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Veg Vit GREY 01
QIs your iodine from ocean source, or any of your other products, if so are they tested for radiation. Since the oceans are polluted with radiation from Fukushima since 2011 and is still on going.
Philip J
A Hi, no the iodine is not ocean source. We do use some seaweed extracts as part of Phytodroitin (vegetal alternative to Chondroitin, found in our Bone Care product) but they are sourced from Europe. We do of course test the purity of all compounds used.
QHello, I have been told by my chiropractor to avoid taking vitamin B12 at the same time as iron as it reduces its absorption, isn't that a problem combining both in one tablet ? I was also wondering if the green tea extract wouldn't reduce the absorption of iron when taken at the same time as tea and coffee should be avoided when taking iron supplements ? Thank you so much for your reply and happy new year to you !
Mélanie W
A Hi, it's absolutely fine to take B12 together with Iron in our Multivitamin We use Iron in an Amino Acid Chelate form, which provides optimum absorption. The Green Tea extract is specifically for antioxidant properties and doesn't contain caffeine (it is caffeine and its diuretic effects that provide the links to advise of avoidance).
QHi, is this safe for my son who is nearly 10 years old?
Rob A
A Hi, the formula itself is absolutely fine. The tablet is quite large, so for children under 12 years please take care and consider snapping the tablet in half.
QHi, I'm wondering why the VegVit multivitamins only have 15% RDI/NRV for calcium, given that calcium is a nutrient that vegans need to pay particular attention to? I thought it might be due there being a "saturation" point of calcium-absorbtion at 120mg, but that's apparently not the case, having just done a Google search on that.
A Hi, the Calcium level is simply down to available space in the tablet. If we added any more, the tablet would be too big. We've squeezed as much in as we can.
QHey, I'm thinking about purchasing this multivitamin but i saw there is iodine on the ingredients and was wondering if this was tested as safe levels for people suffering from hypothyroidism(more specifically hashimoto's) thank you in advanced!
Bar T
A Hi, we use the European Nutrient Reference Value (NRV) level of Iodine, which is the accepted level for all adults. We do recommend you seek advice from your Doctor though, as they can consider this (and other nutrients within the supplement) in relation to your individual medical history and any medication you are taking.
QSomeone told me these contain omega 3, is this correct?
Amanda h
A Hi, no the Multivitamin doesn't contain Omega-3. Unfortunately there just isn't room! Our Opti3 product is Algal Omega-3 EPA & DHA
QWhat is the shelf life of your VegVit tablets?
Barbara B
A Hi, the shelf-life is 24 months.
QHi, I was thinking about getting the multi vitamins for my wife, who has a swallowing problem. So can you tell me what size the capsules are Thanks
Gary P
A Hi, the tablets are 19mm x 8mm in size. There's a photograph on the Product Page to show the tablet size in the hand. The tablets are coated but can be snapped or bitten in half immediately prior to taking them, if preferred.
QHi there, I noticed that in your multi-vitamin product there's vitamin k2 MK-7. Excellent! However, I wonder if you have any idea how much histamine is in the MK-7 supplement. I'm not sure where you extract it from. I'm assuming that most mk-7 supplements will have some histamine level as the vitamin is from a fermented product. I took the spray from another company who tell me that they extract the MK-7 from flowers, telling me that there's likely to be no histamine in it, but my throat and symptoms tell me otherwise. Ultimately I don't suppose there's a lot that can be done about that as fermented food is high in histamine. People with hay-fever, eczema etc, are more likely to have a problem breaking down histamine in food.
Paula J
A Hi, thank you for this very good question. the Vitamin K2 MK-7 we use is produced using fermentation, but from a discussion with the producer, it goes through many purification steps and they are confident contains no (or absolute trace) histamine. We are investigating further, as it isn't a question we've come across previously - thank you. If you do try our products, please let us know how you get on.
QI'm taking your Multivitamin and Vitashine 2500iu. Is that ok? Not too much D3?
Si C
A Hi, the recognised upper safe limit for daily Vitamin D3 intake is 4000iu, so a combination of the Multivitamin and Vitashine 2500iu (2700iu in total) is well within this range. It will be a really good overall daily intake.
QI am interested in purchasing the Vegvit product. However, the dose of Vitamin B12 being 2000% of the RDA seems quite high with some observational studies suggesting a link between excessive B12 and cancer (although the link is weak to say the least). Do you have a product / is there one in the pipeline that uses lower doses of B12? In terms of absorption, how much of the 50mcg is actually absorbed - if it is low, the amount of B12 may be significantly less than the 2000%. Thanks!
Sam S
A Hi, we use an elevated level of Vitamin B12 because deficiency is rife and with it being a water-based Vitamin, the body grabs what it needs and the rest passes harmlessly through. An elevated level gives the body more chance of getting a sufficient amount. It is perfectly safe and highly beneficial.
Qare all the products tested third-party? is VegVit tested by third party and where can we see that data?
Daniel A
A Hi, yes we are based in UK and operate under the jurisdiction of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), the UK's Food Standards Agency (FSA) plus local authority regulations. As such, we have to test everything independently and indeed our products are subject to random testing by authorities.
