Vegan Children’s Vitamins and Supplements

A varied, nutritionally balanced diet is essential for our overall health, both as children and adults. Your child’s diet should also contain enough of the nutrients, vitamins and minerals their body needs to be healthy. When it comes to child nutrition, even with a balanced diet, there are still some nutrients that your child will struggle to get enough of, regardless of diet. It may be that you need to consider supplements for your children, to ensure they are getting all of the vitamins and minerals they need.

Do your family meals contain enough nutrients?

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Vegetology — Supplements For The Whole Family

Encouraging your child to take a regular children’s supplement might be a gradual process. Just like us as adults, children need to understand the reason for supplements and how they are a positive benefit to their bodies. We hope our tips will help you to introduce supplements into your family’s nutrition with greater ease and also some fun!

Why not start with Vit-D3 spray and Our Omega-3 added to meal times?

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