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Active Energy GREY 01
Active Energy Complex
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QHi, how long might it take to feel the energy boost? Also is the effect cumulative/long-lasting over days/weeks/months or only it effects you for the day or so that you take it? Also if I would alternate this with VegVit would I potentially notice a difference in how I feel on days where I take this compared with days I take VegVit? Thank you! (by the way your products seem fantastic and great prices - unfortunately I went to holland and barrett yesterday and bought multivitamin, d3, omega 3 and b12 and now I stumbled upon this website today... its like someone's played a sick joke on me lol)
Conor O
A Hi, people typically report improvements within a few days of taking Active Energy Complex. The effects differ from person to person but there is usually a good lasting improvement. Alternating with VegVit is a very good option too. We’re confident you will quickly notice the difference in energy and body clock.