QAm I right in thinking that iron, calcium and magnesium taken together can interfere with each other's apsorption?
A Hi, you're absolutely right they can interfere with each other. We've carefully designed VegVit with consideration of the forms of these minerals, in order to offer optimum absorption and overcome potential interactions. We use Iron Amino Acid Chelate with Magnesium and Zinc in Citrate forms for this specific reason. The tablet is also structured to manage the rates of absorption.
QHello, Vegetology! I am thinking about buying VegVit. I was just wondering if you might know why your Multivitamin has much less B-vitamines that other brands? Thank you!
Gabriel R
A Hi, we do us a minimum of 100% recommended daily intake of the B Vitamins, with a highly elevated level of B12 specifically. We've found the chosen levels and combination to be really effective. B Vitamins are water-based and so the body grabs what it needs with the rest passing harmlessly through.
QIs this product soy free?
Simone T
A Hi, yes all of our products are Soy free.
QBuongiorno, VegVit e Joint-Vie contengono anche vitamine liposolubili, per un miglior assorbimento è preferibile che vengano presi ad un pasto contenente un po’ di grassi sani? Grazie Cordiali saluti Claudio
A Ciao, sì, consigliamo sempre di assumere tutti gli integratori durante i pasti. Questo è idealmente un pasto che contiene un po' di olio, ma non è essenziale. Hi, yes we always recommend taking all supplements at meal times. This is ideally a meal that contains a little oil, but it is not essential.
Q Hi! I would like to know why you add green tea extract to your otherwise excellent vegan multivitamin VegVit? My husband has a liver condition and he can't use your product unfortunately. As for myself, I'm really concerned about the green tea extract that has been linked to acute liver problems. (E.g. Is it possible to remove this non-essential and potentially harmful add-on? Thank you for making your products available for us vegans! KR Aura
A Hi, we use a small amount of a very high quality (no caffeine and only trace EGCG) Green Tea Extract. We think this adds to the excellence of VegVit to be honest. Green Tea is an incredible antioxidant. The level we use is safe and highly beneficial for a wide range of health indications. There are no risks at all in relation to liver problems. It is a question of dose and data-relevance. The conclusions in the paper you cite, while making very important observations, only apply to incredibly concentrated Green Tea and EGCG levels that are a world away from the levels in our MultiVitamin. We unfortunately come across this kind of thing a lot, where articles can cause alarm without digging into the data relevance. If we had any concerns whatsoever about any nutrients, we wouldn't use them.
QPlease can you tell me if Vegetology is planning to bring out any supplement for Vegans that don't contain vitamin A?. I am worried that taking the multivitamin supplement and a healthy diet might be giving me too much vit. A.
Jo C
A Hi, all of our products are suitable for Vegans. VegVit contains Vitamin A but right now is the only product that does.
QI would like to know, which form of B12 is in your Multivitamin& mineral supplement tablets? It is not clearly marked if you are using methylcolabamine or other form of B12.
A Hi, we use Cyanocobalamin.
QIt is a well known issue that many vitamins contain heavy metal and other contaminants. Can you share laboratory test reports to support the purity of your VegVit? What is your process for quality assurance from lot to lot?
Joni K
A Hi, in Europe we are governed by strict quality requirements under the regulations set by EFSA. We also manufacture to high quality standards. As such, all individual components of our formulas are tested for purity, as are our finished products. The raw data isn't really in a form to share on here, but please rest assured that all quality testing is not only completed, it is monitored and audited by authorities. We manufacture everything in UK, which has some of the strictest quality demands in the world.
QHello. Can you please specify about Folate in the VegVit complex? What kind of folate is that? Thank you. Best regards, Kseniya
Kseniya N
A Hi, we use 5-methyltetrahydrofolate (5-MTHF).
QWould it be possible that some people are not able to absorb multi vitamins and minerals as well as others. Since being vegetarian I started taking Feroglobin to maintain my Iron, B12 and vitamin D levels but since changing to Vegetology I have noticed dark circles under eyes, fatigue and disturbed sleep. I haven't taken a blood test to confirm if it is due to vitamin and mineral deficiencies but wanted to know if the above statement is true. I still want to stay with Vegetology as it is easier for me and includes everything needed in one tablet but would appreciate if you can give me some advice.
Kevin C
A Hi, we would be very surprised if this could be due to reduced absorption. We purposely use high-absorption forms of nutrients, including specifically Iron as an Amino Acid Chelate. VegVit in particular has been designed to offer the best possibly absorption we can achieve. If you are taking a combination of Joint-Vie and VegVit on the same day, our advice is instead to use them sequentially (so e.g. VegVit on Monday, Joint-Vie on Tuesday, repeat). It could be that you are getting too much of certain nutrients.
QAre you any closer to a release date for your children's multivitamin? I have just started trying to give my toddler a quarter of a VegVit tablet daily but he doesn't like the taste and won't eat it. He was previously having a quarter of a Veg1 (Vegan Society) but I wanted to switch to VegVit as it's more comprehensive. I will continue taking it myself but not sure what to do about my son.
