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Magdalena M

Excellent product

Nicholas A

I bought a pack of three, all three were already rancid upon arrival, sickening sea smell when opening.

Vegetology Hi, sorry to read this. Please email [email protected] with your order details and return the bottles. We will of course fully replace or refund. Some of the capsules must have burst during the journey to your door. It's rare but does happen occasionally.
Beatriz H

Hi there! How many capsules do you recommend supplementing per day or per week for a plant-based diet? daily? or twice a week would be enough? thanks!

Vegetology Hi, we've designed Opti3 to take daily and recommend 2 x capsules per day for optimal benefits. However, even taken 2-3 times per week will be beneficial
Annie P

The carrageenan in this supplement gave me pause as well. Definitely lessens the quality of the product which is otherwise excellent. I was about to order but I'm now hesitating and might decide not to.

Vegetology Hi, we've added an FAQ about Carrageenan. It is perfectly safe and wrongly gets linked to data only relevant to polygeenan (a degraded derivative not used in human products).
Tony M

Hello, I had a couple of concerns with most of the ‘ Vegan ‘ omega3s but was recommended these so bought them. I have a few questions to put my mind at ease ; EPA - Algi oil doesn’t ordinarily contain EPA how is that sourced & calculated in the capsules. Helianthus Annuus Oil is Omega 6 - I understand omega 6 & omega 3 compete for absorption how much of this is in the capsule & why? Ascorbyl palmitate is an ester formed from ascorbic acid and palmitic acid and is also a preservative how much of this is in a capsule. I am trying to find a way to continue with a vegan diet & get my daily recommended amounts of DHA & EPA. Thanks, Tony

Vegetology Hi, we use an algal strain (Schizochytrium) that is able to produce both EPA and DHA due to the way it is grown and processes. We use a high Oleic Sunflower Oil as an important carrier for the Algal Omega-3 oil during production. The level is very small and constitutes 15-20mg of the final capsule. We use a highly refined grade of Sunflower Oil that is specifically high in Oleic. Vitamin C (as Ascorbyl Palmitate) is used as an antioxidant to help protect the Algal Omega-3 during production. The level in Opti3 capsules is incredibly small, <10mg.
Suzie D

I'm not sure what kind of magic this is but after 3 weeks my brain fog is lifting! And, added unexpected bonus, my hair has stopped breaking!! Recommend wholeheartedly.

Razvan G

I have been using it with my family for more than a year. I have nothing to complain about, we are satisfied.

Michael Q

Very happy with this product. Have been tracking my HDL levels and these have improved them greatly. Great to get proper epa and DHA from vegan source. Package arrived in perfect condition and I have had no broken capsules. I will reorder once I get through my first batch.

leanne p

Enjoying so far! How do you recommend these capsules are taken? With water? or food?

Vegetology Hi, we recommend taking Opti3 at a meal time, with a glass of water. Taking with breakfast is ideal as it sets you up perfectly for the day!
Lucia B

I just bought the omega 3. I am also reluctant about carageenan ingredient, but im planing to suck out the oil and discart the capsule. Easy fix.

Vegetology Hi, we added an FAQ about carrageenan. It is perfectly safe but gets wrongly attached to data only relevant on a degraded derivative (polygeenan) and animal data that has no correlation to humans. We also offer Opti3 Liquid, for anyone wanting to use a Liquid rather than Capsule form.
Carolina B

In the UK, the recommended vitamin D requirement is 400 IU (10 micrograms) of vitamin D. These tablets, good as they are, fall short of that.

Lianne M

Love these have taken for years....would be even better if the vitamin D could be increased to fall in line with recommended daily intake!

Vegetology Hi, thank you for the comments. We include 5mcg (200iu) per daily dose, which is in-line with the European recommended dose (NRV). For more details, you can visit:
Irina S

Where is it better to keep them? In fridge?

Vegetology Hi, Opti3 capsules can be kept in a cupboard. The main thing is to keep them away from too much heat and light. It is ok to keep them in the Fridge, but they can become a little more brittle and prone to bursting if agitated a lot when cold.
Katherine A

I wanted to love these but they gave me a terrible upset stomach every time I tried taking them! Never happened before with any other vegan Omega 3 supplements. Tried returning them but the return costs from Australia are almost as expensive as the 3 pack :(

Vegetology Hi Katherine, I'm really sorry for your experience here. The report of an upset stomach is literally the first we've had in 10 years, and with Opti3 the effect is usually the opposite in that it helps the digestive system. We will be in touch to arrange a refund. Apologies.
Thomas R

Great vegan source for Omega-3.

