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Vegetology Certified Vegan and Vegetarian supplementation

A team of scientists striving for excellence in Vegan and Vegetarian supplementation.

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Vegan answer to Collagen

Vollagen® - Advanced plant-based complex for hair, skin and nails

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High strength Omega-3

Plant source from microalgae. 300mg EPA & 500mg DHA + Vit D3

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Daily vegan multivitamin

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Vitamin D3

The world’s first vegan vit D3 sourced from lichen

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Every purchase of Omega-3 helps keep fish in our oceans.
Fish saved by our Vegetology customers

Buying our Omega‑3 saves fish

Most Omega-3 supplements are made from unsustainable fish oil, killing as many as 50 fish per bottle and transferring toxins from the oceans into each capsule - but the Omega-3 actually comes from the animal's diet of algae, not the fish itself. So, we've skipped the middle-fish and created a safer, more sustainable alternative from microalgae, grown in a lab.

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Vegetology? We are scientists (geeks).

Producers of amazing Vegan and Vegetarian Certified Vitamins and Supplements. It’s our passion to create incredible, unique nutritional formulations that supplement health in an eco-friendly, ethical , sustainable way. We use the purest ingredients and squeeze as much as we can into Vegetology products. We do not compromise on quality or purity!

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