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I need to know if amino acids are denitrogenated Hi, we don't perform any denitrogenation steps, but the Amino Acids are in a stable form and environment.
Where is the link to the independent efficacy study for Vollagen ? Hi, if you visit, the study is there.
Safe white pregnant? Hi, yes and Vollagen is very beneficial to Mum and Baby :-)
Hello, I was diagnosed with Morphea a few years ago and am not on any treatment. I have been taking 2 capsules a day of Vollagen for a few weeks, but it suddenly occurred to me this morning that supplementing in this way may not be wise given my diagnosis. I Googled some questions and all I can find is a lot of opinions, no actual medical advice.As you presumably have access to more medical information resources than I do, I should be grateful if you would advise me on this matter please.Is taking Vollagen safe for someone with a Morphea diagnosis?I have emailed my doctor with the same question, but they probably won't know, whereas you might.Many thanks in advance. Hi, we do not expect Vollagen to have any negative effects in relation to Morphea. We do recommend seeking advice from your Doctor before taking any supplements, in case there are specific nutrients they recommend you to focus on or avoid. Sorry for the general answer but it would be wrong of us to provide medical advice.
Hi. What are the sources of the ingredients in vollagen? Thank you. Hi, Vollagen ingredients are of non-GMO Corn origin and produced using fermentation.
In the information above it states "using genetically engineered microorganisms such as yeast" and then further down claims to not use genetic engineering. Can you please confirm which is correct? Hi, previous 'Vegan Collagen' options tried by scientists have used genetically engineered microorganisms. Vollagen does not use or contain any genetically engineered or modified compounds or organisms.
Are your products genetically engineered? Hi, no we do not use any genetically-engineered / GM ingredients in any of our products.
I have lupus and scleroderma and am wondering if it is safe to take Vollagen? Scleroderma effects my skin and joints.I already have skin tightening from the scleroderma and painful joints, tendons, etc. Would the Vollagen supplement make my skin tightening worse? Scleroderma is an over-production of collagen, which causes the skin tightening etc, but my rheumatologist has said it's safe to take collagen supplements, as it is not the same collagen as my body over produces. If you have any info on this subject, I would really appreciate it. Hi, we do not expect Vollagen to be problematic for you, especially if your Rheumatologist suggests Collagen supplements are ok. However, please do consult your Rheumatologist for best advice and if you are taking medication then please consult your Doctor or Pharmacist before adding Vollagen or any other supplements to your daily regime. Sorry to pass the book on this but if would be wrong of us to provide medical advice.
I already supplement with a vegan Essential Amino Acids complex, is Vollagen safe to take with it, or would I be doubling up, so to speak? Hi, it will be safe to combine but it is likely to be unnecessarily doubling up, or changing the key ratios.
I am a vegetarian .I am looking for collagen supplement to support bone ,tendons and osteoarthritis. I am recovering from a fracture .Does this help similar to bone broth which I just cannot get past the taste Hi, Vollagen mimics the composition of Hydrolysed Collagen (the form of Collagen consumed in foods and supplements), without the need for hydrolysis or animal-origin compounds. Due to the structure and composition, we expect Vollagen to offer the same properties and benefits.
Hi. Just checking your product does not contain any soy. Hi, we can confirm there is no Soy or derivatives in Vollagen.
Does this contain type 1 collagen then? Also, i take B12, D3 - once every two weeks and Flaxseed Oil tabs. Will these be ok alongside these tablets? Hi, Vollagen contains the same Amino Acid building blocks in the same proportions/ratios as Collagen. It mimics Hydrolysed Collagen (the form consumed in foods and supplements) but without the hydrolysis or animal-origin compounds. The building blocks are the same for Collagen Type I, II, III. It is fine and very beneficial to combine with other Vitamins and the likes of Flaxseed Oil.
Is the collagen safe to take when breastfeeding and looking to conceive Hi, yes Vollagen is safe and very beneficial from conception, throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding.
I cannot swallow capsules or any supplement in pill form. Do you have a gummy alternative, and if not, is it safe to chew or open the capsule and ingest that way? Hi, we don't offer gummies. It is possible to open the capsules and take the powder directly or add it to food or a drink.
Hi, I bought some marine collagen 1400mg. I only took one a day not the recommended two and I had awful diarrhoea. I even tried one a week but it still had the same effect. How will yours differ? I am 72 and vegetarian not vegan please? Hi, we do not expect such side effects (and have had no such reports) so Vollagen is well worth trying. Please let us know how you get on!
