in the United Kingdom.
QWhat is the name of the microalgae which is used to make Opti3?
Vegetology D
A We use a Schizochytrium species of microalgae for Opti3.
QWhat is the source of natural orange flavouring?
Vegetology D
A It is literally natural orange oil that we use, rather than a synthetic flavour.
QDoes it contain Carrageenan?
Vegetology D
A No, Opti3 liquid doesn't contain Carrageenan.
QHow do I store the Opti3 Liquid?
Vegetology D
A Ideally, please store Opti3 Liquid in the Refrigerator. That will keep it nice and fresh. We have stability tested to ensure it remains stable when stored at ambient temperature (e.g. in a kitchen cupboard), but a Refrigerator will help. Once opened, we recommend consuming within 8 weeks.