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Johan A Verified Buyer

I have been a customer for several years but have grown increasingly dissatisfied with your uneven and unflexible campains. For instance vegvit has more servings per can and fewer recommended servings per day than for instance opti3 and hence last last three times as long before running out. (Not counting every other opti3 can with leaking tablets causing 10-25% of the can to be thrown out). There are growing discounts if purchasing 6 or 9 cans but for whatever reason only if they are all different, not as much if purchasing 6 or 9 cans of just opti3 to make up to make up for an uneven previous order along with vegvit. Remaining plastic can waste also need your attention, meanwhile why not make them at least twice as big. In all, unless things improve tomorrow and especially once (if) you leave the EU I will have to look elsewhere. A pity really with such a good product itself.

Vegetology Hi Johan, thank you for the feedback. The products have very different production costs and we consider offering the best value for money plus take into account market data on how the products are used (e.g. VegVit is usually shared by multiple family members). The products are not all designed to be used together, so we don't only try to ensure each product lasts the same amount of time. We also have to take into account what the market expects, so selling 30 days' supply of multivitamins for instance is not enough, but supplying 3 months' worth of Opti3 in a single bottle would not be accepted due to the unit cost. We try our very best with the Opti3 vegan capsule, but it will simply never be as robust as Gelatin. We always offer to replace any bottles with leakers so please always let us know. We are just about to launch new 100% biodegradable bottles (biodegrade in <10 years).
Lily K

I am considering buying this product because of its high EPA content. However, I wish it didn't have CARRAGEENAN!! It is almost impossible to find a vegan omega 3 without this ingredient. Carrageenan can cause/worsen symptoms of IBS. It can also cause stomach cancer when stomach acid interacts and breaks down the carrageenan. It is a very controversial ingredient, just Google it. But my question, if the carrageenan is only an ingredient in the softgel capsule itself, does that mean if I pierced it and just consumed the oil that there would be none in there? Or does the carrageenan leech into the oil as well? Thanks

Vegetology Hi Lily, Carrageenan unfairly gets a bad press for inaccurate information on the internet. We've added an FAQ about this to explain in detail. If we had any doubts whatsoever about the safety and inert nature of Carrageenan, we would not use it. The European Food Safety Authority and US FDA both repeatedly back its safety. We use a tiny amount of Carrageenan to help form a stable capsule. To answer your question: you are correct that the carrageenan is only in the capsule itself, so would not be within the oil if you choose to pierce and consume.