I take a lot of supps. Have been for years. I'm 68 and don't look my age due to 80% healthy organic vegetarian eating (as I enjoy eating at restaurants 1-2x per week, which aren't always organic) & my supps. Not sure your product will make a difference as I have a protein drink every morning...and as we know amino acids are the building blocks to protein. So, do you feel this will make a difference? And if so, is it okay to take with other supps...or best to take with my protein smoothie, along with my Vit C & probiotics? Looking forward to your response! Hi, it sounds like you have quite an in-depth daily regime already. To be honest, although beneficial in its own right, Vollagen might be surplus to requirements within your specific routine and nutrient intake.
I had breast cancer and took Tamoxifen for 10 years. I need to avoid estrogen. Is taking this product safe? Hi, we do not expect any negative interaction with Tamoxifen. Please do consult your Doctor before introducing any new Supplements into your routine, in case there are any specific nutrients they would like you to avoid.
Hi, Is this product lower in histamines compared to bovine collagen? Hi, Vollagen doesn't contain any histamines. Vollagen does contain 10mg L-Histidine per daily dose of 2 capsules.
Hi, If I'm looking for what is usually called Collagen type 2, would this be the vegan version of it? Or what type of Collagen does this product identify more with? Cheers Hi, Vollagen mimics hydrolysed Collagen (the form used in foods and supplements). It is closest to Type II Collagen in terms of composition.
Does Vollagen contain a protein source (ie., soy or GMO), or is it just amino acids? Hi, Vollagen is produced using fermentation to obtain the Amino Acids in the correct ratios. There isn't an additional protein source (Soy etc.).
Hi. I am not experiencing too much joint pain but have found since getting menopausal symptoms I am noticing more and more swelling around my joints. Do you think Vollagen may help with this? Thanks Hi, it is worth considering our Bone Care formula. We get a lot of very good feedback from customers about this, including in relation to symptoms during menopause. Vollagen is also worth trying. There are no health claims for Collagen (or therefore Vollagen) around bones and joints, but there are many research papers and links to benefits.
Evito di mangiare mais, Vollagen contiene mais? Hi, Vollagen non contiene mais. Tuttavia, il mais non OGM è il materiale di partenza per la produzione della fermentazione degli aminoacidi (translated from: Hi, Vollagen doesn't contain Corn. However, non-GMO Corn is the starting material for fermentation production of the Amino Acids.).
Hi, I am prone to depression when I take collagen supplements, & discovered that it’s because it decreases serotonin in the brain ( the happy mood chemical) & I also discovered that’s because the amino acid L tryptophan is not in most of the collagen supplements on the market Would you please address this issue for me in reference to you product? Thank you Hi, there is a link between a deficiency in tryptophan and lowering of serotonin levels. This doesn't mean there is a link to Collagen supplements are lowering serotonin, in fact Vollagen contains several Amino Acids (including Glycine) that are known to support serotonin levels. Vollagen doesn't contain Tryptophan. If you have protein in your diet, it is highly likely you are obtaining sufficient tryptophan.
Does Vollagen contain yeast? Hi, no Vollagen doesn't contain yeast.
Is Vollagen cruelty free? Hi, yes absolutely. We are 100% against any form of animal cruelty, animal testing or animal-origin ingredients.
Hi, What are the possible side effects of Vollagen? Since i started taking it, I developed acne on my chin. Hi, we haven't had any reported side effects with Vollagen and we don't expect anything. Many of the Amino Acid components have reputed anti-acne properties, so we would be very surprised if Vollagen is linked to acne formation. Please let us know how things go for you?
Any idea if safe take on blood thinners ? Any blood thinning properties Hi, it is worth double-checking with your Doctor just in case they recommend you to avoid Arginine while taking your particular medication.
