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Transparant Omega 3 Liquid 03
Opti3 Liquid
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David Y

Fantastic algae oil! I appreciate that the light orange flavor as well, as that makes it easy to take. Taste is quite light, and the added vitamin D is appreciated. Would be great to see another version with higher vitamin D content, but I see Vegetoly has a separate vitamin D product. Vitamin D recommendations also vary globally. I like the clean, simple, and transparent style of the website and products. The people behind the company clearly care and designed a phenomenal brand. Will definitely be buying more!

Karen S

Amazing product! I've been hoping you launch Opti3 as a liquid for years and I wasn't disappointed! It tastes great and my children find it agreeable too. We all take 1 x spoon every morning and definitely feel the benefits of it. My children are more settled and better prepared for school. I feel more motivated and stable. My husband says it has noticeably helped his energy levels and also seems to have helped his sleeping patterns. Brilliant product from a brilliant company!

Briana Y

I've only been taking this supplent for a couple of days, so I can't yet comment on the physiological effects. I'm giving a 5-star review for the taste level and tolerability of the liquid form. I went with the liquid form as it has less additives in comparison to the capsules, but was initially worried that the taste wouldn't be great. I have to say that I am pleasantly surprised with the flavor. The orange flavor is most prominent in the scent of the oil than the actual taste. I know all of our buds can be different, but according to mine, this tastes nearly flavorless. This sort of supplement is essential for my vegan diet, and I could tell I was missing something essential in my diet because of brain fog and lingering low-grade depression. Not expecting this to be a cure all, but I am hopeful it will be another piece in the dietary puzzle of living an optimal vegan lifestyle. If all goes well, hoping this supplement will be a life-long staple.

Lucy S

Love this product. Easy to take, mild taste ❤

Paul G

I'm delighted that Vegetology have now launched Opti3 liquid. My family has been using Opti3 for a long time and we used to burst the capsules to get our kids to take it. Now the liquid version is ideal. It tastes and feels just like Olive Oil. The difference omega makes to our kids in their attention span and behaviour is huge.