Steph N
A Hi, we hope to have something launched by the end of 2021. It's in final testing and its then the usual time-consuming part of getting all regulatory and labelling parts right.
QI am a long time customer of your products (VegVit and Opti3) for years. Nevertheless, my mum started experiencing some allergic reactions (itchy skin, skin rashes) after taking those. I suspect it could be VegVit. Has any other customer reported possible allergic reactions to you before I'd like to know, thanks!
Alex K
A Hi, I'm sorry to ready this but I would be amazed if it is linked to VegVit (or Opti3). We haven't had any such skin issues or similar allergic reactions reported. There aren't any nutrients within the formulas that have links to causing such effects. Our advice is to wait a few days and start introducing the supplements again. It is highly likely to be something unrelated.
QHi i just want to know if i took the vegvit with a glucosamine tablet would that give me the same benefits as using the joint ve tablet ? Because the vegvit has a bigger range of vitamins
Joe Q
A Hi, it is worth trying. Joint-Vie does also contain our Phytodroitin (non-animal Chondroitin alternative), but certainly for cost reasons it's worth you trying VegVit + Gluc first to see if that works for you. The alternative is to have VegVit and Joint-Vie and use them sequentially, i.e. VegVit on Monday, Joint-Vie on Tuesday, repeat.
Q hi I'm interested in veg vit but I saw that in the ingredients there are Magnesium stearate, Silicon Dioxide. why? they are dangerous to your health! do not wear themthank you
Luciano M
A Hi, these items are perfectly safe. Please don't believe the internet!! Magnesium stearate is a vegetal-origin compound that we use in small quantities as an emulsifier. It basically helps to hold the tablet together. Silicon Dioxide is basically sand, albeit we use a tiny amount of a very fine and totally pure Silicon Dioxide and its role is to assist with the flow of the powders when trying to construct the tablet. They are totally inert.
QPlease could you tell me if the iron in these tablets is ferrous or ferric? I'm a bit of a beginner trying to understand what's best and I have read that ferric iron, especially something called ferric EDTA is least reactive and therefore better absorbed?
Alicia R
A Hi, we use Iron Amino Acid Chelate, which is Ferrous Bisglycinate. Data suggests its the other way around, in that Ferrous is better absorbed than Ferric.
QIs this okay to take and then drink a whey protein shake? And also drink chlorophyll water with?
Krystal S
A Hi, yes that sounds absolutely fine.
QJust wanted to ask about the magnesium level in VegVit multivitamin. Following the No Meat Athlete advice on magnesium daily dose of 150-200mg, I wondered what your opinion on magnesium for a normal active person and somebody also taking on marathon training? Looking forward to try these supplements, but I see the magnesium is particularly low at 57mg / dose (the only supplement in the lot that seems to be low on my research, for what I would be needing) any idea why you set that so low? Also I would be much obliged if you knew a good supplier for the extra magnesium supplement.
Rupert T
A Hi, the level of Magnesium and Calcium in VegVit were solely dictated by how much room we had left in the tablet. We would love to include more, but the tablet would become too big.
QI am not very good at taking tablets so I have started softening the VegVit up in warm food, then chewing it up before swallowing. Do you see any problem with doing this? All I can think of would be if any of the vitamins needs to be time-release.
David C
A Hi, the tablet is designed to be taken whole. This is partly for time-release of some nutrients, partly to keep some nutrients apart, and partly because the taste can be a little sharp. Our advice is to snap the tablet in half and consider taking at a meal time or with something like a smoothie or yogurt. The throat opens further at meal times and so taking supplements is much easier.
QHii, have there been any use of pesticides in the making of your products and are your products organic? Kind regards
A No, we do not use pesticides or ingredients that are treated with pesticides. As some of the nutrients are produced using fermentation and our algal ingredients are grown in tanks rather than taken from the ocean, they are not considered Organic by certifiers.
QHello. I am curious about the effectiveness of the B12 contained within VegVit. There is a video by Dr Greger in which he explains how B12 - when contained as part of a multivitamin - is ineffective (or possibly even counterproductive/harmful) when it comes to absorption of the vitamin. He also explains how B12 is best absorbed sublingually and therefore is best supplemented in a chewable/dissolvable/liquid form (as it seems that we might not absorb it very well - or at all - when swallowed in pill form). Are you aware of this information and had you considered this when formulating VegVit? Would you be able to provide assurance that the B12 absorption in VegVit is adequate, considering that it is part of a multivitamin, and not sublingually ingested? (And is this the case for all the other vitamins in the product too?) The video I'm referencing can be found on YouTube, with the relevant section being between the 3:30 and 5:10 mark. The video ID is: watch?v=31i2TEkhHwE Thank you very much!
