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MultiVit: the complete Multivitamin & Mineral Supplement for Vegans, Vegetarians, Everyone!

During the development of MultiVit we had one key aim in mind, which was to make the ultimate high strength multivitamin and mineral supplement that benefits everyone, including careful thought for the needs of Vegans and Vegetarians.

Multivitamin and mineral engineering”

One of the well-known issues with multivitamin and mineral supplements can be the bioavailability of the various nutrients and if they are actually made beneficial to the body. We created an "engineered" formula by carefully considering each vitamin and mineral, ensuring they were each in forms to offer optimal and proven absorption in the body. The result is an incredibly high strength formula with clever compounds including many mineral chelates, ensuring optimum health benefits without negative interactions between the nutrients.

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Vegans and vegetarians

Vegans and Vegetarians can be at risk of deficiency from several nutrients including B Vitamins, D3 and K. We have paid close attention to these.

Superfood complex

In all honesty, the superfood complex alone makes MultiVit a great supplement. It takes the best elements of some incredible natural ingredients to offer outstanding antioxidant and general benefits.

Summary of MultiVit

In total, MultiVit contains 26 vitamins and minerals. This includes our exclusive vegan Vitamin D3. It also contains our proprietary superfood antioxidant complex.

1 bottle contains 60 tablets, providing a 60-day supply.

MultiVit is the perfect multivitamin and mineral supplement. It also happens to be incredibly cost-effective.