Does you collagen vollogen have any fillers or binders in it please such as microcrystaline cellulose Hi, no Vollagen capsules don't contain any excipients. The capsule itself is made of Hydroxypropylmethyl Cellulose. Just to say, microcrystalline cellulose (and similar) is usually used to improve the flow of formulations so they can be successfully put into tablets or capsules, such excipients get wrongly labelled as 'fillers' or 'binders' but are perfectly safe and only used in small quantities as necessary. Just doing our bit to defend supplement manufacturers :-)
I was wondering what results your clinical trials had on the impact vollagen had on collagen production? After how many days would I expect to see an increase in collagen production, and by what percentage? Hi, more studies are planned with Vollagen but so far the focus has been on skin, hair and nail benefits. This is because in Europe there are no health claims permitted for Collagen (and therefore none for Vollagen), so justifying the huge expenditure to conduct clinical trials to quantify indications such as collagen production is not easy. Hopefully more to come. As Vollagen contains the Collagen building blocks in the correct ratio, we fully expect it to boost Collagen production in the same way (and to the same degree) as Hydrolysed Collagen.
Hi, come the ingredients from natural sources or are they lab made? Thank you Hi, Vollagen is produced using fermentation processes. The starting material is non-GMO Corn.
I struggle to swallow capsules, can I empty the powder out and mix with drinks? Hi, yes the Vollagen powder can be emptied out of the capsules and mixed into a drink.
I see that the vollagen contains glutamic acid, glutamate, which can be damageing to the brain. Why? Hi, we are not sure where you have read this but it is absolutely not the case. Glutamate (which the body can convert from Glutamic Acid) is a neurotransmitter and is essential for Brain Health.
I would like to know if your product has any copper. I have high levels of copper in my blood and I certainly don't need to increase it. Thank you. Hi, no Vollagen doesn't contain any Copper.
Has is been tested by doctors that it's safe with breastfeeding? Hi, Vollagen is safe and very beneficial to take while Breastfeeding. It meets European regulatory requirements, but hasn't been specifically tested by Doctors as such (there is no real process for that to happen).
This comes from Britain? Do I have to pay extra border tax to come into Spain? I bought another product from England and there was also a high extra tax on Hi, yes we manufacture here in UK. We have a system where taxes are picked up and paid before the product reaches you in EU. In case you encounter any unexpected issues, please just email [email protected] and the team will reimburse you.
Can this upset the stomach? As I tried marine collagen and it really caused bad stomach issues . Hi, we haven't had any reports to date of side effects such as upset stomach.
Hello Would vollagen help with restoring muscle strength and elasticity? I am thinking specifically about the pelvic floor, with the added complication of menopause. Thank you Sara Hi, Vollagen follows the same structure as Hydrolysed Collagen (the form of Collagen used in supplements) without the need for animal-origin ingredients or hydrolysis. We therefore expect Vollagen to behave in the same way. While there are no approved Health Claims in Europe surrounding muscle strength and elasticity, there are many studied cited online about the potential benefits of Collagen in this area, and we expect the mode of action to be the same for Vollagen. It is also worth considering our Bone Care formula, which sounds ideal for your aims.
Hi there I have bought this product in the past and have purchased other products of yours but when I did some research it stated that collagen supplements do not work! You would have to take vast amounts to have any effect, far more than two capsules. With this in mind please send me the studies you have done that show this product works. Thank you Hi, there are many available studies demonstrating the benefits of Collagen supplements, including double-blind placebo controlled studies. Collagen itself can't be absorbed in its native form, so the form used in supplements is Hydrolysed Collagen. Vollagen follows the same structure as Hydrolysed Collagen without the need for animal-origin ingredients or hydrolysis. We therefore expect Vollagen to behave in the same way. You can visit to view independent efficacy data on Vollagen itself.
Hi, As I have a chronic achilles tendon issue and also hip and knee joint problems, I am investigating collagen supplementation as I read a report recently highlighting academic studies and benefits of collagen for tendons and joints. It recommends 30g of Collagen prior to exercise. Your product is recommended at 2x tablets = 1000mg. This is significantly less than recommended in some studies:- "One study examined the effects of ingesting 15g of collagen with resistance exercise for 15 weeks and found it had no beneficial effect on changes in tendon size or stiffness in young men. Our research has now shown that 30g of collagen is necessary to boost collagen synthesis with resistance exercise – and that 15g has no advantage compared with taking no supplement.” According to Rob Erskine (Associate Professor in Neuromuscular Physiology Liverpool John Moores University):- "if your goal is to improve the health of your tendons and bones collagen supplements may be helpful. Taking 30g of collagen with vitamin C together with your resistance training workouts may be the best way to boost the benefits of exercise according to research.” I am of course conscious that I have quoted selective studies, but the summary by Rob Erskine will be based on wider meta-analysis and academic research. Can you explain your rationale and validity of your product and dosage please? Regards, Lew Lane. Hi, Vollagen has been tested for its benefits to skin, hair and nails. The recommended dosage has been set according to the results of that study (full details on The form of collagen used in supplements is hydrolysed Collagen, and Vollagen mimics the structure and composition of hydrolysed Collagen, without the need for hydrolysis or animal-origin components. Due to this, we expect Vollagen to behave in the same way as hydrolysed Collagen. In Europe there are no approved health claims for Collagen in the areas of bone & joint care, and so to date Vollagen hasn't been studied on such indications (i.e. because despite the vast cost for such testing, no reference to any data would be permitted). Vollagen can, however, we safely consumed in larger quantities and so it is safe and no doubt beneficial to consume multiple gram quantities per day.