Josh D
A Hi, B12 absorption is an important consideration because it is a water-based vitamin. We structure VegVit to keep certain nutrients apart and also use excipients (particularly cellulose) to delay and sustain the release of certain nutrients, including B12 specifically. So to answer your question, with B12 specifically, the key is to ensure it does not pass through the stomach too quickly and absorb insufficiently. We achieve this through the structure of VegVit (and more so with our Vitamin B12 tablet, which has even more sustained release structure and is much higher dose). Sublingual delivery is beneficial for certain nutrients but not for a multivitamin formula. Multivitamins can provide adequate absorption when formulated with the correct nutrient forms and in a suitable structure. VegVit delivers these considerations :-)
QHeya, I was comparing this to the pregnancy multivitamin and wondered why the B12 in the pregnancy vitamin seems much lower? Originally I used the vegan society one (25mcg) but changed to the vitabiotics pregnacare one (only 6mcg), thinking a pregnancy specific multivit would be a better idea, but suddenly I have suspected low B12 now so looking to try something else! So I was looking to see what else was available and I noticed your pregnavie is only 5mcg, vs your vegvit which is 50mcg? I was wondering why they are formulated differently. Thank you.
Jace A
A Hi, we worked with Nutritionists and established regional guidelines in the formulation of PregnaVie. The general consensus is to avoid elevated levels of nutrients, as Pregnancy formulas are primarily to provide balance and need to consider other dietary sources of key nutrients. Our advice is to take PregnaVie as the baseline multivitamin during Pregnancy, but seek advice from the Doctor you have low B12 in case it is working topping up with this specific nutrient in a higher dose.
QDoes this contain any potassium?
Iain N
A Hi, no it doesn't contain sources of Potassium
QHi, I’m vegan and I’m already taking 2 of your supplements opti3 and vitashine 1000iu. For the B12 I use the veg1 supplement. I would like to add vegvit to my daily supplements but it seems that veg1 and vegvit give almost the same vitamins and minerals. I wonder if taking both supplements is a good idea or if I should stop taking the veg1 especially because both have 150 mcg of iodine and I know that it’s not good taking too much iodine. And also switch from vitashine 1000iu to vitamine 2500iu. Thank you for your answer and advice! Best regards.
Jehanne F
A Hi, it sounds like you have a great daily regime. It is advisable not to combine VegVit and Veg1 (which is a great product by the way, and we work closely with Vegan Society :-) ). I would recommend either alternating, so e.g. using VegVit on Monday, Veg1 on Tuesday, repeat, or choosing one of them (VegVit of course!!). You are getting some Vitamin D3 from Opti3 and VegVit, so to be honest it will be fine for you to stay with Vitashine 1000iu. That's a really good combined Vitamin D3 dose.
QI've been a regular satisfied customer of Vetetology for many years (Multi vit/min and Omega3/D). I have recently had some blood tests which show me low in phosphate. I am right in thinking that neither of the above products have any phosphate in them?
Mark H
A Hi, thank you for the kind comments. That is correct, the products don't currently contain any phosphate.
QSe puede usar como suplemento de lactancia? la composición es muy similar, y del pregvit no teneis existencias.
Vanessa T
A Hi, yes it can :-)
QCan I give VegVit to my one year old, if I give him one quarter of a tablet and maybe crush it? Also, if I do this, I'm aware the rest of the tablet would need to be used within hours - if I have it myself would I be missing out on lots of nutrients by having a lower dose? Nb we are already taking Opti3. At the moment I take Veg1 and baby has Abidec but as he approaches his birthday I'm looking to give him a more comprehensive supplement so he doesn't miss out on anything. We are vegan.
Steph N
A Hi, the VegVit formula itself is suitable. As you rightly point out, it is the size that is the issue. Crushing it is fine and safe. You will be obtaining far less of the nutrients by taking a lower amount (e.g. a quarter of a tablet). We are working on a Children's multivitamin at the moment, which we hope to launch within 2021.
QHello, I noticed that iron in VegVit is chelated but what about copper you use ? Because i read that "free" iron and copper in supplements don't behave like when they are in food and they are oxidizers. Another point that worries me is the presence of silicone dioxide, this anti-caking agent is now suspected of being bad for health, wouldn't it be possible to find an alternative? Best regards
Kylian D
A Hi, we use Copper Sulphate, which we have found to have very good bioavailability, especially in VegVit because of the form of other minerals (and how they stay apart). There's a very small amount of Silicon Dioxide that appears as an anti-caking agent within some of the spray-dried nutrients in the tablet. It is perfectly safe (it is effectively very fine sand, so inert).
QHello! I have been a customer of yours for some time and I am so happy that you exist to support my veganism :) Thank you! I am wondering though about choline. Is the choline bitrate that you include in the Veg Vit a vegan source for dietary choline, and how much of it does it yield? Should I be looking for some other source? Is there a vegan one? Thank you for your attention. Best regards, Raquel
Raquel A
A Hi, thank you for the kind comments! Yes, Choline Bitartrate is vegan (it is produced using a fermentation method) and a very good option for dietary choline. The level in VegVit is good. If you are seeking additional dietary sources, foods including Tofu, cruciferous vegetables, dried beans and quinoa contain good choline levels too.
QWhy is there such a low dose of vit D3 in VegVit? A higher dose would make this supplement really complete, taken with omega 3. Now I still need to supplement vit D3 as well. I don't believe the combined 400IU is enough...
