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Pregna Vie GREY 01
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QHi! I’ve read that the body cannot absorb more than roughly 3mcg of Vit B12 through active absorption and that if you only take it once per day doses should be way higher in order to achieve the recommended 5mcg for pregnant or breastfeeding people. So I’m afraid that your product does not contain sufficient amounts of one of the most essential vitamins to supplement for vegans.
Eva M
A Hi, we've included 5mcg into PregnaVie in order to give the body a little more than the 2.5mg recommended daily intake. The PregnaVie formula and tablet structure was designed following consultation with Midwives and several nutritional experts. In this particular formula it was important for the sake of other nutrients not to go overboard with the B vitamins. For individuals requiring additional Vitamin B12, we do offer the standalone sustained release B12 tablet, which offers a super-high dose and releases it over several hours. Our advice is to check your Vitamin B12 status and if you do need an additional boost, our B12 tablets offer a very good way of achieving this.