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Opti 3 GREY 012021
QI received my order and noticed that the VitD3 does not contain VitK to aid absorption. Is there a reason for this?
Athina T
A Vitashine supplements are Vitamin D3 alone. That is to allow customers to use the Vitamin D3 without their other diet and supplement regimes as they see fit. We do offer the combination of Vitamin D3, K2 and Calcium within our JointVie supplement if desired.
QHi, is the corn used in your omega 3 capsules GMO/sprayed with glyphosate? Also, are there any pesticides/herbicides used in the production of your algae? Thank you.
Gem B
A Hi, we don't use Corn in Opti3. The modified starch in Opti3 (which is modified only by heat treatment to change its structure) is from potato. We don't use GMO compounds. The algae in Opti3 are grown in special closed tanks at a Pharma-quality facility, so there is no need for pesticides/herbicides.
QDo you ship yo Europe? Thanks
Berta S
A Hi, yes we ship globally.
QWhat’s the difference between taking vegvit and wellwoman vegan vitamins ??? Do I need to take both as I’m already taking wellwoman ones ?
Dawn H
A Hi, please don't double up on multivitamins. I recommend comparing VegVit to the other product and deciding which you believe best fits your needs
QHow many opti3 capsules do you take a day . On the bottle says intake 2 is this correct
Dawn H
A Yes, Opti3 is supplied in monthly packs and the dose is based on 2 capsules per day (60 capsules per bottle).
Qhi You have shipments to Israel?
Sonya c
A Yes we ship our supplements out worldwide.
QCan I take with anticoagulants
Brenda L
A We don't recommend you combine any supplements with anticoagulants without consulting your Doctor for advice.
QHello Your website states under the “latest batch results” 58mg of DPA, but in the “supplement facts” DPA is not mentioned. Could you please give more information to DPA is and confirm if this product contains DPA? Thanks
Dave B
A Hi, yes Opti3 always contains DPA and it is always between 55-60mg per daily dose (per 2 x capsules). We just incorporate this into the 'Total Omega-3' level shown in the Supplement Facts table.
QWhy do you use carrageenan? This is bad stuff
Irene G
A Hi, we use a tiny amount of Carrageenan to help form the capsule. It wrongly gets a bad press because of internet reports that are actually only relevant to poligeenan (a degraded version not used in food) or due to animal data incorrectly correlated to human use (with doses and conditions not relevant). We wouldn't use any ingredient without being completely satisfied with its safety.
QI am taking 2 x Opti 3 and 1 x Vegvit daily. When/how should I take my vitamins to ensure maximum absorption? For example, should I take them with different meals (Opti 3 at breakfast and Vegvit at lunch)?
Maxine W
A Hi, that's a great combination! We are big advocates for taking supplements with breakfast, as they can support you during the day. There's no real need to split across different meals, but equally if you find that works for you, it is fine to do so. Personally, I'd say breakfast time is best.
QDoes the omegas need to be refrigerated or recommended! TY
Connie P
A Hi, Opti3 capsules don't need to be stored in the refrigerator. We have rigorously stability tested to demonstrate they remain potent and stable when stored at ambient conditions (even in warmer climates). It is ok to store in the Fridge if you prefer, which some people do in a bid to maintain the absolute optimum freshness. The only downside is the capsules can become more brittle when cold for long periods, so just be careful if moving them around afterwards as they will be more prone to bursting.
QHello. My omega 3 bottles got accidentally frozen for a couple of days. Can I still use the product, are the fatty acids still ok?
Emmi K
A Hi, freezing will be absolutely fine. You will probably find the capsules look cloudy because the omega-3 fatty acids have solidified, but if you leave them at ambient temperature, they will return to normal. You can take them even if cold and it won't affect their attributes.
QPlease could you let me know the Omega 6 levels of your Omega 3 product. Thanks
Diana R
A Hi, the Omega-6 level is very low - approx. 3.1mg per capsule.
