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D3 1000iu GREY 01
Vitashine™ 1000iu
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QHello, I want to know how many time i have to supplement your vitamine d3 if i have 25-(OH) vit D on 8.7 ng/mL (also, is there an overdose if i took it too many time?) By other hand, i have my calcium on 9.9, i was planning on taking VegVit also, is it reccomendable? meaning i plan to stop eating almonds because it will take it up too much, and i'm on the limit for overdose. I dont know if its viable. Thank you!
Simón L
A Hi, you should see a good improvement in your Vitamin D status within 1-2 weeks of taking Vitashine 1000iu. If you do combine with VegVit, it will give you a very good daily intake (including Vitamin K2 and some Calcium) while remaining well without the recognised safe level of Vitamin D3.