Which vegetable('s) are used in this product. Does it contain rice please? Hi, it is a fermentation process with Corn (Non-GMO) as the starting material. It doesn't contain any Rice.
I read studies according to which taking at least 10 000mg of collagen could actually give visible results. The dosage that you recommend for Vollagen is ten timees smaller. Could you explain me why? Hi, Vollagen was tested at lower concentrations to really put it through its paces. The study results are on Vollagen mimics to composition and structure of hydrolysed collagen, and so we expect it to behave in the same way. It is fine to take higher doses of Vollagen should you wish to. Vollagen achieves the structure without the need for animal-origin materials or hydrolysis, and the components are in bioavailable forms for easy absorption. The results on 1000mg are there to offer substantiation of lower dose benefits.
Does this product improve joint pain ? Hi, research shows links between Collagen and alleviating joint issues, although there isn't a substantiated claim in this regard per European regulations. As Vollagen mimics the structure and composition of Hydrolysed Collagen (the form of Collagen used in supplements), we expect Vollagen to behave in the same way as Collagen and provide the same benefits.
Does vollagen contain any type of soy? Hi, no Vollagen doesn't contain any soy or soy derivatives.
Does this product connect oxalates or salicylates? Hi, no it doesn't
Do you have a written satisfaction guarantee? Hi, yes we offer a satisfaction guarantee whereby we'll offer a full refund if you aren't satisfied and return the items within 90 days of purchase. Full details can be found via the Delivery & Returns page link at the foot of the website, or following this link:
Would I notice decent results if I only took 1 per day instead of 2? Hi, our studies so far suggest that 1000mg per day (2 x capsules) is the minimum amount to obtain perceivable benefits.
Hi I am 70 will they be good for me thank you Hi, Vollagen contains Collagen Amino Acid building blocks, which help to support and promote Collagen production. As we age, Collagen production reduces significantly so Vollagen helps to address this loss. We have lots of customers around your age that report noticeable improvements to skin firmness and suppleness.
Hi yous state your collagen supplements to have similar effects and mimic the real stuff but im interested in what type it is compared to as you get type 1,2 and 3. Im more interested in the type 1 as i personally have better experiences with it. Im also interested in your other supplements and may message again with enquires foe those. P.s. the collagen in powder form is always around 7-10g collagen per serving. I dont understand how people can have similar results with tablets that only contain 200-1000mg. Are the capsule form more concentrated? Hi, Collagen that is consumed in foods and supplements is hydrolysed in order to release the Amino Acid building blocks for absorption (native collagen, regardless of type, can't be absorbed). Vollagen mimics this structure and composition. The body will utilise the building blocks as it sees fit in supporting Collagen (all types) production and quality. In terms of dose, we wanted to really test the performance of Vollagen by performing a study at 1000mg, and the results proved to be excellent. However, we do also expect Vollagen in general to behave in the same way as hydrolysed collagen and so if an individual sees benefits from taking higher doses of collagen, it is fine to take Vollagen at the same such higher dose.
Is it possible, and beneficial, to take the Vollagen at higher doses? If so, what dose would be safe? Thanks Hi, yes it is fine to take Vollagen at higher doses. Hydrolysed Collagen is used at doses up to 5-10g per day. The hydrolysis is to free the Amino Acids to allow absorption and Vollagen copies the exact Amino Acid structure and ratios. Therefore we expect Vollagen to behave in the same way as Hydroylsed Collagen and have the same safety profile. We tested Vollagen at a 1g dose to really put it through its paces and demonstrate benefits, but with higher doses we can expect additional benefits.