Mor S

I use this supplement for years. As a vegan I can say that it has been really effective for my body, gave me better concentration, and allowed me to maintain healthy diet and nutrition while being vegan. It's easy to digest and doesn't give you the 'fishy' taste that other Omega-3 tablets give you. I love the new ecological packaging too! Thank you!

Alex G

This product can be great simply by ditching the carrageenan for pullulan. Would sure buy it if so. carrageenan is under monitoring for chronic pro inflammation and malignant effects - this is true both for food grade carrageenan from chondrus crispus and the even worst one who made those headlines with troublesome information online. Can easily refer you to the relevant literature. Why choosing this controversial material while there are safer, cost effective alternatives ? Personally if you'll offer a DHA only formulation without the EPA, DPA and Vitamin D I myself and many others would be your loyal costumer as your products are of great quality

Vegetology Hi, we use a tiny amount of Carrageenan as part of the capsule structure. It isn't a simple switch to pullulan - that just won't work in the structure, and the capsule wouldn't be stable. Carrageenan is wrongly labelled with data only relevant to poligeenan, a degraded derivative that isn't used in human products, or labelled with animal data with no relevance (including dose) to effects in humans. There are no concerns with the carrageenan we use, and at the level we use it. We wouldn't dream of using any ingredient unless we were 100% satisfied with its suitability.
Vipul T


jan M

I have used Opti 3 happily for years but have found for the last year or so that batches seem to go off quickly smelling somewhat fishy and oily. Has the formula been changed?

Vegetology Hi, no nothing has changed. If you are getting any oily capsules and malodour, it suggests one or more of the capsules have burst. If that has happened, please let us know as we'll replace the affected bottle.

Amazing product by Vegetology and at this price point is incredible, I don't know if anyone noticed even the capsules shell tastes amazing..... Cheers from India!

liza d

Does it come in glass bottles!

Vegetology Hi, Opti3 Liquid does come in glass bottles. Opti3 capsules are supplied in bottles made with a sugar cane compound that is 100% biodegradable (in under 10 years).
Pasi H

I've loved the product and have used it on and off for years. Unfortunately it seems that when making the bottle smaller Vegetology also made changes to the capsules. Now every single time I touch them there's oil left on my hands that smells like fishy seaweed. And I also occassionally get fish-smelling burps after eating the capsules. This never happened before. I'm vegetarian and I've never enjoyed the smell and taste of seaweed which is rather close to that of fish. Opti3 was one omega 3 product on the market which rarely if ever had that problem before but unfortunately things have now changed.

Vegetology Hi Pasi, we haven't changed the capsules. This sounds like a problem has occurred and perhaps one of the capsules has burst. That's incredibly rare, but can happen. The vegetal capsule is very good but will never quite be as robust as gelatine, so bursting does occasionally happen. I will send you an email to discuss this.
Jayasangar I

It's a good substitute for vegans and vegetarians. The most importantly it is effective supplement. Enjoy the real nature.

Eliana P

Most EPA/DHA per dollar of any supplement I can find, including the cost of shipping to the US! Excellent quality. Prompt delivery. If following Dr. Greger's Optimum Nutrition recommendations, 1 capsule per day is sufficient.

Martin A

The most cost effective non animal omega 3 supplement. Would it be possible to use rapeseed oil instead of sunflower oil as a carrier to reduce the omega 6 content?

