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Combat fatigue and get better sleep with this supplement

Do you wish there was a supplement that could address your daily tiredness and fatigue? Read this to find a solution that may work for you

Did you know that your body needs about eight hours of sleep a night? The reality is, work, life, family and other stress can often rob us of that; sometimes we can find ourselves surviving on only five or six hours on a regular basis. Sleep deprivation combined with busy days can lead to low energy levels and fatigue. Whilst continued or extreme fatigue should be a reason to see a doctor, as it could be a sign of an underlying health condition, everyday tiredness and that mid-afternoon slump is common for many of us. In fact, one of the biggest requests we get from customers is for a supplement that tackles fatigue.

That’s why we created Active Energy. So what goes into an energy boosting supplement? And how can it help with sleep deprivation, a lack of quality sleep, fatigue and energy levels? Before we get to that, let’s look at why you may be experiencing fatigue.

What causes everyday tiredness and fatigue?

There can be a number of causes for fatigue, tiredness, and reduced energy levels. These can include:

  • A lack of sleep - we need roughly eight hours sleep a night. If you aren’t getting that on a regular basis, you could be sleep deprived.

  • A lack of quality sleep - Arianna Huffington, author of The Sleep Revolution, talks about how not all sleep is equal. You need good quality sleep - that might mean switching off devices, reading before bed or spending time to unwind before you try to sleep.

  • An underlying health condition - feeling a bit tired as the day goes on can be normal but fatigue that is really and stops you working or participating in social activities can be the sign of an underlying health condition and should warrant a visit to the GP.

  • A lack of Vitamin B12 - this is a common concern for vegans and vegetarians because B12 isn’t found in plants. It is essential for a healthy metabolism and for producing energy. A lack of B12 can leave you feeling sluggish and lacking energy.

  • Stress - this can take a physical and mental toll on you and can cause fatigue.

  • Not being active - if you work at a job where you spend all day at a desk your mind may be getting a workout but your body isn’t. Whilst hitting the gym after work might be the last thing you feel like doing, any form of exercise can help to boost your energy levels.

What is in Active Energy?

So we know that there are a number of reasons people feel fatigue and tiredness in everyday life. This might be short term or a weekly occurrence! But what can a supplement do to help and what does Active Energy have in it to boost your energy levels?

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B Vitamins - B2, B3, B5, B6, B9 and B12
We’ve already touched on how Vitamin B12 is vital for effective bodily processes and bodily reactions. When you’re deficient in Vitamin B12, every reaction is a bit slower. Much of this is linked to your metabolism. By supplementing or boosting your B12 levels, your metabolism increases. Every reaction in the body speeds up and you basically perform better, as a body.Active Energy combines B12 with other B Vitamins, which also work to boost your energy levels, to help fight fatigue and tiredness.

Vitamin C
As well as its antioxidant properties, Vitamin C also can help your body to boost its energy levels and helps keep your immune system healthy. Think about those old football players eating oranges at halftime!

Iron helps your body to form and oxygenate red blood cells and haemoglobin. When you don’t get enough iron, your blood cells struggle to provide enough oxygen around the body which can lead to you feeling fatigued and achy. Iron also helps to release the energy from food into your body.

Coenzyme Q10
This compound is naturally produced by your body and is vital for producing energy in your cells. As you get older your body naturally produces less of this compound, so topping up can help to improve energy levels.

Rhodiola Rosea and Schisandra Chinensis
We’ve combined the common vitamins known for energy production with two powerful herbs from traditional Chinese medicine. They are the ingredients that actually make this fatigue supplement special and unique. That’s because these herbs are known as adaptogens.

Active Energy Blog 09

What is an adaptogen?

If you take this supplement in the morning, your body knows it needs to be awake and be aware, so the adaptogens will work with your body to help fight fatigue. But if you take it in the evening, they will help your body to relax. They are known as adaptogens because they adapt to the time of the day and the needs of your body.

Why did we look to Eastern medicine when creating this supplement?

I’ve worked in health and beauty for over twenty years and have worked a lot with antioxidants. I’ve worked with some incredible research groups to look at traditional Chinese medicines, predominantly for antioxidant power. What I found was Rhodiola and Schisandra were incredible at all kinds of things, but I noticed this adaptogenic feature kept coming back in results. So we worked to create a formula that included them to help improve energy levels and sleep patterns.

How can Active Energy help my sleep pattern?

We found, through our research and conversations with customers, that a lot of people who suffer from fatigue can’t sleep properly at night, so are tired during the day. This sleep supplement not only helps your energy levels during the day, it almost works to reset your body clock and help with better sleep at night as well.

Is Active Energy right for me?

This is a plant-based supplement designed for people who are suffering with fatigue or just general tiredness from their everyday life. You may not be able to quite get the energy to perform how you would like during their day. It doesn’t contain caffeine or any other stimulants so it’s not an artificial quick hit. This is working with your body and trying to make something last throughout the day.

It is designed for vegans and vegetarians but is also suitable for everyone.