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Active Energy Complex
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Qare all of your products tested for heavy metals and toxins? where is the algae sourced from (Opti-3) and is it organic?
Chris s
A Hi, yes the products (and all ingredients) are fully tested for heavy metals and other items before being released for sale. The algae used for Opti3 are grown in tanks at a Pharma-quality facility. That allows full control of purity and means we can leave ocean ecosystems alone. It isn't considered organic in the eyes of Certifiers (as it isn't done in soil or the sea) but in relevant terms, goes way beyond organic in terms of purity and zero negative environmental impact.
Teresita D
A Hi, If you are using our Active Energy, Opti3, VegVit and JointVie, please alternate so you are using Opti3 everyday but combining it with e.g. VegVit on Monday, JointVie on Tuesday, Active Energy on Wednesday, repeat. We don't recommend doubling up on multivitamins as you will inadvertently double-up on some nutrients where it is not beneficial to do so. If you continue with this regime, please don't take additional B12, Glucosamine, Vitamin C or Zinc, because these nutrients will be covered already. If you wanted to, you can combine JointVie and Active Energy on the same day (so your regime could be Opti3 + VegVit on Monday, Opti3 + JointVie and Active Energy on Tuesday, repeat). Please just consider the elevated level of Vitamin C.
QWould this product interfere with any prescribed medicine such as statins?
Amanda S
A It would be wrong of us to comment on medication, so please consult your Doctor or look at the product information that is supplied with your medication to see if any recommendation are made regarding combinations/nutrients to avoid.
QIs there a chance of there being any iodine in the Active Energy Complex?
Nakita H
A Hi, there are no compounds within Active Energy Complex that contain measurable levels of iodine.
QHi. Is it possible to pierce the capsule and consume oil directly if too difficult to swallow?
Brenda S
A Hi, Active Energy is a hard capsule (with powder inside) rather than a soft capsule containing oil, so piercing isn't really an option. It's always worth taking tablets and capsules with food, because the throat automatically opens wider to swallow chewed food. Also, taking tablets and capsules with yoghurts or smoothies helps, as they slide down the throat more easily.
QDo I need to take a B12 supplement or just this B Complex enough? Is there any risk of taking too much B vitamins?
Charles P
A If you are using Active Energy Complex, you don't need an additional B12 supplement. As B Vitamins are water-soluble, there isn't a risk of taking too much. Your body grabs what it needs and any excess is excreted.
QOrdering Opti3Omega. Omega 3. I am ordering 3 bottles ... what is regular price ? There is a special ?
Gary p
A We have great bundles prices on all supplements. You can find options on the product pages or bundle pages.
QSince the list of ingredients overlaps with other product i take daily from you ( vegvit) is it ok if I take both? Because I just purchased this product and I am very excited to increase a bit more my energy level
Nour A
A We recommend only one of the multivitamin formulas (so one of VegVit, Joint-Vie, Active Energy Complex or PregnaVie). Don’t double up on any of these.
QIs it okay to take this WITH VegVit, or is it meant to be taken INSTEAD of? Thanks.
Gen L
A Active Energy is fine to take alongside, Opti3, B12 or Vitashine, but not recommended with VegVit to avoid getting too much of certain nutrients.
QWhat is the difference between Active Energy Complex and VegVit? I take only one of both daily, yeah? AEC is a bit more expensive - so does it include already VegVit + some boosting extras?
Milan G
A Please only use one of VegVit or Active Energy Complex. This is just to avoid doubling-up on some of the nutrients. VegVit is designed to be an 'all-rounder' multivitamin and mineral supplement, with a full spectrum of 26 nutrients. It does contain B Vitamins, which contribute to energy. Active Energy Complex is specifically designed to target tiredness and fatigue, combining B Vitamins with herbs used in traditional Chinese medicines and other selected nutrients. The aim is to help reset the body clock and try to energise at the right time of the day but relax at the right time of the night.
QCan the active energy complex cause your urine to be a bit greeny in colour?
Lorraine C
A This is quite common when taking supplements with high amounts of B Vitamins. It is absolutely normal, fine and safe. The body takes the B Vitamins that it needs and anything extra is just removed. It shows you are getting enough of the B Vitamins from Active Energy with some to spare!