Karen J
A Hi, when designing VegVit we had to take into account that many people already take additional Vitamin D from other sources. It is also sold into a lot of markets where there are restrictions on how much Vitamin D3 we are permitted to include. We used 100% of the EU NRV.
QHello! My son is almost 11 years old, he’s weight is 35 kg. I would like to know if he can take “VegVit” (he’s vegan since his born) and/or “active energy complex”. He’s already taking “VitaShine” and “Opti3”. I would like to know if he can take the B12 and eventually how much.
Anna F
A Hi, yes the VegVit formula is suitable for children in terms of its nutrients. The tablets are quite large for children, so we recommend breaking in half. Vitamin B12 is safe because due to its high water-solubility, the body takes what it needs and the rest passes harmlessly through.
QWhat type of folate is used in VegVit? Thank you
Lucie B
A Hi, it is 5-methyltetrahydrofolate (5-MTHF)
QCan VegVit be stored in a fridge ?
Mathieu M
A Hi, yes it is fine to store VegVit in the fridge but it is also perfectly fine to store in normal room temperature conditions.
QSalve, volevo assumere il vostro multivitaminico x me e mio figlio di 5 anni, x integrare. non siamo vegani e mangiamo di tutto, ci sono controindicazioni? Leggevo della vitamina b12 in dose elevata 2000% fa al nostro caso?
Vincenzo S
A Hi, the levels of nutrients are fine for both adults and children. VegVit tablets are quite large, so will need to be broken into half for younger children to take. Salve, i livelli di nutrienti vanno bene sia per gli adulti che per i bambini. Le compresse di VegVit sono piuttosto grandi, quindi dovranno essere divise a metà per essere prese dai bambini più piccoli.
QI am very happy with your products but I am still taking B12 from another company and I want to swap to yours. The amount of vitamin B12 included in this is enough? Also, as we are taking your vitamin D (spray) there is a problem taking this multivitamin too? Thank you.
Mafalda C
A Hi, VegVit contains a good dose of Vitamin B12. We do offer Vitamin B12 as a standalone product too for individuals seeking a higher dose. It is find to take Vitashine Spray together with VegVit, the combined Vitamin D3 level will be very beneficial.
QI'm curious as to why you decided to use the iodine from bladderwrack in VegVit, instead of the potassium iodide that you use in Pregnavie? I'd rather see you used the potassium iodide in VegVit as well, as it has been studied well. On the other hand, some people could be allergic to the iodine from Bladderwrack.
Romina K
A Hi, we wanted to use plant-sources of nutrients within VegVit, whereas Potassium Iodide is predominantly synthetic.
QHello, Can you please advise us of your covid safe practices? Although there is no evidence that Covid can spread through food, this is a quickly changing situation and I would like to be sure that the products are not contaminated before purchasing. Thank you, Ryan
Ryan M
A Hi, all of our products are manufactured to high quality standards, including British Retail Consortium (BRC), Good Manufacturing Practise (GMP) and various other standards. This is to ensure safety, quality, purity and absolutely includes Covid consideration.
QDo you swallow or chew these VegVits?
Gareth S
A Hi, VegVit tablets should be swallowed.
Q I am readily your customer. nevertheless can I know if your products been tested with any negative effects on the liver/kidney related pls?
Rizvithahir R
A Hi, all of the ingredients used in our products have been tested to ensure no such possible negative effects. We work to European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) regulations for our formulas and the levels of nutrients that we use.
QDoes the green tea extract contain caffeine? (What amount?)
Daniel W
A Hi, no it doesn't. We use Green Tea for its antioxidant properties but the extract does not provide caffeine.
QDoes the Green tea give you a boost of energy?
Jess M
A Hi, we use the Green Tea primarily for its antioxidant properties. VegVit in general does have energising benefits due to other components (B Vitamins and various Minerals) more so than the Green Tea.
Q There is no fosfor added, please can you explain why this is 'missing'? Sometimes I am missing information about the source of the binding of the mineral. I prefer to ave this transparancy. Besides, is vitamin K2 MK7 from natto?
Florence V
A Hi, we did see a need to as Phosphorus to VegVit as the potential health benefits are already well covered by other nutrients. The full ingredient list is shown on the product page. We use the Kappa Vitamin K2 MK7 rather than the Natto-origin material.
QWhy is there such a high level of Folate in the multivitamin tablets? Only if you are a pregnant woman you need this much. That's what I read on the internet. So I like to hear your answer on this.
Bengt v
A Hi, we sought advice on Folate and the other B Vitamins. These are key nutrients typically deficient in vegans and vegetarians, so we decided to use elevated levels. As these are water-soluble Vitamins, the body takes what it needs and any excess is excreted.
QI was looking for something for my joints and also a multivitamin. But I don’t believe I can take your multivitamin and your joint supplement together. Also is there a reason that you don’t Hi there I was looking for something for my joints and also a multivitamin. But I don’t believe I can take your multivitamin and your joint supplement together. Also is there a reason that you don’t include MSM in your joint supplement?
