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Active Energy Complex
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Razvan G

I have been using it with my family for more than a year. I have nothing to complain about, we are satisfied.

Sarayut S

didn't try it yet but it interests me . But why it has vitamin B2, B3, B5, B6 and B12, but no vitamin B1. Why!?

Vegetology Hi, Thiamine (B1) is in our VegVit multivitamin supplement. In Active Energy we found this specific formula worked better without it.
Phil S

Have been loving the vegan friendly omega and thought of buying this energy complex, however when I saw it had folic acid I was a bit disappointed. So many studies encouraging to consume folate in its whole form as opposed to folic acid it’s synthetic form. Would definitely try if it rather had folate.

Vegetology Hi Phil, thank you for the review. I'm pleased to say that our validation work with Folate is now complete (after a lot of work!). The next batches of Active Energy, PregnaVie and VegVit will all use Folate. The website will be updated once those batches are in stock. Chris, Vegetology.
José C

Hope this will help me as vegetarian that I am

Jane M

Active Energy Complex has literally changed my life! Yes, yes that sounds ridiculous I know!! I was sceptical at first because I've seemingly tried every tablet, medicine, remedy and treatment in the book to no avail. I fell on bad times and my energy levels had been low for years to the extent its been like a disability. A friend recommended Vegetology to me and I started by trying the Vitamin D. I thought I'd give Active Energy a try and I'm sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo pleased I did! It's like someone pressed the reset button for me. I found that my energy levels and motivation improved almost straight away. I'm not a great sleeper at the best of times but I've noticed a clear change and am getting more hours than before. It hasn't been flash in the pan either. It's now been over 6 months and I feel like a different person. My friends comment that I got my mojo back. The capsule is pretty big but I just take it with a glass of milk. I'm so grateful to find this.

John O

Amazing product, amazing company!

Carly M

Game changer. This product is simply brilliant!

James E

Brilliant product. I suffer from fatigue as a result of irregular sleep patterns. Vegetology's Active Energy Complex has made a massive difference. Not only do I feel more energized during the day, my sleep (so far!) seems to be better. Amazing guys!