QHello, please can you tell me when the liquid version of this will be available to purchase? As my children will struggle with the capsules.
Kirk W
A Hi, it will be launching in summer 2020. The COVID-19 lockdown has caused a few delays, but right now (end of May 2020, time of writing), we getting ready for launch.
QCan i get this product in South Africa
Shelley H
A Hi, yes we ship globally
QHow long does it last for? I’ve got probably 3-4 months worth of supply at home and would like to purchase this and use it only after I finish my current ones.
Elena K
A Hi, the shelf life of our products is 24 months. We manufacture Opti3 regularly, so product purchased is always relatively freshly produced.
QAre there any studies that recommend 500mg of dha and 250mg of EPA?
Rebollo A
A Hi, most studies are on fish oil and its inherent EPA:DHA ratio, but that's really because fish oil was the only option when the studies were being performed. A range of research disclosures (and EFSA regulatory claims approvals) relate to levels relevant our product, but the main message from research disclosures is that Omega-3 EPA & DHA are beneficial to the point of 'the more the better', so we put as much into the product as we can. Further clinical studies would be great, but aren't financially viable for us to do.
QIs it possible to indicate the technical data sheet (with laboratory tests) for each batch and know the methodology it uses to extract both EPA and DHA from algae? Also does it include scientific study comparing plant and animal EPA and DHA in terms of salutation benefits?
Derry P
A Hi, we use third party accredited laboratories to test each batch. Their exact methodology is confidential to the respective lab. If you have studies/methods from your work, we are always interested to hear more ([email protected]). Comparisons with animal EPA & DHA formed a key part of approvals with European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and United States FDA.
QThe dose per day is 250 mg? You indicate in your web advertising, that per daily intake they are 300mg EPA & 500. And then on the label it indicates that to obtain the total of 835 mg Omega, it is recommended to take 2 capsules (EPA 300 mg; DHA 500 mg). If this is so, they confuse the customer. Well, there are other websites with the same active ingredient with 250 mg DHA per 1 capsule daily. I have bought your products, but seeing this info I am disappointed.
Rebeca C
A Hi, we sell monthly bottles of Opti3, and the daily dose is 2 x capsules. The daily dose provides a minimum of 300mg EPA & 500mg DHA (835mg total Omega-3). A bottle contains 60 x capsules in order to last the month.
QI live in Australia, I would love to try your product, but by the time I pay the exchange rate and shipping the cost becomes prohibitive. Regards Jayne
Jayne T
A Hi Jayne, you can select to pay in AUD and it's free worldwide shipping for orders over the value of £40.
QMy daughter is 7 years old, Did she allowed to take it?
Mahmad O
A Hi, yes, Opti3 is perfect for kids.
QI already take a few supplements, vit b12/D and k2 and glucosamine. Can I instead take opti3 and joint vie together.
Vanessa M
A Hi, a combination of Opti3 and JointVie is really beneficial. They work perfectly together, to the extent that if we had a way to physically combine them into a single product, we would!
QWould you consider doing away with the carrageenan in your formulation of the OPti3 because it is a cancer causing agent? It promotes inflammation in the gut. I would undeniably be a loyal customer if You are willing to make that change.
Sonny T
A Hi, a liquid version of Opti3 is launching in summer 2020, which doesn't contain carrageenan. Just to say though.... carrageenan wrongly gets a bad press because of internet reports that are actually only relevant to poligeenan (a degraded version not used in food) or due to animal data incorrectly correlated to human use (with doses and conditions not relevant). We wouldn't use any ingredient without being completely satisfied with its safety.
QMy daughter and I take a vegan supplement which has 100% vit d in. Will we be taking too much vit d if we take this as well or do you have a dha supplement without vit d?
Katie D
A Hi, the combined level of Vitamin D3 from taking both Opti3 and VegVit is 400iu. While that is twice the European Nutrition Reference Value (NRV) for Vitamin D (which is 200iu), many countries actually recommend 400iu and indeed many health professionals recommend much higher doses. The recognised upper safe limit for Vitamin D is 4000iu, so ten times the amount you will be taking.