Jeff M
A Hi, there is doubling up of some nutrients if taking VegVit and Joint-Vie together, but it is safe to do so if you wish. One option many of our customers adopt is to use them interchangeably (so e.g. VegVit on Monday, Joint-Vie on Tuesday, repeat). We found that our Phytodroitin ingredient was providing the potential benefits of MSM, plus to be honest we simply didn't have space for anything else in the tablets!
QOrta duda que tengo es sobre el aceite de coco ¿no tiene demasiada grasa saturada? ¿hay otro suplemento que tengan sin jarabe de maiz y aceite de coco que promueva el colageno?
Viviana C
A Hi, the level of Vitamin D3 within VegVit is very low (as D3 is active at microgram levels), so the accompanying Medium Chain Triglyceride (from Coconut Oil) and Corn Syrup is equally incredibly low. This is to the extent they are both nutritionally irrelevant.
QBuenas tardes, soy vegana estoy usando el omega 3 y la vitamina d de ustedes y me han gustado mucho , son de excelente calidad. Estoy interesada en consumir el multivitaminico, especialmente para aumentar la producción de colageno ¿funcionaria para ello? También quería preguntarles por qué añaden jarabe de maíz ¿eso no es tóxico? por la cantidad de azucar que tiene estaré atenta a su respuesta. Feliz noche
Viviana C
A Hi, VegVit does contain nutrients that have been shown to contribute to normal collagen formation. We use a small amount of Corn Syrup to spray dry the Vitamin D3 (which starts as an oil) so we can get it into tablets. The level that ends up in VegVit is incredibly low.
QHi, looking at the multivit, is there a reason why B7, Biotin is not included
Helen M
A Hi, VegVit does contain Biotin. It is listed as Biotin rather than B7 (just as we need to for local regulations here).
QIs this product (Vegvit) yeast free?
Migu s
A Hi, yes it is.
QHi, I see there’s 14 mg. of iron in VegVit, I thought that menopausal woman should not take supplements with iron. Can you explain why such a high amount of iron? Thank you! By the way, I love your Opti3 and the Vitashine Vitamin D3 Spray! I’m impressed with the quality of your products.
Lise G
A Hi, VegVit is designed as a comprehensive multivitamin and mineral, so we’ve include Iron at the recommended level. The level is deemed safe for everyone by regulatory bodies. We would love to add an iron-free version at some point, do individuals seeking to avoid it.
QHey guys Who are you regulated by? I’m trying to find a UK regulatory body in place (just out of curiosity) and I can’t seem to find much.
Brook R
A Hi, our products are regulated by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). In UK, the Food Standards Agency is the local body that implements EFSA regulations. As a manufacturer, we are regulated by our local authority and British Retail Consortium (BRC) for quality standards.
QWhats the source for microcrystalline cellulose? Ive been told if it's a vegetable source fine, if it is from wood pulp steer clear.
Dana D
A Hi, we use vegetable source cellulose, which is readily available. That said, I don't know why sources from wood pulp (typically eucalyptus) would be of concern.
QI would like a multivitamin and mineral supplement as well as omega 3. I am 62 years old and very active. I also take CoenzymeQ. What I want to avoid is overdosing on the non water soluble vitamins such as D3, and your multivitamin and Omega 3 supplements both include the RDA for D3.... Thanks, Rose Anne
Rose M
A Hi, thank you for your question. Combining VegVit and Opti3 will provide a very good option for you. While the combined level of Vitamin D3 will be 400iu (10mcg), that is still actually considered a relatively low dose. Many Doctors and Health Practitioners routinely suggest individuals take 1000iu (25mcg) or higher, so please be assured the combined level from VegVit + Opti3 is perfectly safe.
QHi, I was wondering what form the folic acid in Vegvit is?
Caitlin R
A Hi, we now use Folate in VegVit.
QHi there! I was just wondering whether the b12 present in the vegvit is also in a sustained-release form?
Xanel G
A Hi, no it isn't in sustained release structure within VegVit. The tablet has to be constructed in a specific way to acheive this, and in VegVit we need many of the nutrients to absorb faster.
QHi there! I'm just curious about some of the levels of possibly detrimental vitamins in the multivitamin - particularly iron, Vitamin E/A and Folic Acid. I just wanted to check what points, if any, you have regarding potential overdoses of these vitamins given the amount in this multivitamin sits at around 100% of the RDI for each of those vitamins. Cheers!
Thomas L
A Hi, we consulted many nutritional experts and scientific bodies in the development of VegVit. We wanted to get it absolutely right. We used 100% recommended daily intake of most items (based on European figures), as these levels have longstanding safety and health benefit data. The only nutrients we have used in elevated levels (above RDI) are water-soluble Vitamins, as the body grabs what it needs (which is often a lot higher than RDI) and the rest passes through harmlessly. The entirety of the formula has been put together taking into account the average intake of nutrients individuals obtain through dietary sources too, ensuring safety and benefits.
QHello. I am Arya . I am suffering from hair loss and grey hair. I was thinking of taking a b12 supplement and a multivitamin, but after seeing that multivitamin has b12 do I need to take b12 or multivitamin is enough.
