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B12 GREY 01
Vitamin B12
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QHi, I am looking for cyanocobalamin pills with minimum additional ingredients and your product caught my attention. However I'm somewhat concerned about your insistence on swallowing the pill with water instead of chewing it. Here is a study that demonstrates how much chewing increases B12 absorption: In short: After 6 weeks of supplementation, chewing increased blood B12 levels by 150% whereas swallowing by only 12%. I found this study on Nutrition Facts: So what happens if I follow the advice of chewing? Will cyanocobalamin mix with saliva? Kind regards
Jakub L
A Hi, we've purposely designed this B12 tablet to be sustained release (and therefore it needs to be swallowed). This is because we've used a very high dose of B12 and want it to be release over a period of 4-8 hours in order to prolong the body's exposure to it for maximum absorption.