QCholecalciferol is derived from lanolin in lambs wool, this is not vegan yet you label yourself as such?
Meaghan E
A Our Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol) is extracted from a lichen. You are correct that traditional sources of cholecalciferol are animal sources including lanolin and animal skin. Our source is 100% vegan.
QWhat is the name of the microalgae which is used to make Opti3?
Liseth S
A We use a Schizochytrium species of microalgae for Opti3
Q1. I cant take iodine. Therefore how can i be guaranteed that that the algae doesn't contain iodine 2. As a small amount of Carrageenan (which is of seaweed origin) is used to form our vegetal capsule, therefore can you guarantee me that the seaweed doesn't contain iodine. 3. is it a liquid inside the capsule. Can I open capsule and just have liquid and NOT THE CAPSULE
Mark w
A Here are answers to your questions: 1. Opti3 uses microalgae rather than macroalgae (seaweed). The latter is more prone to Iodine content. Our microalgae are grown at a special Pharma-quality facility, meaning we have complete control over purity. There is no Iodine present. 2. The Carrageenan uses to form the capsule is indeed of seaweed (kelp) origin, but it is literally Carrageenan isolated from the seaweed, rather than a seaweed extract that contains other compounds. 3. You can open the capsule and take the oil directly, but you can also purchase our Opti3 liquid (available from April 2020).
QPlease could you tell me in which country this product is made. Thank you.
Natalie K
A We produce Opti3 here in the United Kingdom
QIn what country is Opti3 produced?
Andrea S
A We produce Opti3 here in the United Kingdom
QHi so I take these usually but I’m not pregnant and worrying of exceeding my vitamin d intake as my pregnancy vitamins have 400uh and I was wondering if taking these at the same time would be too much or do you do the same ones without any vit d thanks Shelana.
Shelana M
A Your combined Vitamin D3 level from taking your pregnancy vitamins and Opti3 will be 600iu. While that is higher than the European Nutrition Reference Value (NRV) for Vitamin D (200iu), many countries recommend 400iu and indeed many health professionals recommend much higher doses. The recognised upper safe limit for Vitamin D is 4000iu, so significantly higher than the amount you will be taking. It is always worth getting advice from your Doctor, as they can take your full medical history into account, but our general advice is that anything from 200-1000iu per day is a very good maintenance intake of Vitamin D3. It's so important during pregnancy, your 600iu level is very good.
QWhich species of microalgae do you use to produce the omega-3?
Sandra E
A We use a Schizochytrium species of microalga for Opti3.
QHas your supplement been tested for levels of iodine and vitamin A? Also is the omega 3 in triglyceride form? Can you pierce the capsule and take it mixed in food?
Anna L
A Yes, we test for purity and Opti3 doesn't contain iodine or Vitamin A. The Omega-3 is indeed in the TG form. You can pierce Opti3 capsules and mix it with food, or alternative from April 2020 you can purchase Opti3 as a liquid.
QHi!!! contains opti 3 soy products. Is Vitamin E The Additive Is From Soy? how stable is the opti 3 oil ?? Thank you
Fahimeh N
A Opti3 doesn't contain Soy products. The Vitamin E is from sunflower oil. We did use Vitamin E from Soy many years ago, but replaced it once we validated the effectiveness of the sunflower oil option. Opti3 is very stable - we've demonstrated 2 years shelf life even when stored at pretty high temperatures (so emulating being lucky enough to live in a hot and sunny location, unlike here in UK!).
QIt is known that that the Omega 3 oil can get spoiled. Do you test your product for oxidation products? You said that the product is good fo 2 years does it mean no or little oxidation products after 2 years?
Sonia C
A We do indeed test for oxidation products. We have rigorously tested Opti3 capsules and the 2 year shelf life is because we have demonstrated compliance over that period for Peroxide value and Totox (even in high temperature conditions).
