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    10 Apr 2024
    Have been using this product for nearly a month now and have noticed a massive improvement. Been feeling great and my skin is glowing. Would definitely recommend 🙌🏻


    5 Apr 2024
    I have been using this product for last 6months as I've been losing weight. I'm down 16kg, and despite that, I don't have any lose or baggy skin. Before I was using this I was getting sunken skin with the weight loss, but I was I started using this it tightened right back up again!


    1 Apr 2024


    16 Mar 2024
    Great product. My skin is more radiant since adding this supplement to my life

    Helen Fuggle

    10 Mar 2024
    Good product and service. Thanks


    9 Mar 2024

    Caz Lavinia Hales

    8 Mar 2024
    I’ve been taking these for 6wks and my sister, who last saw me at Christmas said I looked washed out and pale then but now I look so much healthier with a pink glow! My nails are growing quickly so too is my hair, I have increased my protein intake but these Vollagen capsules are doing a lot more for me than just protein alone. I have already ordered another 3mths supply and will continue to order more in the future.


    6 Mar 2024
    Arrived promptly and been using for just over a month. My nails are certainly growing stronger and faster. No joint pain any more. Looking forward to seeing skin changes as time goes on 🙂

    Robert Radabaugh

    4 Mar 2024
    Great product. I’ve been taking it over 6 months now and my facial wrinkles are diminished and my fingernails are super strong. I recommend the Vollagen capsules.


    25 Feb 2024


    19 Feb 2024
    I am surprised at seeing a good result by using this product only for 2 weeks. My hair looks really better. Curious to see if it works in the long term on minor skin issues

    Barbara Sunblade

    13 Feb 2024
    Am beginning to see a difference in hair, nails and skin. Great product!


    2 Feb 2024
    I have only just started using Vollagen, I will be re-ordering them.


    30 Jan 2024
    Noticed a big difference with my nails 👍


    26 Jan 2024
    I'm very happy with the product, start using it almost 2 months ago, and noticed improvement in the strength of my hair and nails.

    Nuno Oliveira

    3 Jan 2024
    I recently tried Vollagen and I am very pleased with the results. My skin felt healthier and I felt a reduction in joint stiffness, especially in my knees. I will continue taking it to see the results but so far so good.

    Gannu Praveen Kumar

    28 Dec 2023

    Rebekah Fox

    26 Dec 2023
    My skin and hair look much better

    Cláudia Estanislau

    25 Dec 2023
    Great I love that. Easy to swallow, vegan and done result as the usual collagen it’s a no brainer

    L Martin

    22 Dec 2023
    I have been talking these for several months now. I've noticed improvements in my skin and nails whilst taking along side of Perimenopause multivitamin. I will continue. Works for me! 😊


    17 Dec 2023
    I’m sure there are lots of benefits but an amazingly noticeable one is that the frown lines in the middle of my forehead - quite deep 11 lines - appear to have pretty much vanished. I didn’t think anything other than Botox - which I wasn’t going to have - would ever rid me of them. So guess I’ll be continuing with this supplement :)


    3 Dec 2023
    Great price for quantity. 45 days after, my nails have started recovering. Very little, it’s a long term supplement, but I’m definitely seeing gradual improvements in nails and face blemishes and overall feeling of hydration retention, the main reasons I started taking this supplement.

    Jacob Elias

    3 Dec 2023
    Excellent customer service and fast delivery to the USA. Within 30 days of use my Wife and I can feel and see the different improvement in our Nails, Hair and Skin.


    2 Dec 2023
    thank you


    1 Dec 2023
    I love it! My skin condition improved, looks more smoother and it glows.


    24 Nov 2023
    Within days I noticed my nails getting stronger. They are growing so well now that I no longer have to pay to get acrylics. After about 4 weeks a patch of psoriasis I had on my hand completely disappeared, my facial acne cleared up, and my joints started to ease. I highly recommend this product.

    Valerie Jones

    21 Nov 2023

    Jacob Elias

    4 Nov 2023
    With just the 1st week my wife and I felt the miracle of felling better from join pain and skin, nails and hair conditions improvement. We alo taking B12 1000mg, is the best combination God Bless The Vegetology Team!


    3 Nov 2023
    I have been trusting Vegetology for around 3 or 4 years now. I am French and I never found such efficient vegan products. Not only I use Multivit but also Omega 3 but I wanted to discover Vollagen and the result is amazing ! My skin is so soft and hydrated. I would never change of products nor society because the Vegetology Team is so great, always reply and solve any problems. Love Vegetology ! Such wonderful products and such adorable persons !


    20 Oct 2023
    I have only been taking Vollagen for two weeks and am happy to say that my skin is looking and feeling better than it was before. I will continue taking this supplement as I hope for joint improvements as well