Fish don’t create Omega-3, just as humans don’t create Omega-3. It comes from an algae source. Fish have a diet of algae, or big fish have a diet of little fish, and little fish have a diet of algae, and so on. We’ve gone straight to the algae, which normally grows in the Mangrove swamps, which you find in Florida. We have cultivated our own crop of algae in a lab environment, to ensure its quality, purity and lack of any pollutants. It also means we aren’t interfering with the natural ecosystem of the ocean.

Omega-3 forms part of your essential fatty acids by definition. The word ‘essential’ is absolutely correct. This supplement absolutely critical for eye development, brain development, heart health. They all require Omega-3. They are the building blocks of the brain. 40% of the grey matter in the brain is made up of Omega-3 in the DHA form. EPA, the other form of active Omega-3, stimulates all of the powerful anti-inflammatory processes in the body. The benefits to us are, well, almost you name it. We’re talking about brain development and brain cell regeneration and enhanced cognitive function, behaviour, attentiveness, reducing inflammation… inflammatory processes can be anything from burns, but right through to heart disease and nerve damage. It can improve the mood, focus, attention, decreases things like depression, anxiety, but then right through to joint care and helping the bones, muscles, cartilage, and pregnancy.

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