Vegetology Hi Martin, we use a very small amount of high Oleic sunflower oil (so low Omega-6) as a carrier within the production process. Rapeseed doesn't work sufficiently in the process.
Telma L

Very good suplement, my Son likes it

Jasmine A

I cannot praise Vegetology highly enough. Opti3 is an absolutely brilliant product! I've been using it for years and its by far the best Vegan omega 3 on the market. I'm absolutely thrilled to now see how a new biodegradable bottle is being used, without any increase to the price at all. I LOVE THIS BRAND! x

Kevin S

Not just for vegans (but for sustainable living too) Competitive with fish Omega on both price and technical quality. Because it's Omega oil derived from the animal kingdom, it's as good for the body as fish Omega (ie it's long chain fatty acids) and superior to plant made Omega (inferior short chain). Been using it since August 2015. Microalgae made Omega 3 is an important contribution to sustainable living. All consumers should switch to "laboratory farmed" microalgae produced Omega-3 fatty acid. Everyone avoiding the global INSANITY of consuming Omega oil sourced from fish or krill caught in the wild. Even farmed fish, such as salmon, are typically fed anchovies - caught in the wild. Unsustainable. I trust, and am convinced, as to the scientific approach, care and integrity that underpin the superiority of Opti3 microalgae made Omega-3 EPA DHA. Omega-3 fatty acids are considered vital to cell membrane health and nerve function; help reduce cardiovascular disease (e.g. anti-inflammatory effect on artery walls, reducing cholesterol related plaque build up); beneficial to blood pressure; important to heart health (and possibly to brain function). Other benefits, and anti-inflammatory effects, possible too - but research continuing. Thank you Vegetology for PIONEERING the way forward for SANELY SOURCED Omega-3. 4 stars because I'm tired of the so-called 3for2 "offer", which has been going for years since the beginning, so isn't really an "offer" at all in my view. And, even though Vegetology have taken a real leap forward by introducing compostable bottles made from sugar cane (well done) I've never understood why they insist on providing the product only in small bottles.

Maria R

Contiene carragenanos. Es verdad que los carragenanos son cancerígenos?

Vegetology Hola Maria, no, no es el caso. Se informa que el carragenano es malo debido a la información inexacta en Internet. Hemos agregado una pregunta frecuente (FAQ) sobre esto para explicar en detalle. Si tuviéramos alguna duda sobre la seguridad y la naturaleza inerte del carragenano, no lo usaríamos. La European Food Safety Authority y la US FDA respaldan reiteradamente su seguridad. Utilizamos una pequeña cantidad de carragenina para ayudar a formar una cápsula estable.
Javier T

I trust this algae based Omega3 oil from Vetology !

Rotem D

Great product, arrived really fast.

Lily K

I am considering buying this product because of its high EPA content. However, I wish it didn't have CARRAGEENAN!! It is almost impossible to find a vegan omega 3 without this ingredient. Carrageenan can cause/worsen symptoms of IBS. It can also cause stomach cancer when stomach acid interacts and breaks down the carrageenan. It is a very controversial ingredient, just Google it. But my question, if the carrageenan is only an ingredient in the softgel capsule itself, does that mean if I pierced it and just consumed the oil that there would be none in there? Or does the carrageenan leech into the oil as well? Thanks

Vegetology Hi Lily, Carrageenan unfairly gets a bad press for inaccurate information on the internet. We've added an FAQ about this to explain in detail. If we had any doubts whatsoever about the safety and inert nature of Carrageenan, we would not use it. The European Food Safety Authority and US FDA both repeatedly back its safety. We use a tiny amount of Carrageenan to help form a stable capsule. To answer your question: you are correct that the carrageenan is only in the capsule itself, so would not be within the oil if you choose to pierce and consume.
Giovanna T

Best product! We are selling and re-selling. A must to have.

Tobias S

All the vegan omegas I need, super conveniently packaged in a pill!

Dana H

I'm a vegan and have been taking Opti3 for quite a few years now. The vegetology service is always very efficient and easy to use, The prices seem very fair to me.

João P

Extraordinary quality product! Highly recommended!

Johanna L

Great product!

Michaela N

Best and most cost-effective vegan Omega 3.

Frank M

Had a lot of difficulty with acceptance of my Amazon Prime VISA credit card. Tried numerous times over several days to submit payment with it but your website would not accept it. Yet, I have no problems with other website purchases with this VISA credit card. It has been my preferred card for years and I have used it to make purchases from Vetgetology in the past. I had to switch to my Bank of America VISA card to complete this last purchase. I have enjoyed your Opti3 product over the last few years. Frank Mangini, California, USA

Vegetology Hi Frank, sorry for the difficulties. We're working with the card handler to get this resolved.
Raymond E

The capsules are a little on the big side for my supplements container but that's really a tiny (pun intended) issue. All in all, I highly recommend these Omega3 supplements. Great value.

