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Vitashine 2500iu New Vegetology 2020 08 NO SHADOW Transparant
Vitashine™ 2500iu
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Razvan G

I have been using it with my family for more than a year. I have nothing to complain about, we are satisfied.

Razvan G

I have been using it with my family for more than a year. I have nothing to complain about, we are satisfied.

ketty L

Vitamin D is essential to have a good health and vitashine contains a great deal of it.

Cristopher O

I am a 30 y/o male weighing app. 72 kg. I had a concentration of 20 ng/mol on the 20190403 and started taking two pills of VitaShine D3 2500 IU a day (i.e. a daily dose of 5000 IU) on the 20190403. 164 pills later (i.e. 410000 IU later), on the 20190703, the concentration was 51.2 ng/mol. In other words, 3 bottles of VitaShine D3 25000 IU proved enough to reach optimal levels. Thank you Vegetology!

Raymond E

Ideal for Winter in Ireland. Fantastic value.

Asen K

Hello, I just wanted to say that I am very happy that I found Vitashine™ 2500iu and Vegetology. My D3 blood levels in the end of January 2019 were - 12.3 ng/ml and 3 months later, after taking 2500 IU D3 every day (+ 800 mg Opti3 and 1 mg B12), my blood levels were - 54.3 ng/ml. Later, I purchased VegVit and I will give lab levels on iron after 6 months of using it. Bundle offers are the best. Shipping is a little bit slower than I would like (2 weeks to Bulgaria). Thank you again. BR, AK


Great to obtain a high strength Vitamin D3 that is vegan suitable. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Valerie R

My husband was feeling like his muscles were weak and tired so I suggested he had a vit d blood test. His levels came back at 39 ng/ml. This is not in the deficient range but is insufficient. The NHS recommend levels above 50. After 1 week of taking 2500iu per day he was feeling much better. After 3 months he did another test and his levels came back at 67ng/ml...perfect! It just goes to show that you can have symptoms of lack of vitamin d before you actually get into the deficient range. He never went out in the sun as he was working all the time so it shows that these tablets work!

Raymond E

I use these supplements in the winter months and the 1000iu other times. Top marks and highly recommended!

Cecilia M

My package arrived very rapidly, which is amazing! By the emails I received, I could tell the team behind Vegetology is lovely, which combined with their professionalism makes a powerful combination. I'm super happy with both the product (vegan!) and the service I've been provided with. Thank you, wishing you much success!


I've taken this plant based Vitamin D3 for years to the point of knowing exactly how powerful it truly is when used in a safe manner. The beauty about Vitamin D3 at unnaturally high doses as insomnia starts is that it inhibits neurogenesis via inhibiting PGD2 production, hence the insomnia and it inhibits viral replication. I told my overweight mother that had cervical cancer to take the 5000iu dose(available in North America) everyday until insomnia started, then stop taking it until the insomnia stopped, then start taking the vitamin D again until insomnia returned, back and forth to keep the levels saturated but not too high to kill her. Now one year later she has tested negative for cervical cancer and she is still overweight. Despite the benefits above of eliminating the viral code from cells at high doses. The healthy dose for me to keep my immune system bullet proof is 5000iu five days a week which equates to a daily dose of 3500iu. Hopefully my review will be helpful to others in understanding the strength of this vitamin.


This product is brilliant. I'm an IBS sufferer, so it helps with the pain. I take it during lunch along with DEVA Nutrition's DHA / EPA supplement, because they're better absorbed when taken together and they're both anti-inflammatory. Don't forget to consume some kind of healthy fat at the same time as well! Even if you don't have any health issues, supplementation is the way to go during the Winter. Also, getting three bottles, but only paying for two... You can't get a better deal than that!


Last August, after feeling very fatigued, a blood test showed I had a severe vitamin D deficiency. I asked around for a vegan supplement and Vitashine D3 was recommended. After five months, the latest blood test showed that my levels of vitamin D are already back to normal, much sooner than expected! Ordering is easy, delivery is very quick and the cost is low. I would recommend this to any vegans who feel they need a supplement.


I've recently been diagnosed with osteoporosis at age 64. I had been taking a D2 supplement in a mullti along with OptiOmega 3 which has some D3. This had kept my blood level at 51 ng/l in September 2016 (bearing in mind I had been sunbathing as well) which is just within NHS guidelines. A further test was done in February 2017 when I had been supplementing with this 2500 iu D3 over the winter. My level had risen to 66 ng which the doctor was very pleased with. I took it most days. Vitamin D is vital to help protect against osteoporosis and although for prevention lower level supplements are likely OK, for bone building I understand at least 800 iu daily is needed. Don't forget folks, osteoporosis can result from lack of bone building when you're young, and probably did so with me. If you are a vegan, please do make sure that you take an adequate level of this vitamin to help with the absorption of calcium, along with K2 to mobilise it into the bones. In the old days, very low levels of Vit D were thought to be needed, but this information has been revised upwards recently by the NHS as well. I find this supplement good value and as it's stored, Vit D doesn't need to be taken every day, especially in summer if you are getting adequate sun on your skin.