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D3 1000iu Spray GREY 01
Vitashine™ Vitamin D3 Spray
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QI notice from a previous FAQ response that you recommend 1 spray equating to 5mcg for newborns. The department of health recommends a daily supplement of 8.5 to 10mcg of vitamin D for newborns and up to one year old. Is there any reason you do not therefore advise 2 sprays to fall more closely in line with their recommendations? Thanks.
Ian C
A Hi, the recommendation do differ regionally around the world so we try and remain within guidelines across the board. With newborns we are also very conscious that most will be obtaining some Vitamin D from milk formula. Otherwise there is no reason, and for those seeking 10mcg solely from supplementation, 2 x sprays of Vitashine is ideal.