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Pregna Vie GREY 01
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QI love the vitamins you have used in your Veg vit and pregvit complex but the added ingredients as maltodextrin and sucrose are just so bad, why do you put them? I have refrain from ordering it because of them and all the other stuff like : Maize starch, Silicon Dioxide, maize and corn starch and Arabic gum, Sodium Ascorbate. It is a little too much when you think it is for pregnant women. There are other brands that have much more simpler ingredients, any chance you take these out of your formulas? Thanks
Janaina P
A Hi, many of these things wrongly get bad press when they are inert and absolutely required. Maltodextrin for instance is solely used to form the tablet itself. Otherwise it would disintegrate. It is inert as a compound. Sucrose is used in the spray-drying preparation of the Vitamin D ingredient (the Vit D starts as an oil, so needs to be spray-dried to form a tablet). The level in the final product is absolutely tiny but we label everything. The other items such as Maize Starch, Arabic Gum are there to hold the tablets together. Without them we would just have powder. The levels are tiny. They are all safe and required. Sodium Ascorbate is Vitamin C. You will find other brands use similar compounds or don't label properly!