Opti3 Omega-3 EPA & DHA Frequently Asked Questions

What is Opti3?
Opti3 is a 100% natural, high strength EPA & DHA supplement with an added dose of our plant Vitamin D3. Opti3 is designed to offer the benefits of Omega-3, without the need for Fish or any animal ingredients. It is sold in monthly packs of 60 capsules (2 per day).
I’m a vegan, can I take Opti3?
Yes. Opti3 is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. We have registered Opti3 with the Vegan and Vegetarian Societies. We are proud to display both society logos on our product bottle and website.
Is Opti3 good for my kids to take?
Opti3 is great for kids! We are always being contacted by happy parents telling us how much improvement in concentration and attentiveness they see in their children when taking Opti3. There is a great deal of evidence linking Omega-3 with brain function and development. We strongly recommend giving Opti3 to your kids.
How does Opti3 compare to Flaxseed Oil?
There really is no comparison. Flaxseed Oil contains Omega-3 fatty acids in the far less effective form of alpha-linoleic acid (ALA). ALA is not equivalent to EPA and DHA in its biological effects, and needs to be converted in order to be effective. Unfortunately this conversion is very low. Flaxseed oil does not provide the body with sufficient levels of Omega-3.
What are the benefits of Omega-3?
There are many reported benefits of taking Omega-3 supplements. This includes hearth health, increased alertness and attentiveness, lowering of cholesterol, eye health and benefits to various diseases and ailments.
How should Opti3 be stored?
Storing in the fridge is ok, but you’re right they do become more brittle which means if rattled a lot afterwards, they may burst. Storing anything in the fridge extends their freshness, so does no harm. The main issue is storing in the fridge and then travelling somewhere with them rattling around in a bag: they may burst.
What dose of Opti3 should I give my child?
Opti3 as a formula is suitable from newborn onwards. You will need to burst the capsule and then the oil can either taken directly from a spoon or stirred into food. You should use 2 capsules from 2 years upwards.
Does Opti3 contain Iodine?
No, Opti3 doesn’t contain any iodine.
Would I get too much Vitamin D3 if I take Opti3 and VegVit together?
A combination of Opti3 and VegVit is a really good supplement regime. While both contain D3, the collective level is very low (400iu) and actually many people are advised to take a higher dose. From a safety perspective it is well below any concern level, which would be upwards of 10,000iu per dose.
Do you test Opti3 Omega-3 EPA & DHA for beta-Methylamino-L-alanine (BMAA)?
We have tested for BMAA and other similar toxins as part of the safety data generation, however this is not a risk compound for Opti3 (as Opti3 oil is grown/produced at a Pharma facility rather than taken from the sea), so we don’t test each batch. Our process allows 100% control on purity.
I have concerns about Carrageenan
Carrageenan has been inaccurately associated with ‘Poligeenan’ (a degraded derivative of Carrageenan used in animal products). We have reviewed the vast regulatory safety data on Carrageenan and we are satisfied with its suitability. We only use a small amount of Carrageenan in Opti3 to help form the capsule itself. We wouldn’t use any components unless we are completely satisfied with their safety profile.
Why does Opti3 contain Carrageenan?
We use a small amount of Carrageenan (which is of seaweed origin) to form our vegetal capsule. It is a brilliant alternative to animal-derived gelatine. The level we use is incredibly low, and its safety has been extensively proven. We are aware of concerns that surfaced a few years ago, specifically with degraded Carrageenan (which is actually known as poligeenan and not permitted in food anyway) in animals. We use pharmaceutical-quality, refined material. Its safety has been continuously ratified by all authorities including US FDA and European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).
Where does the cholesterol come from in Opti3?
The cholesterol content is found naturally within the Algal Omega-3 oil. A lot of plant / vegetal oils contain small quantities of cholesterol and other sterols as part of their naturally-occurring lipid profile.
Can I take Opti3 when I’m pregnant?
Absolutely! And also during Breast Feeding. There are many benefits of taking Opti3 during this time.
How do I take Opti3?
Opti3 is supplied as convenient soft capsules. Simply take 1-2 Opti3 capsules each day with food (taking with food helps absorption by the body). 2 capsules provides 300mg EPA and 500mg DHA. If you prefer, you can pierce the capsules and take the Opti3 oil itself, either directly in the mouth or by adding it to foods. This method is often preferred by the elderly who may have trouble swallowing capsules, or to help children to take it.
Please explain the importance of EPA & DHA?
Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA), Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) and Alpha-Linoleic Acid (ALA) are three types of fatty acids collectively referred to as Omega-3s, due to their chemical structure. EPA and DHA are long-chain Omega-3s, whereas ALA is a short chain omega-3. The long-chain Omega-3s are more efficient and act faster in the body. EPA and DHA offer numerous health benefits. When we talk about the importance of Omega-3 to our health, it is specifically EPA and DHA that offer the benefits. ALA needs to be converted into EPA by the body to be effective, but this conversion rate is very low so products like Flaxseed may claim to be Omega-3, but are not very effective.
Opti3 contains Rosemary. Is the level safe during pregnancy? 
Opti3 contains Rosemary. Is the level safe during pregnancy? We are occasionally contacted by customers asking about the presence of Rosemary in Opti3, as some reports on the internet discuss Rosemary as being a herb to avoid during pregnancy. A very small amount of Rosemary extract is added to our oil as an antioxidant (as the oil can go off). The maximum amount of Rosemary per daily dose of 2 Opti3 capsules is 11.44mg. If you do have any concerns, please discuss them with your Doctor. You can also read the EFSA review and US FDA approval details.
Is Opti3 an alternative to fish oil for Omega-3?
Opti3 provides the body with EPA and DHA, the main Omega-3 fatty acids that are found in fish oils. Fish actually obtain their omega-3 through a diet of algae. We’ve simply cut the fish out of the loop and gone straight to the algae! In fact Opti3 is higher strength than most fish Omega-3s!
What is algae?
We obtain our Omega-3 fatty acids from algae and other natural ingredients. Algae are all around us, from seaweed we see washed up on beaches, to the green and red coloured substances we see in our ponds and birdbaths. Algae form the staple diet for fish, which is where oily fish obtain their Omega-3 fatty acids. We use special algae grown in a fully-controlled pharmaceutical facility to obtain our Omega-3. Unlike algae found in the sea, we can guarantee the presence of absolutely zero contaminants or toxins.
I’m not a vegetarian or vegan so shall I just take fish oil?
There are well reported downsides to fish oil. Fish may contain harmful levels of contaminants and toxins including heavy metals, PCBs and dioxins. In addition to the safety issues, there are growing concerns about diminishing fish stocks in our seas, largely due to unsustainable fishing practices. We recommend you take advice from the Food and Drug Administration about the latest safety guidelines associated with consuming fish. Opti3 offers an alternative that is 100% free from contaminants and toxins.
How does Opti3 compare to other Vegetarian Omega-3 supplements? 
Unless other natural Omega-3 supplements talk about EPA & DHA, they cannot be compared to Opti3. Most plant-based Omega-3 supplements including Flaxseed Oil, Evening Primrose Oil and Chia Oil provide Omega-3 in the inferior form of ALA. Please read the previous FAQ page about the importance of EPA & DHA for full details. Every ingredient in Opti3 is guaranteed to be 100% Vegetarian and Vegan suitable.
Food allergies and Opti3
Opti3 is free from gluten, wheat, dairy and sugar-based ingredients. Allergies to fish oil are usually associated with proteins in fish, so such individuals should be fine to take Opti3 (although we recommend consulting your Doctor first). Opti3 does contain soy-derived Vitamin E as an antioxidant. If you do have a Soy-allergy, please seek medical advise before taking Opti3.
Is Opti3 obtained from the ocean?
Opti3 is from algae, but grown and produced in a Pharmaceutical facility rather than taken from the sea. This ensures optimum purity, guarantees the product is free from contaminants and of course leaves our oceans alone!
When shouldn’t I take Opti3? 
Opti3 is designed to be suitable for everyone, but if you are taking blood thinning drugs (e.g. Warfarin), please speak to your Doctor before taking Opti3 or indeed any nutritional supplements.
Is hexane extraction used? 
No. We are delighted to confirm our extraction process does not use hexane or other harmful solvents.
How does the Opti3 dose compare to fish oil? 
Opti3 is actually higher strength than most fish oil supplements in terms of EPA & DHA levels, offering the high dose of minimum 250mg EPA and 500mg DHA per 2 capsules.
Can I give Opti3 to my pets? 
It is very common for Opti3 to be given to cats and dogs. Some of our customers pierce the capsules and add the oil to pet food, but we’re told some pets are quite happy munching the capsules themselves! There are reports of specific benefits to animals including joint care and general health. There is no problem in giving Opti3 to your pets.
Is the Vitamin D3 in Opti3 Vegan suitable?
Yes! Our exclusive Vitamin D3 technology is 100% plant source and registered with the Vegan Society and Vegetarian Society. The level included in Opti3 (200iu per daily dose) is suitable for people of all ages, including babies and children.

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