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An update regarding Opti-3 capsules

Here’s what you need to know…..

Opti 3 Notice Page 01
Changes to our 3 for 2 offer

Opti3 capsules will no longer be available on the 3 for 2 offer.

Opti 3 Notice Page 02
New supplement bundles

After looking at the most popular combinations of supplements our customers take, we have put together some great value supplement bundles where Opti3 capsules are included.

Opti 3 Notice Page 03
Opti3 Liquid - an alternative!

Our Opti3 capsules aren't the only way to get really high quality Omega 3 EPA and DHA into your diet. We have plenty of our Opti3 Liquid in stock, and this is still available on our 3 for 2 offer.