Vegan Omega 3 and Vollagen Supplement Bundle

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See the benefits to your hair, skin, health, and brain with the combo.

Omega‑3 & Vollagen®

Omega-3 and Vollagen®, a dynamic duo for your health and beauty needs! Dive into the deep sea of Omega-3 goodness, fuelling your body with essential fatty acids that promote heart health, brain function, and glowing skin. But that's not all! Pair it with the Vollagen® powerhouse, revitalising your skin, hair, and nails from within. Together, they create a harmonious synergy, supporting your overall well-being and radiating beauty from the inside out.

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Vollagen® — Advanced plant-based complex that supports hair, skin, nails and joints

Collagen is the main structural protein of skin, hair, nails, ligaments and tendons. Native Collagen can’t be absorbed by the body and must be hydrolysed to free the Amino Acids. Vollagen® 1000mg supplies your body with the Amino Acids, ready to be absorbed and from 100% non-animal sources. It's the vegan answer to Collagen!

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Omega‑3 Capsules

Plant source from microalgae. 300mg EPA & 500mg DHA + Vit D3

Balance body and mind with our MultiVit, a combination of 26 vitamins and minerals plus our antioxidant "superfood" complex that provide the key nutrients often missing from a vegan or vegetarian diet. This unique formula also includes amino acid chelates, enabling superior absorption and bioactivity of each nutrient in the body.

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