QHello. How is your Vitamin D made/obtained. You say it is plant sourced. which plant? Thank you
Patricia g
A Our Vitamin D3 comes from a special, organic plant source called a Lichen. Lichens are small unique plant species consisting of a symbiotic association of a fungus with an algae. This gives them unique attributes such as surviving in extreme climates and having the ability to grow and accumulate meaningful levels of useful nutrients, including Vitamin D3!
QIs this algae oil in a triglyceride form and are they tested by a third party for environmental toxins including heavy metals?
Christopher S
A It is in Triglyceride form. The key aspect is that we grow our Microalgae in controlled conditions at a Pharmaceutical-quality specialist facility. Unlike sea water where contamination and heavy metal issues arise, we are able to control absolutely everything and therefore guarantee the complete purity of our product.
QDoes the ascorbyl palmitate in this come from palm oil?
Ferg D
A We do not use Palm Oil in any of our products.
QDoes Opti3 contain palm oil or any ingredient derived from palm oil?
Elías D
A Opti3 or any of the supplements do not contain Palm Oil.
QDoes Ascorbyl Palmitate comes from palm oil?
Maria S
A There is no Palm Oil in any of the supplements.
QIf only it wasn't in a plastic bottle :/
Max B
A Our bottle is 100% recyclable and biodegradable, made using a carbon neutral sugar cane eco-plastic. You can find full details here:
QIs there any benefit in doubling up on opti3 Omega 3? So instead of taking 2,take 4.
Jeffrey B
A There isn't a set recommended dose of Omega-3 EPA & DHA, so the general advice is the more the better to be honest. The only reason fish and fish oils have had restrictions on consumption levels is down to toxins and contaminants, but we don't have that problem! 2 capsules of Opti3 per day is a really good dose of EPA & DHA, so while doubling up to 4 will no doubt be beneficial, it can get a bit expensive!
QAre all batches of Opti3 individually third-party tested for EPA and DHA dosing accuracy and what tolerances do you accept when deciding whether to ship a batch?
Tom D
A Yes they are. We set the minimum of 300mg EPA and 500mg DHA per daily dose, and that is the absolute bare minimum we will accept. In reality, in the past 3 years we have consistency been above 320mg EPA and 525mg DHA.
QIs it compatible with breastfeeding?
Virginia M
A Absolutely! And also during Breast Feeding. There are many benefits of taking Opti3 during this time.
QIs there any corn in Opti3?
Karin I
A Hi, no there isn't. The modified starch in Opti3 capsule shell comes from potato.
QI am concerned about microcystins/cyanoginosins - is there a guarantee that this is no risk in your product? If so, why is that guaranteed, because tests of some other alga products showed some high dosages of microcystins?
Melanie S
A The microalgae used for Opti3 are grown in special vessels at a Pharmaceutical-quality facility rather than taken from the ocean. That means we have complete control of purity and can guarantee such toxins are not present.
QWhy does Opti3 contain sunflower oil?
David L
A We use sunflower oil as the natural source of our Vitamin E in our Opti3 product. We add small amounts of the sunflower oil simply to standardize the omega 3 levels in the capsules. The amount is very low, typically 50mg per capsule so the total amount of omega 6 is small in comparison to the omega 3 levels and omega 6 consumed in the typical diet.
QI’m unsure of the amount to give my children (2 yrs and 4 yrs). I have been bursting 2 capsules each per week. Is this enough?
Jazmin F
A Opti3 is great for babies and children. We recommend 1 capsule per day up until the age of 2, then 2 capsules. Pierce the capsule and squeeze the contents onto your babies tongue and when it is having food, you can squeeze it onto that.
QWhat is the shelf life of a bottle? Is there an expiry date on the bottle? Thanks!
Tiff M
A All our supplements come with a really good shelf like. The current stock as of Aug 19 has an expiry date of 05/2021.