Arya B
A Hi, there is a good dose of B12 within VegVit, so unless you are seeking a very high dose, VegVit should be suitable and you will hopefully find some of the other nutrients in there to be beneficial too.
QCan you take Veg it while also taking spirulina and chlorella or will this be too much together? Thanks
Laoise S
A Hi, as long as your Spirulina and Chlorella are not artificially fortified with additional vitamins, it will be fine (and no doubt really beneficial) to take together with VegVit.
QHi, I heard you can't take iron and calcium at the same time as they lower each other's absorption. Is that really the case?
Julia L
A That certainly can be the case. One of the main thing we've done with our Multivitamin formulas is use different forms of the various nutrients (so in the case of Iron we use Iron Amino Acid Chelate). This, along with the way we construct the supplements, keeps certain nutrients apart to ensure optimum absorption and efficacy.
QIf a take the VegVit, i don't need consume B12? I mean the supplements facts says B12 2000% (sorry mi English i'm from Argentina)
Braian B
A Hi, there is a good dose of B12 within VegVit, so unless you recommended by your Doctor to take more, you don't need to.
QHi. Am i able to cut these in half for a 6 year old?
Alison W
A Hi, yes VegVit can be cut in half. Please use fairly quickly though (hours) as the tablet coating will be broken, and some of the nutrients are sensitive to oxygen and moisture.
QWhy are there no omega 3 vitamins included?
Kelsey T
A Hi, omega-3 EPA & DHA are in oil form and also take up a lot of space. We would have to make VegVit into a liquid capsule but it would also need to be so big it just wouldn't work.
QIs this good for kids too?
Pavan P
A Hi, yes it is beneficial. The tablets are quite large though, so may need to be broken in half.
QWhy is it important for vegan women to take Vegvit?
Carolina B
A There are various nutrients (Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D3) lacking completely in a vegan diet and a lot of nutrients that it is common for vegans to not be obtained enough of. It differs from person-to-person and how well balanced the diet is. Most of us admit to not always having the time to get the diet completely balanced. That's where VegVit comes in: to offer a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals to support and help to fill in any gaps. It's worth having a listen to this podcast we did a few years ago:
QWhat's the bioavailability of the iron in VegVit like, considering it also has a small does of calcium which is known to inhibit iron absorption?
Lia B
A We've constructed the VegVit tablet with absorption and bioavailability very much in mind. We use Amino Acid Chelate forms of various minerals, and the tablet is designed to keep certain nutrients apart.
QHi! If copper can be toxic to the body, why include it in the formulation?
Monica V
A This all comes down to dose. Copper is highly beneficial at the level we use (1mg per daily dose). It contributes to normal: energy-yielding metabolism, functioning of the nervous system, iron transport in the body, skin pigmentation, function of the immune system and protection of cells from oxidative stress.
QIs this product nut-free?
Yan R
A Yes. All of our products are free from nuts.
QLecim se od smanjene funkcije stitne zlezde.Da li mogu koristiti ovaj suplament?
Zorica t
A Prije uzimanja bilo kakvih dodataka, potražite savjet svog doktora. Vaš ljekar može dati preporuke na osnovu vaše medicinske anamneze i bilo kojeg lijeka koji uzimate za štitnjaču. Vjerojatno će reći da je VegVit prikladan za vas.
QHi what is the best time of the day to take Vegvit ? With breakfast or dinner ? Thanks
Jean C
A We recommend that you take them with food for best absorption, whenever convenient for you.
QWhat is the difference between Active Energy Complex and VegVit? I take only one of both daily, yeah? AEC is a bit more expensive - so does it include already VegVit + some boosting extras?
Milan G
A Please only use one of VegVit or Active Energy Complex. This is just to avoid doubling-up on some of the nutrients. VegVit is designed to be an 'all-rounder' multivitamin and mineral supplement, with a full spectrum of 26 nutrients. It does contain B Vitamins, which contribute to energy. Active Energy Complex is specifically designed to target tiredness and fatigue, combining B Vitamins with herbs used in traditional Chinese medicines and other selected nutrients. The aim is to help reset the body clock and try to energise at the right time of the day but relax at the right time of the night.
QHi everyone at VegVit, I've just read that my "VegVit" multivitamins does not have enough vitamin D in comparison to the product "Veg1", could you answer this please. Thank You Peadar
Peadar M
A VegVit is quite different to the Vegan Society's Veg1 formula. The level of Vitamin D3 we use in VegVit takes into account the fact that most of our customers combine VegVit with Opti3 (which also contains 200iu Vitamin D3).
QWhat type of packaging do you use for your pills? If it is not recycled, do you have plans to move to a more sustainable form of packaging? For example, refill options in a small paper package for regular customers?
Hannah W
Our CO2 neutral bottle is eco-plastic made from sugar cane. The clever eco-plastic composition is 100% recyclable but also allows the acceleration of the process of biodegradation when it is disposed of in a biologically active ecosystem (trash, bin, compost).

 You can find out more here:
QWhere is the Vitamin K2 in Vegvit derived from?
Vincent P
A It is made synthetically. All ingredients are sourced from non-animal sources.
QDo you use Methylcobalamin or Cyanocobalamin?