I would like to know how many mg of each ingredient are in the Vollagen product. I use a different vegan collagen product and I need this information to be able to compare the two products. I would appreciate if you could answer today, as your sale (one bottle is for free over 60 GBP) ends today. Hi, if you look under the 'Supplement Nutritional Facts' on the Vollagen product page, it gives the full breakdown. For reference, it is: L-Alanine (95mg), L-Arginine (75mg), L-Aspartic Acid (55mg), L-Glutamic Acid (95mg), Glycine (215mg), L-Histidine (10mg), L-Isoleucine (20mg), L-Leucine (30mg), L-Lysine HCL (55mg), L-Methionine (7.5mg), L-Proline (250mg), L-Serine (35mg), L-Threonine (20mg), L-Tyrosine (7.5mg), L-Valine (25mg), L-Phenylalanine (25mg) per daily dose of 2 capsules.
I see a lot of talk about skin, hair, and nails. And I look forward to improvements in those areas. However, my main concern is joints and tendons (pain and stiffness)… How much success has your product had in improving those areas? Hi, we are investigating this area but so far our focus has been on skin. Collagen itself can't be absorbed and so the 'Collagen' used in supplements is actually Hydrolysed Collagen in order to free the Amino Acids and allow absorption. Vollagen copies the exact structure and Amino Acid ratios, but without the need for animal materials or hydrolysis. We therefore expect Vollagen to offer the same benefits and actions as Collagen supplements, including on joints and tendons. We hope to have more data soon as our testing continues.
Hi I have multiple myeloma and currently taking Lenolidamide to control it . Do you think it’s safe for me to take Vollagen? Hi, we care not aware of any possible negative interaction between Amino Acids and Lenalidomide. Please do consult your Doctor before taking any supplements though, as they might want you to avoid (or focus on) certain nutrients in consideration of your medication and individual medical history. We wish you the very best with your health.
Where do you ship from? I am in Portugal. Hi, we are based in UK. We do ship to Portugal and we pick-up customs charges before the product reaches you. They joys of Brexit!
Hello, I ordered Vollagen to test it out but had a specific question. I have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, which is defective dna coding of collagen causing hyper-elasticity of tissue and hyperflexibility of joints. I'm also menopausal (56) and have saggy neck skin, which I didn't have when younger. There are conflicting studies and information about collagen supplements for EDS, as they say the DNA will still create defective collagen from the amino acids. But these studies are more in direct relation to taking collagen for EDS specifically. I want to take collagen only to help tighten up my neck skin. I would love to hear your feedback on this. Do you believe the supplements will be able to help me for the reason I'm wanting to take them, irregardless of the fact that I have EDS? I am currently using a plant collagen serum on my neck, that seems to be helping a little bit, I was hoping that the supplements would add that extra bit I'm needing in order to firm it up a bit more. Thank you for your assistance. Hi, we would expect Vollagen to behave in the same way as Collagen, in that it ultimately provides the same Collagen Amino Acid building blocks. On that basis, if there are concerns that due to EDS, Collagen Amino Acids could create defective collagen, there is a risk Vollagen will do the same. We therefore do recommend you consult your Doctor, as you rightly say the available studies are very much inconsistent in their findings, so it would be interesting to obtain their opinion in relation to your individual medical history. Thank you for the question and feel free to contact us directly by email or Facebook Messenger to discuss further. If you do get feedback from your Doctor, please let us know how this goes, as we're keen to understand this further.
I have kidney stone and I'm following a lox oxalate diet. Dr advised me to stop taking my bovine Collagen supplement. Is your product safe for me? Hi, it is worth checking the reasoning of avoiding Collagen supplements. The ultimate composition of Vollagen is the same as Bovine Collagen in terms of amino acids, so it is likely your Doctor will recommend avoiding this too.
Hi -- I am 57 and have osteoporosis. Collagen has been recommended to help with this condition, but I have avoided taking it because I am trying to minimize my intake of animal products. Do you have any research on the effectiveness of Vollagen for osteoporosis? (By the way, I saw your bone supplement but don't feel it's what I need, since I do not suffer from any arthritis or joint issues). Thanks! Hi, we expect Vollagen to behave the same as Collagen, as the composition is ultimately the same (free-form amino acids in Vollagen, hydrolysed Amino Acids in consumed collagen to free them). We don't have data on such efficacy at this time. It is also worth considering our Bone Care formula, as the combination of ingredients provides numerous benefits. We get a lot of very good feedback about this product.
