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Vitasmin B12 New Vegetology 2020 09 NO SHADOW
Vitamin B12
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Daniel V

Excelente, me gusto... estaría aun mejor si trabajaran con componentes totalmente naturales... en general muy bueno.

Telma L

Very good, i take it everyday

João P

Extraordinary quality product! Highly recommended!

Angus R

Nice product and cost effective. My only criticism is the tablets are very hard, so difficult to chew.

Vegetology Hi Angus, our B12 tablets are purposely designed to be hard as that's vital for the sustained release effect. They should be swallowed whole (no chewing) to get the optimum benefits. Chewing will break down the structure and the delayed release will be lost.

Brilliant! Absolutely thrilled that you've launched a high dose B12!!


This is such a fantastic product. B12 deficiency is a major problem that just isn't reported enough. I spoke to Vegetology and they explained how this formula slowly releases over several hours. I recommend this to all of my clients.


Love this!