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Opti 3 New 2019 Clear No Shadow
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Kevin S

Not just for vegans (but for sustainable living too) Competitive with fish Omega on both price and technical quality. Because it's Omega oil derived from the animal kingdom, it's as good for the body as fish Omega (ie it's long chain fatty acids) and superior to plant made Omega (inferior short chain). Been using it since August 2015. Microalgae made Omega 3 is an important contribution to sustainable living. All consumers should switch to "laboratory farmed" microalgae produced Omega-3 fatty acid. Everyone avoiding the global INSANITY of consuming Omega oil sourced from fish or krill caught in the wild. Even farmed fish, such as salmon, are typically fed anchovies - caught in the wild. Unsustainable. I trust, and am convinced, as to the scientific approach, care and integrity that underpin the superiority of Opti3 microalgae made Omega-3 EPA DHA. Omega-3 fatty acids are considered vital to cell membrane health and nerve function; help reduce cardiovascular disease (e.g. anti-inflammatory effect on artery walls, reducing cholesterol related plaque build up); beneficial to blood pressure; important to heart health (and possibly to brain function). Other benefits, and anti-inflammatory effects, possible too - but research continuing. Thank you Vegetology for PIONEERING the way forward for SANELY SOURCED Omega-3. 4 stars because I'm tired of the so-called 3for2 "offer", which has been going for years since the beginning, so isn't really an "offer" at all in my view. And, even though Vegetology have taken a real leap forward by introducing compostable bottles made from sugar cane (well done) I've never understood why they insist on providing the product only in small bottles.