QHi I'm vegan and need something for joints, menopause, have fibroids and a poor diet. What combination can I take?? Thank you for any help given, I'm a little lost :)
Sarah B
A A good all-round Vegan daily regime is a combination of Opti3 and VegVit. We have a lot of customers reporting rapid and lasting positive results from this combination. We must always add a note to consult your Doctor before taking any supplements as they can advise based on your specific medical history and any medication.
QWhy do you use carageenan??
Emily B
A Carrageenan has been inaccurately associated with 'Poligeenan' (a degraded derivative of Carrageenan used in animal products). We have reviewed the vast regulatory safety data on Carrageenan and we are satisfied with its suitability. We only use a small amount of Carrageenan in Opti3 to help form the capsule itself. We wouldn't use any components unless we are completely satisfied with their safety profile.
QCan I take your Vitamin D3 (1000iu tablets) plus the Opti 3 daily? Would it be too much vitamin D? If so, do you recommend taking them alternate days, or maybe just taking 1 pill of the Opti 3 per day? Thank you.
Julia R
A We recommend the following acceptable combinations: One of the multivitamin formulas (so one of VegVit, Joint-Vie, Active Energy Complex or PregnaVie). Don’t double up on any of these. · Opti3 · B12 · One of Vitashine The reason not to take more than one of the multivitamin formulas is to avoid getting too much of certain nutrients due to doubling up. Each multivitamin formula can be used with Opti3, Vitashine (any) and B12 or any combination of these.
QDoes a child still need to take an extra supplement vitamin D or is this dosage a daily intake?
Laure B
A A daily dose of Opti3 provides 5mcg (200iu). That is the recommended daily amount in Europe, however in some regions such as USA the recommended daily intake is higher (USA for example is 10mcg (400iu) depending on age). Our view is the level of D3 within Opti3 provides a good maintenance level, however if your child has been shown to be deficient, we recommend supplementing with a higher dose of D3 for a few weeks before continuing just with the D3 that comes from Opti3.
QWhere does the cholesterol come from in Opti3?
Vegetology C
A The cholesterol content is found naturally within the Algal Omega-3 oil. A lot of plant / vegetal oils contain small quantities of cholesterol and other sterols as part of their naturally-occurring lipid profile.
QI have concerns about Carrageenan
Vegetology C
A Carrageenan has been inaccurately associated with 'Poligeenan' (a degraded derivative of Carrageenan used in animal products). We have reviewed the vast regulatory safety data on Carrageenan and we are satisfied with its suitability. We only use a small amount of Carrageenan in Opti3 to help form the capsule itself. We wouldn't use any components unless we are completely satisfied with their safety profile.
QDo you test Opti3 Omega-3 EPA & DHA for beta-Methylamino-L-alanine (BMAA)?
Vegetology C
A We have tested for BMAA and other similar toxins as part of the safety data generation, however this is not a risk compound for Opti3 (as Opti3 oil is grown/produced at a Pharma facility rather than taken from the sea), so we don't test each batch. Our process allows 100% control on purity.
QWould I get too much Vitamin D3 if I take Opti3 and VegVit together?
Vegetology C
A A combination of Opti3 and VegVit is a really good supplement regime. While both contain D3, the collective level is very low (400iu) and actually many people are advised to take a higher dose. From a safety perspective it is well below any concern level, which would be upwards of 10,000iu per dose.
QHow should Opti3 be stored?
Vegetology C
A Storing in the fridge is ok, but you're right they do become more brittle which means if rattled a lot afterwards, they may burst. Storing anything in the fridge extends their freshness, so does no harm. The main issue is storing in the fridge and then travelling somewhere with them rattling around in a bag: they may burst.
QWhat dose of Opti3 should I give my child?
Vegetology C
A Opti3 as a formula is suitable from newborn onwards. You will need to burst the capsule and then the oil can either taken directly from a spoon or stirred into food. You should use 2 capsules from 2 years upwards.