Can I take Menopause vitamins , Vollagen and a vitamin D supplement at the same time? Hi, yes this is a safe combination to take. It is a very beneficial combo!
Do you send to Germany and if so, how much would the postage cost etc? Hi, yes we deliver to Germany. Postage costs depend on quantities. You can find out more here:, or add your desired product combination into the basket and calculate the postage cost before checking out.
Hi, I noticed your vegan collagen on instagram this looks good but can I ask would it be safe to take if you were pregnant, I am currently trying for a baby so just in case wanted to know if it would have an effect? Many thanks Kim Hi, yes the Amino Acids within Vollagen are very important and beneficial during pregnancy and throughout breast-feeding.
I have celiac disease, is this a safe product for me to take? Hi, Vollagen is gluten-free and so should be suitable. However, we do advise consulting your Doctor because Celiac disease can result in imbalances in Amino Acid absorption and they might want to look at your individual situation and consider any medication that you are taking.
Hi, does this product also improves joints condition? Hi, there are many links between Collagen and joints and we have a lot of customers taking Vollagen for this reason. Please let us know how you get on!
I am a 53 years old female and already take your omega 3 and multi vitamins. I have been diagnosed with arthritis and would like to know if I can also take vollagen and bone care to help my joints etc. Thank you Hi, we get very good feedback about our Bone Care supplement and hope you will consider trying it. It is fine to take Vollagen too, and that is a very good combination. However, our recommendation is to firstly try Bone Care for 30 days and see how things progress.
Please can you tell me whether Vollagen contains actual vegan collagen (fermented from Pichia Pastoris) or is it a collagen-booster type product which provides amino acid supplementation to boost natural production of collagen? Hi, Vollagen is Amino Acids in the same proportions as those that make-up Collagen. When Collagen (marine or bovine) is consumed, it is in hydrolysed form. Hydrolysis results in freeing the Amino Acids. Vollagen achieves the same thing but from non-animal sources and without the need of hydrolysis. Native Collagen cannot be absorbed.
Hi When i take hydrolized beef collagene the dose is 10g. How is it possible to get a result similar with only 500mg Vogallen? Thank you Hi, the recommend dosage of Vollagen is 1000mg per day. If you visit, you can access details of the efficacy study performed. It is fine and beneficial to take higher doses, but it was deliberately tested at a low dose too in order to really put it through its paces!
what is the source for the plant amino acids? I didn't see the info. Hi, the Amino Acids are produced using a fermentation process. The plant origin source is non-GMO Corn.
Is this safe to take when pregnant? Hi, yes Vollagen is safe to take when pregnant. Please do consider the formula in relation to any other supplements you are taking though.
How good is it to hair and nails? Thank you! Hi, the feedback so very has been very positive for nail strength and condition. We haven't had too many comments so far about hair.
Is your vollagen supplements are suitable for a low histamine diet? Hi, yes Vollagen should be fine for a low histamine diet.
I have been taking Vollagen for a short while and my oxygen levels increase when I take it; could it be linked to taking Vollagen? Hi, it could be linked. Amino Acids do have a direct positive impact on energy and oxygenation.
Hi Is your Vollagen (vegan collagen) formula in peptide form (or hydrolyzed)? Thanks. Hi, it is in free Amino Acid form. This is the same outcome that hydrolysis of Collagen results in.
What scientific and practical evidence is available that vollegen does what it says and is claimed to do ? Is it as good as or better than marine collagen? Hi, details the efficacy testing performed with the results, and details the science behind Vollagen. The Amino Acid composition is identical to hydrolysed marine collagen, it is just achieved without hydrolysis or animal source ingredients.
I did not think it was possible that all the amino acids in Vollagen could be developed by fermentation of corn alone. Can you confirm this then? Have I understood correctly? Thank you Hi, yes the Amino Acids can all be produced using fermentation (some through further synthesis).
Which vegetables are the amino acids in your Vollagen are derived? Hi, the Amino Acids are produced using fermentation with non-GMO Corn as the substrate.
Hi, does vollagen contains iron Hi, no it doesn't contain iron. The full ingredient list is available on the Vollagen product page.
