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Opti 3 New 2019 Clear No Shadow
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Alex G

This product can be great simply by ditching the carrageenan for pullulan. Would sure buy it if so. carrageenan is under monitoring for chronic pro inflammation and malignant effects - this is true both for food grade carrageenan from chondrus crispus and the even worst one who made those headlines with troublesome information online. Can easily refer you to the relevant literature. Why choosing this controversial material while there are safer, cost effective alternatives ? Personally if you'll offer a DHA only formulation without the EPA, DPA and Vitamin D I myself and many others would be your loyal costumer as your products are of great quality

Vegetology Hi, we use a tiny amount of Carrageenan as part of the capsule structure. It isn't a simple switch to pullulan - that just won't work in the structure, and the capsule wouldn't be stable. Carrageenan is wrongly labelled with data only relevant to poligeenan, a degraded derivative that isn't used in human products, or labelled with animal data with no relevance (including dose) to effects in humans. There are no concerns with the carrageenan we use, and at the level we use it. We wouldn't dream of using any ingredient unless we were 100% satisfied with its suitability.