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Vegan Vitamins and Supplements for Immune System

Your immune system does a brilliant job everyday, defending and protecting your body from invading pathogens that have the potential to make you sick. At times, your immune system can get overloaded so it’s important that we provide our body with all the necessary elements so that it can function well. Exercise, hydration, good sleep and hygiene habits all play a role in supporting our immune system. Then there's our diet....

Your diet is also incredibly important as this provides your body with the vitamins and minerals needed for good immune health. Even if we are eating a well balanced and varied diet, we can all end up with micro deficiencies that can compromise the efficiency of our immune systems. Supplementing your diet is the best way to ensure that your body is getting the nutrients it needs, putting your immune system in the best position to be able to protect you.

When it comes to supplements, several of our supplements will contribute to a healthy immune system. MultiVit is a great starting point. This is our all in one everyday health supplement that provides your body with 26 vitamins and minerals in just one dose. Then there is the powerhouse that is Vit D3. Whether you take the chewable supplement or use the Vit D3 spray, supplementing with Vit D3 is perfect for supporting your immune system.

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