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Clara B

I really like this supplement, I think it's really complete but I have a question, is it safe to take it "for ever" not just for a short cure? As a vegetarian I have to take supplement and I use this one for all my needs but due to the huge amount of ingredients, I was wondering if it's safe in long term.

Vegetology Hi, thank you for the comments. Yes it is safe to take VegVit every day, continuously :-).
Kian C

This is a state-of-the-Art vegan multivitamin and Mineral formula. An all-rounder with thoughtfully considered dosages. Well done!

Razvan G

I have been using it with my family for more than a year. I have nothing to complain about, we are satisfied.

Melita B

This supplement is something I can't live without. I felt better since day one I took it. The only thing I have problem is jodin, I have hyperthyreosis so my doctor recommended not to take it. :( Is there any way you would make this suppliment widouth jodin?

Cassia M

I was instructed to take this by my NHS dietitian after she researched vegan multivitamins and I've been taking it for the last three to four years - now my whole family takes it too! A great product that I trust is giving my body what it needs. Thanks :)

Paul R

I first discovered this brand a few years ago, but decided to experiment with other brands, in case I was paying too much -- I absolutely noticed a difference and am now back to Vegvit, totally convinced this is the best brand out there.

Jenny W

These are the best vegan multivitamins I have found. I was pleased to see they contain iodine and calcium which others don't. Also, I found some vegan multivitamins had such high levels of B vitamins they caused cystitis type symptoms - these are perfect though.

Mathilde C

I have been taking these for a long time and they are great! I love that there are superfood extracts and that the formula is packed with everything you need and more.

Tobias S

I haven't found any other supplement that hits that perfect 50 mcg dosage of vitamin B12 in one pill. Brilliant!

Inderjit S

I've been taking VegVit for 3 months now. I haven't noticed any positive effects. And it doesn't smell good either.

Josilene V

O melhor multivitamínico do mundo. Nunca encontrei nada parecido com o VegVit e eu já pesquisei muito sobre suplementos veganos. Ajuda a manter os níveis de vitaminas e minerais no sangue sem sobrecarga nos rins e fígado. Excelente, não vivo sem!

Rebecca C

I really like that you have formulated a supplement that contains a good balance of essential nutrients for vegans. However, I can't get my boyfriend to take the supplement because he finds it hard to swallow! He would be more likely to take a cellulose capsule style supplement and I just wondered if there were any plans to issue it in this form.

Vegetology Hi Rebecca, our Opti3 and Active Energy supplements are in capsule form rather than tablets. With VegVit, the tablet is tough but can be snapped in half. One piece of advice for anyone struggling to take tablets (or supplements in general) is to try taking them while eating. During meal times the throat opens wider instinctively, making it easy. Swallowing tablets while eating yoghurt or with a smoothy/shake always helps too.
Jean-Baptiste D

J'ai commandé récemment Vegvit (2 boites + 1 gratuite), et je l'ai reçue très rapidement. Je suis très satisfait des comprimés, ils sont simples à avaler, et les nutriments sont nombreux, c'est parfait pour ne pas être carencé. Merci !

Jean-Baptiste D

Excellent multivitamine pour ne pas être carencé ! Très complet, livraison rapide, parfait ! Seul défaut : l’odeur des comprimés... ils ne sentent pas très bon...


VegVit is amazing. I feel fantastic taking VegVit every morning with my breakfast!


I've been taking VegVit daily for over a year and not a single sniffle or cold!


I am 68 years old and it is my 28th years of vegetarism. After having consumed VegVit during 9 months I may say that it is one of the best multivitamin+mineral food supplements available in Europe. For my personal use I consider that the B12-cyanocobalamin included in VegVit formula is a clever choice. Thank you to Vegetology for their fast and free delivery of my purchases to Belgium.

Kiera C

I've been using VegVit for a little over a year and a half and I absolutely love it. I also added Opti3 at the beginning of this year and I think it's a near perfect daily combo. I just turned 22 and have been vegan for over 3 1/2 years and prior to this, the only supplement I took was daily B12. That's the one thing I'd like to see change about this formula—a higher amount of B12; I still take a separate dose every day because I'm worried this won't provide enough considering B12's complicated absorption. It would be nice to get that from one pill. That aside, no change in energy or anything like that but I wasn't having issues to start with. Love that these aren't overpriced. Also really like the particular superfoods/antioxidants in the formula because they're great for skin health. I think it would be amazing if you added cranberry but I love the supplement without it and that'd just be a bonus!


OMG Vegvit is amazing! I've been a vegan for 2 years and my biggest problem is having no energy. I cannot believe the difference vegvit has made to my life! A friend told me it helped her feel motivated but I couldn't imagine how good it is. Literally within a day of taking vegvit, I feel amazjng! THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH xxx


I have always had a weak immune system. I haven't had a cold at all after a year of taking these and I have managed not to pick up any illnesses from colleagues. I realise this could be a coincidence, but I have checked the quantities in these tablets against various recommendations and they are definitely well formulated.


Love this brand. I did some research and I have tried a few other brands too. Vegetology in my opinion is the best. They are one of the only brands to use a vegan D3 source, registered by Vegan Society, use pure ingredients; designed and researched by vegans who are professionals in their field; offer fantastic discounts and their multiple vitamin has all the essential ingredients I have researched. Would highly recommend them. I use both the VegVit and Omega Optimal.


Love the clean, vegan friendly multivitamins that are made from pure ingredients. You can smell their contents are the real thing!