I would please need to know, if possible, how many mg of each amino acid are in each capsule; for exemple: Glycine (105 mg), L-proline (65 mg), L-hydroxyproline (60 mg), L-alanine (47.5 mg), L-glutamic acid (47.5 mg), L-arginine (37.5 mg) etc etc. Thanks again :-) Hi, a daily dose of Vollagen (2 x capsules, 1000mg) contains these minimum levels: L-Alanine (95mg), L-Arginine (75mg), L-Aspartic Acid (55mg), L-Glutamic Acid (95mg), Glycine (215mg), L-Histidine (10mg), L-Isoleucine (20mg), L-Leucine (30mg), L-Lysine HCL (55mg), L-Methionine (7.5mg), L-Proline (250mg), L-Serine (35mg), L-Threonine (20mg), L-Tyrosine (7.5mg), L-Valine (25mg), L-Phenylalanine (25mg).
Hi there, Vollagen has hydroxyproline as part of their amino acid complex but it’s not listed in your Vollagen supplement ingredients. Why is that so? Hi, the European version of Vollagen (for regulatory compliance) doesn't contain the Hydroxylated Amino Acids. Instead it contains elevated levels of Proline and Lysine. The body produces its own Hydroxyproline and Hydroxylysine using Proline and Lysine respectively.
Does Vollagen contain any soy? Hi, no we don't use Soy or Soy derivatives in Vollagen.
Could you tell me what the amino acids are derived from? Is it fermented corn or a mixture of vegetables? Hi, non-GMO Corn is the primary substrate used. Other vegetal sources can be used, and we're always trying different options to obtain the best yields.
Is this product produced chemically or organically produced from plants? Hi, the Amino Acids are produced using fermentation
Can the pill be opend or cut in pieces? I can’t swallow a pill in one piece Hi, Vollagen is supplied in capsule format. The capsules are 2-piece, so could be opened up but the contents aren't flavoured to mask the natural taste.
What is the molecular weight (in DA dalton unit of measurement)? Hi, Vollagen comprises the free Amino Acids rather than a protein in its native (high molecular weight) form
My concern is of chemicals / sprays / toxins etc everything that is non organic. For fermentation, I assume via vegetables, are you using organic products? Hi, we don't use pesticides or harmful solvents in the preparation of our ingredients or products (including the fermentation processes we use). 'Organic' can be misleading. We focus on sustainability, quality and purity at all times.
Ive read Collagen is good for leaky gut would this vegan version help with the same thing? Thanks Hi, some reports suggest Collagen can be beneficial by helping to strengthen and rebuild the intestinal lining. We expect Vollagen to behave in the same way as Collagen in this respect.
Is the product safe to take with tamoxifen oestrogen suppressor? Hi, we do not expect any problems or interactions in using Vollagen while taking Tamoxifen. When taking medication, please do consult your Doctor before taking any supplements though, as they can advise if there are any specific nutrients they would like you to avoid.
Is this product cruelty free. Not tested on animals?? Hi, yes absolutely. We are completely against any form of cruelty or testing on animals.
I take BCAA, creatine and L-Glutamine currently-could this be taken in addition to the above or instead of? Thanks Hi, it would be fine to take Vollagen together with BCAAs, creatine and L-Glutamine. These compounds behave differently, so Vollagen can't really be used instead.
Is Vollagen compatible with breastfeeding? Hi, yes Vollagen is fine to take while Breastfeeding
Hello, I recently ordered and received your new product, Vollagen. The directions are: Take 2 Capsules per day with food and a glass of water.       * Can the 2 capsules be taken at the same time? This is how I have started taking them. -OR- Spread out at different times of day?       * Do you need to drink a whole glass of water (if so what size) -OR- Drink enough water to swallow them? I look forward hearing from you. I am excited to start seeing results of your Vegetology supplelment. Best, Dina Hi, it is fine to taken the Capsules together or spread them out. The water is to make sure the Capsules are swallowed effectively, so just enough that you're happy with is fine.
Is this product genetically modified? Hi, no. All of our products are non-GMO.
I’m thinking of taking Vollagen alongside Multivit and Omega-3. Will this be a good combination? Hi, this sounds like a fantastic combination.
I regularly consume powdered protein supplements (both whey and vegan) and wonder if vollagen would be a useful addition or redundant. Hi, Vollagen is different to protein supplements in terms of composition, as it is designed to mimic Collagen. If you are seeking Collagen-like benefits for skin or joints, we believe Vollagen can offer a very useful addition.