Barbro H

Good product.

Janina T

I am very satisfied with my purchase. Products are outstanding and you really get value for money. Keep on the same track and people will recognize you as one of the bestseller of vegan supplements.

Patrick S

Best Omega-3-Product i've found (till now)! Fair Price...

Susan T

My husband and I have been taking these daily for over a year in place of the fish oil omega 3s - as we have concerns about the contamination from our seas and also prefer a cruelty free option. I am delighted that we can get the Omega 3 oils we need for our brains - among other things! - from a trusted vegan source. Well done to Vegetology

Melloney J

My family and I have been buying the Opti-3 omega-3 capsules for the last few years and we are extremely happy with them. They have one of the highest EPA and DHA contents of any vegan supplement I have found, are very reasonably priced and also contain vitamin D so we don't have to take a separate supplement. Also, they are tasteless and leave no fishy taste in your mouth unlike some vegan omega-3s. They are a very good quality supplement, and the ordering and delivery system is quick and reliable.

Petra W

Great price, fast delivery

Irene F

I regularly order from Vegetology. My orders always arrive promptly, with heaps of updates on my order status. The omega 3 EPA is a high quality product. I have been unable to find a product with similar potency. Theres no after taste, and the capsules aren't sticky, like other brands I've tried. I Recommend!

Rebecca C


Rebecca W

As vegan, I find it difficult to get good quality Omega 3. This is the best I've found, and it's recommended by my vegan dietician. Vegetology always is well priced, fresh product, shipped quickly and well packaged. VERY HAPPY with my product and Vegetology!

Sanja C

I am happy with your services.


Great product

Hasham A

Awesome product at a great price!

Sara D

Je suis tellement contente d'avoir découvert Vegetology ! Je consomme quodiennement Opti3 et Vitashine et je dois dire que je pète la forme ! Je ne pensais pas être aussi carencée mais je vois la différence. J'ai choisi ces suppléments parce que je suis en total accord avec les valeurs de la marques qui après recherches ne sont pas que de simples arguments marketing. Merci aux fondateurs d'avoir investi dans ce projet ! Je vous souhaite une bonne continuation ! P.S : Ce serait super d'avoir des suppléments dédiés exclusivement aux ongles et cheveux !

Raymond E

After veganicity dropped their omega 3 line - I was delighted to see vegetology selling even better ones at great prices.

Ivan D

Fast shipping, perfect packing and a great product! I'll definitely order it again if they keep the 3x2 or bundle offers. Thank you for providing vegan products at reasonable prices.

Richard P

This is definitely the best algae supplement I've used and the price is not too extortionate. Highly recommended. Great 3 for 2 deal also.


My day is not the same if I forget to take Opti3. It really makes a big difference!

Lisa A

Love it! I have been using the Omega opt3 vitamins for a year now and I am a very happy and satisifed customer. The quality of the vitamins are great - all natural ingredients and with no after taste. Theres a great value 3 for 2 package deal which is brilliant! Thank you vegetology - so glad your company exists!


The highest strength pure Omega-3 around. Say goodbye to cod liver oil, this is the king of Omega3!


Love this brand. I did some research and I have tried a few other brands too. Vegetology in my opinion is the best. They are one of the only brands to use a vegan D3 source, registered by Vegan Society, use pure ingredients; designed and researched by vegans who are professionals in their field; offer fantastic discounts and their multiple vitamin has all the essential ingredients I have researched. Would highly recommend them. I use both the Omega Opti 3 and Veg Vit


Perfect! I feel better since I started taking them and I think they smell good haha! Thank you so much for offering a vegan alternative to omega 3 supplements. :) These have the highest level of DHA and EPA I have seen so far from algae. I highly recommend them to anyone!


I'm so happy this product is on the market. We all need omega 3 supplements as our food is not providing it anymore (or not enough) and this product being vegan is just great ! It's good price-quality with fast delivery. I recommend all vegans and non-vegans to buy this product instead of cruel and disgusting fish oil alternatives.


Great product.

Annika S

Very fast shipping, but sadly the capsules are too big for me to swallow.