Vegetology C
A We use Cyanocobalamin as it is the most stable form of vitamin B12 for a good shelf life. We have tested the methylcobalamin content of many different products and found it simply is not stable even over short periods in such supplements.
QIs the vitamin K2 all-trans?
Vincent P
A Hi, yes, we use Vitamin K2 MK-7.
QHello! On your product label for VegVit there's a disclamer stating: "These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. " Does this mean that this product hasn't been approved by the FDA ? Or is it just about the "Benefits" text that isn't verified by the FDA? I assume that it has no negative long-term side effects, such as excess of fat soluble vitamins stored in the liver. So the mian question is has this product been approved by the FDA and does it have any side effects? Best regards, Petter
Petter L
A Hi, that is a standard statement/disclaimer required by law (through US FDA) to be displayed on supplements sold into USA. You will find the same wording on all supplements there, and is a key part of how they differentiate between supplements and medicines. Our products meet US FDA requirements and indeed our facility here in UK is FDA certified.
QWhat is the shelf life of these products?
Larissa R
A On the 11/10/19 our current Opti3 has an expiry date of 05/2021.
QIf I cut the vegvit tablet in half can my 6yr old take it?
Eloisa m
A The levels of nutrients in VegVit are suitable for children but we must recommend caution as the tablets are still quite large even when cut in half. Please seek advice from your Doctor before giving any supplements to children, so they can consider the medical history and advise accordingly.
QWhat form of vitamin A is in VegVit? Is it pre-formed and what is the source? I’m curious because I have a variation in the BCMO1 gene that causes lower beta carotene conversion.
Kirsty S
A The Vitamin A within VegVit is 50% Beta-carotene and 50% Vitamin A concentrate. The stated 800mcg level is the retinol-equivalent activity level.
QHi there, I am interested in your product VegVit but am worried about the Vitamin A content. As it already slightly exceeds the RDI for women and with all the veg containing vitamin A that I eat I am worried that I would be taking in far too much of this vitamin than is actually safe. Can you advise please.
Linda W
A The ‘tolerable upper limit’ is 3000mcg. VegVit contains 800mcg, which is 100% of the ‘Nutritional Reference Value’ (NRV, which replaced the previous description of ‘Recommended Daily Amount’ – RDA). The NRV for supplements is set to take into account the likely/average dietary intake of nutrients. So in summary, the level of 800mcg Vitamin A is well within safe and recommended guidelines, taking into consideration other dietary intakes of Vit A. The upper limit is significantly higher.
QHi! Is VegVit & Opti3 safe to take with hormonal birth control pills (as in, will it mess with the absorption if taken at the same time/weaken the effect of the birth control)?
Milja R
A We cannot see any reason why VegVit and/or Opti3 would interfere with hormonal birth control pills, but please check the advice from the control pill manufacturer or consult your Doctor. As there are so many varieties, we always recommend getting specific advice, and the manufacturer should have information available.
QCan a diabetic patient (type 1 or type 2 diabetic) can take VegVit ?
Vegetology C
A The liquid in Vitashine spray is fractionated coconut oil (also known as medium chain triglycerides). It's an inert and virtually tasteless carrier.
QWhat is silicon dioxide found in VegVit and how much does it contain?
Vegetology C
A Silicon Dioxide is used in tablets as a binder, effectively holding the tablet itself together. It is incredibly fine in form, and is effectively micronised 'sand' (totally natural, inert, safe). A tablet contains ~10 mg silicon dioxide. It is not a non-particle size.
QIs the B12 in VegVit, cyanocobalamin or methylcobalamin?
Vegetology C
A It's cyanocobalamin.
QWhy did you move from Vit K1 to K2?
Vegetology C
A We moved from K1 to K2 in VegVit because it has significantly better absorption and efficacy in our opinion, based on the research we did and reviewed. We don't see a need for anyone to try and obtain K1 from supplementation if they are already getting K2.
QIn the MultiVitamin, is the iodine in your product extracted from seaweed or if it just contains seaweed itself?
Vegetology C
A We use iodine extracted from Bladderwrack seaweed, so the 150mcg stated is the actual level of iodine in VegVit.
QWould I get too much Vitamin D3 if I take Opti3 and VegVit together?
Vegetology C
A A combination of Opti3 and VegVit is a really good supplement regime. While both contain D3, the collective level is very low (400iu) and actually many people are advised to take a higher dose. From a safety perspective it is well below any concern level, which would be upwards of 10,000iu per dose.
QWhere do you source your vitamins and minerals for the multivitamin pills? Are your vitamins 100% food/plant sourced?
Vegetology C
A We source everything from plants (or fermentation) wherever possible. In VegVit, the only exception is Vitamin C which is synthetic.
QI'm wondering if the B12 is cyanocobalamin or methylcobalamin?
Vegetology C
A It's cyanocobalamin.
QI’m a vegan, can I take VegVit?
Vegetology C
A Yes. VegVit is suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans. We have registered VegVit with the Vegan and Vegetarian Societies, and shared our formula details with them in doing so. We are proud to display both society logos on our product bottle and website.