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Veg Vit New 2019 Clear No Shadow
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Rebecca C

I really like that you have formulated a supplement that contains a good balance of essential nutrients for vegans. However, I can't get my boyfriend to take the supplement because he finds it hard to swallow! He would be more likely to take a cellulose capsule style supplement and I just wondered if there were any plans to issue it in this form.

Vegetology Hi Rebecca, our Opti3 and Active Energy supplements are in capsule form rather than tablets. With VegVit, the tablet is tough but can be snapped in half. One piece of advice for anyone struggling to take tablets (or supplements in general) is to try taking them while eating. During meal times the throat opens wider instinctively, making it easy. Swallowing tablets while eating yoghurt or with a smoothy/shake always helps too.
Jean-Baptiste D

Excellent multivitamine pour ne pas être carencé ! Très complet, livraison rapide, parfait ! Seul défaut : l’odeur des comprimés... ils ne sentent pas très bon...