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Pregna Vie GREY 01
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QI'm been taking Opti 3 for a very long time. I recently added Pregnavie and Vitashine. Of course I have spoken with my GP, who sounded the alarm and prescribed pharmaceutical D3 to try to correct the imbalance. I'm really alarmed not only that my levels were low while taking Opti 3, but that they actually declined despite adding in Pregnavie and Vitashine. I love your products, I really do. I also think this is a valid concern considering how much people rely on them, especially things like prenatals where a misrepresentation of efficacy would be catastrophic. To be clear, I'm not saying there is a misrepresentation -- I would have gone straight to the reviews to voice that. Instead I wanted to bring the issue up to double check and make absolutely SURE that your supplements have been proven effective, (for example, third party/batch testing, etc.) and work together to resolve this issue. Are you able to help with this? Thanks so much. Arwen
Arwen N
A Hi, our supplements are third party tested for quality and we use proven active ingredients and nutrient forms. Pharmaceutical D3 is no different to our D3, it is the same compound. As I'm sure your Doctor will have explained, your Vitamin D status is dependent on many factors and if when supplementing for a period of time it is still low, your Doctor should be investigating and determining why. If you would like to contact us to discuss further, please email [email protected] There is absolutely no misrepresentation involved with our products.