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Vitashine 2500iu New Vegetology 2020 08 NO SHADOW Transparant
Vitashine™ 2500iu
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Asen K

Hello, I just wanted to say that I am very happy that I found Vitashine™ 2500iu and Vegetology. My D3 blood levels in the end of January 2019 were - 12.3 ng/ml and 3 months later, after taking 2500 IU D3 every day (+ 800 mg Opti3 and 1 mg B12), my blood levels were - 54.3 ng/ml. Later, I purchased VegVit and I will give lab levels on iron after 6 months of using it. Bundle offers are the best. Shipping is a little bit slower than I would like (2 weeks to Bulgaria). Thank you again. BR, AK