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Opti 3 Liquid Unflavoured GREY 01
Opti-3 Liquid - Flavourless
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QCan I add it to a curry or soup to hide the flavour or will it lose the properties if it's served hot?
Susy P
A Hi, heat can degrade the Omega-3s so our advice would be to only add to cold dishes.
QHi, how much does 5ml Opti-3 Liquid - Flavourless weigh? (As accurately as possible.) Kind regards, Daniel.
A Hi, it will weigh approximately 4.5g, depending how accurately it is measured out.
QWhich country is your algae grown in and which country are your capsules product manufactured?
Mark T
A Hi, our algae are grown at specialist sites in Europe. We use a company in South Wales, UK, to put the oil into capsules.
QI need to understand if you use a molecular distillation process for your products: mercury can damage brain so I need to be sure about pureness
Danilo S
A Hi, mercury is not a risk item for us. Our algae are grown in tanks at a Pharmaceutical-quality facility rather than obtained from the ocean. This allows complete control over purity.
QHi, i was wondering if your product contains neurotoxic amino acid called beta-methylamino-L-alanine, or BMAA? It is present in blue/green algae and has a link to motor neurons disease? I just really need to be thorough before i take anything. Lizzy
Liz H
A Hi, no it doesn't. Such contaminants and toxins can be found in blue-green algae found in certain locations but our algae are grown in tanks at a Pharma-quality facility. This allows complete control over purity.
QHi there, I’m a vegan. Just found your products. Can you take the Omega 3, Joint support, Active Energy and the Multi vitamin together for 9 months? Thank you Kate
Kate P
A Hi, we recommend using some of these formulas sequentially, so our advice would be to consider e.g. Omega-3 + Multivitamin on Monday, Omega-3 + Bone Care on Tuesday, Omega-3 + Active Energy on Wednesday, repeat. This allows you to enjoy the cumulative benefits but avoids undesirable doubling up of some of the nutrients.
QThe customer service has said multiple times Opti3 capsules contains no iodine however they contain carrageenan which comes from kelp and kelp has particularly high levels of iodine so this seems confusing? Also how much carrageenan by weight is in each capsule? I need to avoid iodine or at least have low levels.
Oli W
A Hi, Opti3 does not contain any iodine. While carrageenan does come from Kelp (which does contain iodine), it is the isolated and highly pure gum only that we use. No Iodine is in the carrageenan. It is used to help form the capsule shell.
QI have recently just started taking your Omega 3 supplement, I have been taking the capsule with breakfast. Would caffeine (morning coffee) effect the absorption?
Simone S
A Hi, caffeine should be beneficial for absorption rather than detrimental. Caffeine will boost metabolism.
QHi I buy Omega 3 EPA & DHA capsules from you. I have been taking them for some years but wonder if I should take a break? There is no advice on the packaging as to whether I can take them indefinitely or should have a break at some stage. Can you please advise. Thank you.
Elaine B
A Hi, there is no need to take a break from Omega-3 EPA & DHA. Ongoing use provides many benefits, often to the point that you notice if you miss out for a few days!
QWhat vitamin's do you recommend for high blood pressure and cholestrol?
Kate B
A Hi, our Omega-3 EPA & DHA supplement is ideal for assisting with high blood pressure and cholesterol control. There is a lot of evidence into the benefits of Omega-3 across these and many other health indications. We've added a small amount of Vitamin D3 too, which also highly beneficial.
QHey - I'm wanting to try and get a high strength source of EPA. I want to be getting around 1000mg per day. Can I do this with oil or double supplements? Is this recommended? Thanks
A Hi, a daily dose of Opti3 (2 x capsules or 5ml liquid) will provide a minimum of 300mg EPA. You can increase the daily dose to obtain 1000mg EPA in total and it would be perfectly safe to do so.
QHi there! with "flavourless" you mean no flavour at all, or just not the orange flavour like the other opti-3 you offer? does this one have the typical algae-odour/flavour like the one in the capsules? thank you for your reply.
Fabienne B
A Hi, yes we mean no flavour has been added. It does have the typical algae odour/flavour (a somewhat acquired taste!). The Olive Oil does help to take the edge off the Algal flavour versus the oil in the capsules.
QHi, what is your extraction method for your algae oil? Do you use Hexane? Thankyou
A Hi, we use food grade enzymes, which are fully recovered. Your question is so important because so many Algal Omega-3 Oils on the market use hexane, and it is not only a nasty compound to leave residual levels in the formula, it is horrendous for the environment.
QWhat is correct dosage for a 2 year old and 5 year old? I cut it and pour liquid into drink for my children.
Andrea C
A Hi, from 24 months and upwards we recommend the full dose of 2 x capsules per day. We do offer Opti3 Liquid too, where a teaspoon provides the same dose as 2 x capsules.
QMy family has been taking the opti 3 for awhile now. A health professional recently brought it to my attention that with any marine sourced product, it’s important to ensure the mercury levels are low and that the product is certified low mercury etc. I just noticed there is nothing specifically mentioned on your website for this product about being mercury tested etc. do you have any mercury testing process for this product?
Kate G
A Hi, our algae are grown in tanks rather than taken from the ocean. This allows complete control over purity. We do test for heavy metals as part of the quality assurance stages, but they (including mercury) are not risks for Opti3.
QHi - I have severe tendonitis and am looking for supplements which may help the tendon repair (I have suffered for almost a year now). I'm planning on taking the omega-3 tablets you have but was wondering what else you may recommend. Thanks
Kushal L
A Hi, Opti3 is definitely worth trying. We also recommend you try our Joint-Vie formula too (which can be taken alongside Opti3). The combination of Vitamin D3, K2, Calcium, Magnesium and our Phytodroitin ingredient will hopefully be beneficial. Please do let us know how you go with this!
QHi! Is it suitable for cat's? Thank you
Alexandre P
A Hi, yes the formula is fine for cats. You can pierce the capsule and add the oil to food. We suggest 1 x capsule per day.