Hello, Re. the amino acids in Vollagen, are they synthetic or natural plant derived? Hi, the Amino Acids in Vollagen are naturally derived, produced using fermentation.
Hi! Just curious, as I struggle a lot with taking capsules whole. Would one be able to break them and take the powder with food/ water? What's the most advisable way to take these capsules? Regards, Zakkiyah Hi, the capsules are not too big, so we expect you will find them ok to take. It is fine from an efficacy perspective to open the capsule and take the powder directly, however the taste is quite 'sharp'.
Hi , can I take Multi Vitamins + Omega 3 + Vitamin c + vitamin D together with Vollagen. I only take one tablet of each everyday. Hi, yes that combination is fine to take. You might find the Vitamin D3 coming from MultiVit + Omega-3 is enough to not require additional VitD3 every day (perhaps just 1-2 times per week if you are deficient and seeking a top up).
I’m interested in the Vollagen product and am glad to see it doesn’t have lots of unnecessary ingredients like some of the powders sold elsewhere. I tried to find the research quoted on your site but it only links to a summary, not a published paper. Please could you show me the research itself? Also, how does it compare to rival products in terms of absorption? Thanks. Hi, there isn't a published paper at this time but we understand something is planned soon. The testing was performed by an independent accredited testing organisation. Absorption-wise, Vollagen provides the Amino Acids in the free forms, so it can be readily absorbed by the body.
Is it safe to take with prescribed supplements? Bisoprolol beta blocker, Edoxaban anti-coagulant, Levothyroxine, Omeprazole proton pump inhibitor. Hi, we do not expect any interactions. However, when on prescribed medication please always consult your Doctor before taking any supplements. Your Doctor can consider your individual status and medical history to advise accordingly.
Hello. I'm pregnant. Can I take vollagen? Thanks Hi, yes Vollagen is suitable to take during pregnancy and breast feeding.
Hi, I’ve read on some articles that collagen supplementation is only impactful at 10,000mg. Will these Vollagen capsules have enough inside them to be effective? Hi, an efficacy study was conducted at just 1000mg (available on It is fine to take Vollagen at higher doses, but we're delighted with the results seen at this lower dose.
Can you take Vollagen when breastfeeding? Hi, yes it is suitable and the Amino Acids are very beneficial to you and Baby.
Hi, I'm allergic to Nickel and would like to know your supplements are Nickel free. In particular Vollagen and Bone Care. But would be happy to know about all the rest. Many thanks! Hi, we use very high purity ingredients and do test for trace elements including Nickel. Trace levels are very low (if at all) but we advise consulting your Doctor before taking any supplements, as they can impact general nickel absorption. We hope your Doctor will advocate our formulas, but it best for them to check as they can consider your individual medical history.
Hi, are the ratios of the amino acids in this formulation the same as animal collagen? Hi, yes that's correct. Vollagen mimics the amino acid structure of animal collagen. There is more information about this on
Hi. Multi vit + omega 3 + Vollagen? Is that too much? I'm vegan, 27. Hi, MultiVit + Omega-3 is an ideal daily regime. If you're seeking to add a Collagen alternative, Vollagen is the perfect addition. Vollagen can be combined with any of our other supplements.
Hi, can I take Vollagen with bone care? Hi, yes Vollagen 1000mg can be taken alongside Bone Care. It is a really good combination! If it wouldn't make the tablets/capsules too big, we would've loved to put them together somehow!
Hi At the moment I take multi vit and bone care alternative days with vit c and biotin . Biotin corse will finish shortly . I would like to start taking B12 and D3 (2500) D3 I will just take the 60 days . When Vollagen arrives I will definitely take this to replace the biotin . Should I alternate any of the supplements besides multi vit and bone care ? I’m vegan 60 this year and active . Natalie Davis Hi, it sounds like you have a very good regime. Vollagen is fine to fit in, and won't interfere with the other products. Our recommendation is to consider MultiVit + Vollagen (alternating MultiVit for Bone Care every other day if desired). You can top this up with B12 and/or D3 as required.
Does Vollagen provide benefits for joints and tendons/ligaments? Hi, Vollagen provides the same efficacy as Collagen due to the composition. There are many research links into benefits for joints and muscles. We also recommend our Bone Care formula.
Hello, Is the flavored liquid (algae) omega 3 just as strong/effective as the non flavored? Hi, yes our Omega-3 formulas are all the same strength and equally as effective when stored and used correctly.
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