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Transparant Omega 3 Liquid 03
Opti3 Liquid
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Alan S

Fantastic "looking" vegan omega 3. What brings the review down is: 1. losing one star becouse the cap was not sealed enough. This is a huge con. I could easyly put anouther whole turn. Oliveoil and omega 3 is very sensitive. 2. losing one star becouse its flavor with orange. It taste very good with it, but olive oil on its own tastes good too. Is this to maske something, i dont know. Its unnessasy in my opinion. 3. losing one star becouse i want to feel asure that the extra virgin olive oil is extra virgin. For example in my country 21 extra virgin olive oil was tested. Only 3 of them meet the requriment. Olive oil is a very shady bussines. I will buy again, but if the caps are not firm i will stop buying

Vegetology Hi Alan, I'm sorry you had a bottle with a loose cap. That is strange. If you would like to return it for a new bottle, please just let us know. We add a small amount of Orange Oil to help make the product suitable for children. Algal Oil does have a sharp taste profile, and the orange oil helps to take the edge off this and create more of a balance. We did a lot of testing with and without the small amount of Orange Oil, and the data showed we had to include it. Hopefully the last star can be restored, because we absolutely use extra virgin olive oil. In fact we need to use specific fractions of extra virgin oil too (so the result is extra extra virgin), as that's a vital part of keeping the Algal Omega-3 Oil stable.