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Transparant Omega 3 Liquid 03
Opti3 Liquid
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QI've read that Triglycerides are difficult for the body to absorb. Those who aren't concerned about it being vegan would opt for krill derrived omega 3 as it has a similar structure to ours and therefore is absorbed in far greater quantities. Those who take Triglyceride form need to take very high quantities, much higher than your dose. How do you guarantee absorbency at levels which provide results?
Sarah S
A Hi, Algal Omega-3 (Triglyceride form) has been tested extensively to ensure absorption and bioavailability. This was a major consideration before achieving approval by regulatory authorities worldwide. Europe (EFSA), USA (EFSA) and Australia (TGA) being among the most stringent. The growing bank of data and results over the past decade shows overwhelming evidence of excellent efficacy.