QDoes Opti3 contain Iodine?
Vegetology C
A No, Opti3 doesn't contain any iodine.
QOpti3 contains Rosemary. Is the level safe during pregnancy? 
Vegetology C
A Opti3 contains Rosemary. Is the level safe during pregnancy? We are occasionally contacted by customers asking about the presence of Rosemary in Opti3, as some reports on the internet discuss Rosemary as being a herb to avoid during pregnancy. A very small amount of Rosemary extract is added to our oil as an antioxidant (as the oil can go off). The maximum amount of Rosemary per daily dose of 2 Opti3 capsules is 11.44mg. If you do have any concerns, please discuss them with your Doctor. You can also read the EFSA review and US FDA approval details.
QPlease explain the importance of EPA & DHA?
Vegetology C
A Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA), Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) and Alpha-Linoleic Acid (ALA) are three types of fatty acids collectively referred to as Omega-3s, due to their chemical structure. EPA and DHA are long-chain Omega-3s, whereas ALA is a short chain omega-3. The long-chain Omega-3s are more efficient and act faster in the body. EPA and DHA offer numerous health benefits. When we talk about the importance of Omega-3 to our health, it is specifically EPA and DHA that offer the benefits. ALA needs to be converted into EPA by the body to be effective, but this conversion rate is very low so products like Flaxseed may claim to be Omega-3, but are not very effective.
QHow do I take Opti3?
Vegetology C
A Opti3 is supplied as convenient soft capsules. Simply take 1-2 Opti3 capsules each day with food (taking with food helps absorption by the body). 2 capsules provides 300mg EPA and 500mg DHA. If you prefer, you can pierce the capsules and take the Opti3 oil itself, either directly in the mouth or by adding it to foods. This method is often preferred by the elderly who may have trouble swallowing capsules, or to help children to take it.
QWhat are the benefits of Omega-3?
Vegetology C
A There are many reported benefits of taking Omega-3 supplements. This includes hearth health, increased alertness and attentiveness, lowering of cholesterol, eye health and benefits to various diseases and ailments.
QHow does Opti3 compare to Flaxseed Oil?
Vegetology C
A There really is no comparison. Flaxseed Oil contains Omega-3 fatty acids in the far less effective form of alpha-linoleic acid (ALA). ALA is not equivalent to EPA and DHA in its biological effects, and needs to be converted in order to be effective. Unfortunately this conversion is very low. Flaxseed oil does not provide the body with sufficient levels of Omega-3.
QWhy does Opti3 contain Carrageenan?
Vegetology C
A We use a small amount of Carrageenan (which is of seaweed origin) to form our vegetal capsule. It is a brilliant alternative to animal-derived gelatine. The level we use is incredibly low, and its safety has been extensively proven. We are aware of concerns that surfaced a few years ago, specifically with degraded Carrageenan (which is actually known as poligeenan and not permitted in food anyway) in animals. We use pharmaceutical-quality, refined material. Its safety has been continuously ratified by all authorities including US FDA and European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).
QCan I take Opti3 when I’m pregnant?
Vegetology C
A Absolutely! And also during Breast Feeding. There are many benefits of taking Opti3 during this time.
QIs Opti3 good for my kids to take?
Vegetology C
A Opti3 is great for kids! We are always being contacted by happy parents telling us how much improvement in concentration and attentiveness they see in their children when taking Opti3. There is a great deal of evidence linking Omega-3 with brain function and development. We strongly recommend giving Opti3 to your kids.
QI’m a vegan, can I take Opti3?
Vegetology C
A Yes. Opti3 is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. We have registered Opti3 with the Vegan and Vegetarian Societies. We are proud to display both society logos on our product bottle and website.
QWhat is Opti3?
Vegetology C
A Opti3 is a 100% natural, high strength EPA & DHA supplement with an added dose of our plant Vitamin D3. Opti3 is designed to offer the benefits of Omega-3, without the need for Fish or any animal ingredients. It is sold in monthly packs of 60 capsules (2 per day).