Vegetology Hi, we do now offer Opti3 in Bottled Liquid form too.

Such a great product, vegan and plant-based (instead of artificial), and at such a great value, especially with the bundle offers. Thanks Vegetology! -`


After a year or so of becoming a vegetarian, I had a check-up and my triglycerides were high. The doctors told me it was unusual for a vegetarian to have this condition and the only thing they advised me that I wasn't already doing was to take more omega-3. I found this product and I took them for 6 months and my triglycerides went from almost 300 to little over 100. Another thing: you can take the whole capsules, chew it or pierce it and add the oil to food. It tastes like seafood grown on the rocks (e.g. barnacle). I liked it.


I have been using it for 4 months now and I feel my mind is more calm and I am less depressed. I have been suffering from depression for many years now. I did not have any source of vegan DHA omega 3 in the 7 years I have been a vegan. I am so glad I came across a Vegan Dietician online who told me the importance of it. I have been eating flax and chia seeds thinking they were enough only to find out they only have ALA form of Omega 3 which is not effectively converted to DHA form. I take only 1 capsule a day and get the daily required amount, when I feel a bit agitated I take another one at a separate time. Really glad this product exists, it has no weird taste and no allergic reaction for me. Their customer care service is also excellent, I strongly recommend them. Vegan Dietician Jack Norris explains Omega 3:


Relunctant to buy as this is an international order for me. But, my concerns have been relieved. Although this product took awhile to receive, I think nearly two weeks, it was well worth the wait. I've looked all over Amazon for a plant based omega 3 supplement, but nearly all had some form of caramel color, including Nordic Naturals. If they didn't have caramel color, they just didn't have the potency of Opti 3. We've enjoyed this product, and have been impressed with no after taste as some of these supplements produce. I love the 3 for 2 deal as well. The only thing preventing me from giving 5 stars is the shipping process takes so long. (Sorry I'm picky about that).

Thomas L

I searched for years and this is the one product that has everything I looked for and never found in other brands. To start, it's 100% vegan and Non-Gmo. But what really stands out is that it actually has EPA & DHA. All of the other vegetarian/vegan Omega 3 Supplements I have come across before only had ALA. I'll explain the importance of this below. What I came to learn was that ALA is plantbased and available in many forms through different seeds & nuts i.e Hemp Seeds. Your body is able to convert ALA into EPA, and your body can then synthesize DHA out of EPA. The problem is that most healthy individuals bodies simply can't synthesize EPA & DHA fast enough to provide an adaquate supply. So in conclusion, it's clear that while other vegetarian brands will be labeled "Omega 3 Supplement" They actually just contain ALA and don't provide what you're truly looking for and need. But Opti3 does have exactly what you need. That's why it's the only brand I'll ever buy.


Happy to have found this product. It doesn't have a bad taste. It's good that it contains both DHA and EPA as well as vit. D. Oh and I want to say that we're vegan haha just to conform to the stereotype.


This product is a blessing for we vegetarians/vegans who want a high strength supplement that contains clean dosages EPA & DHA and will actually have a positive effect on health. In a number of weeks I've noticed a drastic change in my skin that was displaying signs of an omega3 deficiency. It's back to normal, with no dryness or irritation and my eyes are no longer burning. I also feel more energised. This supplement is proving its worth. Keep up the good work Vegetology in sustaining an ethical practice and quality product!


I am glad this product is on the market as i have a fish and shellfish allergy and taking even the most premium fish oil makes my throat choke up and i feel terrible for days. I have tried 2 other vegan brands and both i did not feel good on, also the after taste was quite bad. Opti3 on the other hand i have seen no negatives and i have noticed some of the inflammation in my hands has subsided. Will buy again!


I have been taking opti3 since almost 7 years. I am a food scientist and can testify that the science behind the benefits of DHA+EPA supplementation is strong. I am a vegetarian, and feel uneasy about killing fish to give my brain, eyes and inflammation markers a boost. The solution is of course opti3, which is both economically and ecologically a great option. Their great customer service has always answered my questions promptly. I was happy to find out from them that they use no chemical solvents to extract the oil from the algae, so one can be sure there are no nasty residues in the product. I can also testify that their deliveries to Germany arrive quickly and in perfect condition. As a food chemist, I highly recommend opti3!