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Opti 3 New 2019 Clear No Shadow
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Pasi H

I've loved the product and have used it on and off for years. Unfortunately it seems that when making the bottle smaller Vegetology also made changes to the capsules. Now every single time I touch them there's oil left on my hands that smells like fishy seaweed. And I also occassionally get fish-smelling burps after eating the capsules. This never happened before. I'm vegetarian and I've never enjoyed the smell and taste of seaweed which is rather close to that of fish. Opti3 was one omega 3 product on the market which rarely if ever had that problem before but unfortunately things have now changed.

Vegetology Hi Pasi, we haven't changed the capsules. This sounds like a problem has occurred and perhaps one of the capsules has burst. That's incredibly rare, but can happen. The vegetal capsule is very good but will never quite be as robust as gelatine, so bursting does occasionally happen. I will send you an email to discuss this.
Lily K

I am considering buying this product because of its high EPA content. However, I wish it didn't have CARRAGEENAN!! It is almost impossible to find a vegan omega 3 without this ingredient. Carrageenan can cause/worsen symptoms of IBS. It can also cause stomach cancer when stomach acid interacts and breaks down the carrageenan. It is a very controversial ingredient, just Google it. But my question, if the carrageenan is only an ingredient in the softgel capsule itself, does that mean if I pierced it and just consumed the oil that there would be none in there? Or does the carrageenan leech into the oil as well? Thanks

Vegetology Hi Lily, Carrageenan unfairly gets a bad press for inaccurate information on the internet. We've added an FAQ about this to explain in detail. If we had any doubts whatsoever about the safety and inert nature of Carrageenan, we would not use it. The European Food Safety Authority and US FDA both repeatedly back its safety. We use a tiny amount of Carrageenan to help form a stable capsule. To answer your question: you are correct that the carrageenan is only in the capsule itself, so would not be within the oil if you choose to pierce and consume.