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Nour A Since the list of ingredients overlaps with other product i take daily from you ( vegvit) is it ok if I take both? Because I just purchased this product and I am very excited to increase a bit more my energy level
Vegetology We recommend only one of the multivitamin formulas (so one of VegVit, Joint-Vie, Active Energy Complex or PregnaVie). Don’t double up on any of these.
Gen L Is it okay to take this WITH VegVit, or is it meant to be taken INSTEAD of? Thanks.
Vegetology Active Energy is fine to take alongside, Opti3, B12 or Vitashine, but not recommended with VegVit to avoid getting too much of certain nutrients.
Lorraine C Can the active energy complex cause your urine to be a bit greeny in colour?
Vegetology This is quite common when taking supplements with high amounts of B Vitamins. It is absolutely normal, fine and safe. The body takes the B Vitamins that it needs and anything extra is just removed. It shows you are getting enough of the B Vitamins from Active Energy with some to spare!