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Joint Vie GREY 01
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QHi there, I'm only 39 but I've been diagnosed with osteopenia in my hips. I've had 3 children. My question is I've been recommended to take calcium and vitamin d. Will this be enough calcium? I am going to start eating more as I wasn't eating enough before. So if I increase my intake and take this would it be enough calcium. I want to get the balance right. I don't want to overdo it like explained above. Calcification etc. Thanks. Also can it be taken with other multivitamins? What doubling up do I need to look out for?
Nicola V
A Hi, thank you for getting in touch. Joint-Vie provides the really powerful combination of Calcium + D3 + K2. You will hopefully find it makes a real difference. It's difficult to know exactly how much calcium you require. Our advice is to start with Joint-Vie and see how things are after a few weeks. Hopefully you will feel improvements. If you take Joint-Vie alongside other multivitamins, there will be some doubling up of nutrients so it is worth considering using sequentially (i.e. Joint-Vie on Monday, Multivit Tuesday, repeat).