QIs Opti3 an alternative to fish oil for Omega-3?
Vegetology C
A Opti3 provides the body with EPA and DHA, the main Omega-3 fatty acids that are found in fish oils. Fish actually obtain their omega-3 through a diet of algae. We've simply cut the fish out of the loop and gone straight to the algae! In fact Opti3 is higher strength than most fish Omega-3s!
QI’m not a vegetarian or vegan so shall I just take fish oil?
Vegetology C
A There are well reported downsides to fish oil. Fish may contain harmful levels of contaminants and toxins including heavy metals, PCBs and dioxins. In addition to the safety issues, there are growing concerns about diminishing fish stocks in our seas, largely due to unsustainable fishing practices. We recommend you take advice from the Food and Drug Administration about the latest safety guidelines associated with consuming fish. Opti3 offers an alternative that is 100% free from contaminants and toxins.
QIs the Vitamin D3 in Opti3 Vegan suitable?
Vegetology C
A Yes! Our exclusive Vitamin D3 technology is 100% plant source and registered with the Vegan Society and Vegetarian Society. The level included in Opti3 (200iu per daily dose) is suitable for people of all ages, including babies and children.
QCan I give Opti3 to my pets? 
Vegetology C
A It is very common for Opti3 to be given to cats and dogs. Some of our customers pierce the capsules and add the oil to pet food, but we're told some pets are quite happy munching the capsules themselves! There are reports of specific benefits to animals including joint care and general health. There is no problem in giving Opti3 to your pets.
QHow does the Opti3 dose compare to fish oil? 
Vegetology C
A Opti3 is actually higher strength than most fish oil supplements in terms of EPA & DHA levels, offering the high dose of minimum 250mg EPA and 500mg DHA per 2 capsules.
QIs hexane extraction used? 
Vegetology C
A No. We are delighted to confirm our extraction process does not use hexane or other harmful solvents.
QWhen shouldn’t I take Opti3? 
Vegetology C
A Opti3 is designed to be suitable for everyone, but if you are taking blood thinning drugs (e.g. Warfarin), please speak to your Doctor before taking Opti3 or indeed any nutritional supplements.
QIs Opti3 obtained from the ocean?
Vegetology C
A Opti3 is from algae, but grown and produced in a Pharmaceutical facility rather than taken from the sea. This ensures optimum purity, guarantees the product is free from contaminants and of course leaves our oceans alone!
QFood allergies and Opti3
Vegetology C
A Opti3 is free from gluten, wheat, dairy and sugar-based ingredients. Allergies to fish oil are usually associated with proteins in fish, so such individuals should be fine to take Opti3 (although we recommend consulting your Doctor first). Opti3 comes from Sunflower Oil. Each Opti3 capsule contains >0.1% Vitamin E, so a maximum of 0.8mg. It is added as an antioxidant to protect the Omega-3 oil.
QHow does Opti3 compare to other Vegetarian Omega-3 supplements? 
Vegetology C
A Unless other natural Omega-3 supplements talk about EPA & DHA, they cannot be compared to Opti3. Most plant-based Omega-3 supplements including Flaxseed Oil, Evening Primrose Oil and Chia Oil provide Omega-3 in the inferior form of ALA. Please read the previous FAQ page about the importance of EPA & DHA for full details. Every ingredient in Opti3 is guaranteed to be 100% Vegetarian and Vegan suitable.
QWhat is algae?
Vegetology C
A We obtain our Omega-3 fatty acids from algae and other natural ingredients. Algae are all around us, from seaweed we see washed up on beaches, to the green and red coloured substances we see in our ponds and birdbaths. Algae form the staple diet for fish, which is where oily fish obtain their Omega-3 fatty acids. We use special algae grown in a fully-controlled pharmaceutical facility to obtain our Omega-3. Unlike algae found in the sea, we can guarantee the presence of absolutely zero contaminants or toxins.